The mod aims to provide mental exercises for strategy makers: with a high level of scaled*(see below) realism, realistic weaponry, realistic AI attacking and defensive strategy, and a relentlessly fast paced game play, the mod is for the past time of real generals! Highlights: 3 New Factions: China, Japan & Italy! 100+ new Units: Powerful Air Power: Pak-fa, F-22, Su-35BM, J-10B, F-15J, Eurofighter, Rafale & more are all at your command for Air-to Air Combat! Dominating Sea Power: Type 45, Arleigh Burke, Atago, FREMM-ER, Project 22350, Sejong The Great, Kilo, Lada, Soryu & Type 212, Type 214 are all at your dispose Devastating Area Denial Weapons: S-400, FD-2000, Mobile Patriot Launcher, SAMP-T, Type 12 ASM, & Bastion System, with their astonishing ranges, all are poised to give any attacker a devastating blow. 10+ new Buildings 4+ Innovative New Game play logic New Music Themes

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The mod is the highest form of strategic training program for American, Chinese and Russian Generals, the great countries that requires great strategy. The mod is outstandingly effective way of performing the kind of training in the future warfare.


A very realistic mod and great models + graphics. Might be the next D-Day.

Very good mod, but you should make the military structure very large streng, because most battle in mod have only 3 minutes to play, most important building was be destroyed very fast, the superweapons(nuke, weather storm) you should make very strong(example: Nuke("NukeSpecial" in rulesmd.ini) had recharge time = 20, Warhead size = 50("NUKE" in rulesmd.ini), damage = 5000("NukePayload"),....).

Kinda unusual concept for this game, but still its awesome!



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