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News at the Tolkien Modding Community: New discovered mods and community activity.

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Now after most of my exams, some news again of the Tolkien Modding Community. One mod has finally created a moddb site, old mods and fragments of mod ideas have been rediscovered in the last weeks as well as actual developed ones.

Europa Universalis IV

After endless months and perhaps even years, MacbethTheTyrant has decided to open up a site at moddb too, so that his fellows don't have to suffer at the ugly steamworkshop page. Lord of Universalis is a total conversion of Europa Universalis IV, the pictures look very promising, so if you are a fan of the game, give it a try! We wish the team good success with the mod!

Image 8

Battle for Middle-earth

It's really incredible how many mods for the BfME-game series are out there and the list is growing constantly, even for the first game, Battle for Middle-earth. New found old mods are BFME: Classic Edition, worked at by Pawpz. We can only hope that he is not getting too distracted by his animation work for The Battle for Middle-Earth: Reforged and will still finish his work^^

One more mod about which I got notified is The Elven Alliance: Community Edition, created by Rob38. It's a finished mod, so you should be able to play it without problems. The comments beneath it are hinting that the developer has been doing a good job.

Form a shield wall!

Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King

Another finished and released mod for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King game is RJ-RotWK, created by robnkarla. It's a 2009 mod but with a still active playerbase it seems. Have a look at it!

One of the active developed ones is Folk of Middle Earth (edain submod), a submod for the Edain mod, at which lord_ellessar is working currently. We wish him good luck and success with his project!

Arnor soldiers

Medieval II: Total War

One of the most mothermods, Third Age - Total War for Medieval II: Total War , and plenty of submods for it. One which is not building upon it and to which I got pointed recently is Dagor Ennor, developed by alreadyded who still seems to work actively on it. The new thing is that it covers a huge expanded map to the South and East, regions which are hardly covered by any lore. Does it sound interesting? Then up, give it a try!

Dagor Ennor

Mount & Blade: Warband

Coming back to my own modding territory, Mount & Blade: Warband, it's always interesting to find new old mods which barely have survived a one-year of development. Heroes of Middle Earth is another good example for modders who are starting to work on their own project, unaware of how much work it will be to work alone. In the end, they will then leave it, most of them leaving the modding community in total which is a sad loss for us. If you are new to modding, try first to join existing teams to gather knowledge and also to get a feeling for working processes.

Many are also working on a submod for The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth), a still outstanding mod in the M&B game series. Many don't like the book-lore-stylish look of the units and try to attach a more film-style-look to it. TLD (The last days of third age) Reforged is one more submod, released and ready to play it seems, created by the TLD Reforged Team. Take a look at it if it sounds interesting!

The mod lists have been updated with the new mods, you can find the overview here. I also opened up a Tolkien Modding Community discord for the Mount & Blade mods, feel free to join it! I am not sure how the other game communities are organising themselves and if I should therefore include other games in this discord too. Feel free to make suggestions here.

This was it for today. I wish you all nive days!


Thank you :D

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[Bcw]Btm_Earendil Author

Always welcome ^^

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Just to note: Age of the Ring had a massive release also.

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[Bcw]Btm_Earendil Author

People interested in that one can find the respective article here:

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Nice, thanks.

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[Bcw]Btm_Earendil Author

You are welcome ^^

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