The mod aims to provide mental exercises for strategy makers: with a high level of scaled*(see below) realism, realistic weaponry, realistic AI attacking and defensive strategy, and a relentlessly fast paced game play, the mod is for the past time of real generals! Highlights: 3 New Factions: China, Japan & Italy! 100+ new Units: Powerful Air Power: Pak-fa, F-22, Su-35BM, J-10B, F-15J, Eurofighter, Rafale & more are all at your command for Air-to Air Combat! Dominating Sea Power: Type 45, Arleigh Burke, Atago, FREMM-ER, Project 22350, Sejong The Great, Kilo, Lada, Soryu & Type 212, Type 214 are all at your dispose Devastating Area Denial Weapons: S-400, FD-2000, Mobile Patriot Launcher, SAMP-T, Type 12 ASM, & Bastion System, with their astonishing ranges, all are poised to give any attacker a devastating blow. 10+ new Buildings 4+ Innovative New Game play logic New Music Themes

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[Know Your Weapons: EP2] Eurofighter Strike Variant (For UK & Germany)

[Know Your Weapons: EP2] Eurofighter Strike Variant (For UK & Germany)

Design/Concepts Tutorial 4 comments

The second episode: The Eurofighter strike variant is designed to engage highly defended enemy bases, using their long range, stealthy, terrain following...

[Know Your Weapons: EP1] F-16CJ (For USA & Korea)

[Know Your Weapons: EP1] F-16CJ (For USA & Korea)

Design/Concepts Tutorial

As a general, you have to know your weapons first to conceive a valid strategy. Thus here goes the new series of Know Your Weapons in A General's Game...

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