Standalone mod. Play Doom in the Age of Empires 2 game engine. Doom Remake as Isometric Shooter and Tactical Shooter game. Old school, retro, boomer shooter, classic and arcade style gameplay along with Doom and Brutal Doom graphics. Diablo style mouse movements... *(v1.33)*

There are also 2 more campaigns that are available in the v1.25 file. "Doom (Doom 3 style)" campaign tries to reimagine Doom in the style of narrative based FPS games like Half-Life (Half Life), Doom 3 and Dead Space games or Doom 3: Phobos mod. That means that in between the action there is plenty of narrative and moments of environmental storytelling. "Spider" campaign is inspired greatly from the Super Mario Bros game. Players will control an Arachnotron in this campaign...

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What is Age of DOOM?


"The v1.33 Update Is Released!.."

"A new Classic Style Campaign is available!.."

"Click HERE to read its features!.."



DO YOU WANT TO PLAY DOOM INSIDE OF AGE OF EMPIRES?: Age of DOOM standalone mod is the remake of Doom in the Age of Empires 2 game engine. Age of DOOM is both tactical shooter and isometric shooter game along with “Point and Click” method.

  • "Isometric shooter"means that the player plays the shooter game with an isometric camera perspective. This mod uses Age of Empires 2's isometric camera angle.
  • "Tactical shooter" means that player needs to use the related and required gameplay tactics to be able to defeat enemy units. There are 3 gameplay tactics that you need to use to defeat enemies. These are “Hit and Run” Tactic, “Hit and Avoid” Tactic and “Give Priority” Tactic.
  • “Point and Click” method means that players need to bring the mouse icon on a target or a specific location to shoot an enemy or move to somewhere (like Diablo games).


EASY INSTALLATION: After downloading this file you need to read and apply the information of the manual pdf file for an easy and quick installation. Downloading this standalone mod is enough to install. You don't need to obtain any games to be able to install this mod.


  • GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY: Doomguy, all Doom monsters, Doom textures and Doom objects were integrated to the mod. This mod even uses the famous Brutal Doom mod's some Marine weapon skin sprites and some Marine brutal kill sprites. The gameplay has arcade style like original Doom maps. Kill all enemies, find keys, activate switches and reach the exit. You can change Doomguy's weapon (and weapon sprites) by pressing the related number of the keyboard. The game even has armor and ammo variables. You can follow your armor and ammo counts like the HUD system of original Doom.
  • WEAPONS: You can use "Semi-Rifle", "Shotgun", "Chaingun" and "Rocket Launcher" weapons. Semi-Rifle has unlimited ammos unlike others but it is pretty weak. Shotgun is the most common weapon. Chaingun is stronger against melee enemies. Rocket is effective against enemy swarms but has the most limited ammo sources.

TUTORIAL CAMPAIGN: Players need to finish the “Tutorial” campaign before starting to “Doom (Classic Style)” campaign. It aims to teach players basic gameplay mechanics and system. There are 2 scenarios in this campaign.

  • Tutorial Scenario: Players will learn gameplay basics in this scenario. It has an open map design with natural eye candy and more hellish areas. It has "Text to Speech" voice support
  • Practice Scenario: There are 6 practice options. Players can replay each practice option unlimited times to improve his/her gameplay skills.

DOOM (CLASSIC STYLE) CAMPAIGN: It is the remake of the original “Knee-Deep in the Dead” episode with 9 maps. You will start with "Hangar" map and continue until finishing "Phobos Anomaly" map. "Military Base" is the secret map. Players can play the secret map after finishing the regular 8 maps. But players also need to find the "secret" to be able to play the secret map.


MISSING CAMPAIGNS: “Doom (Doom 3 style)” and “Spider” campaigns aren't available. I will rerelease 2 missing campaigns again in later future updates. But if you want to play these 2 missing campaigns (v1.25 versions) you can always download v1.25 file of this mod. (Click HERE to download.)


MY SUGGESTIONS: I suggest all page visitors trying this mod at least for one time. Because if you don't like this mod you can quit playing when you want as free people. However I suggest you to try this mod at first.

You need to start from the "Tutorial" campaign at first. This is important for gameplay experience.

  • Main Contributors
  • HELLKNIGHT61 (Main Creator): I am the designer of all campaigns. Also I updated the ancestor "Vampire Revenge" mod with hundreds of changings to make the current version. Lastly after the Age of DOOM's v1.0 release (first released version on September 2021) I became the only main contributor of this mod.
  • GUYZA: He is the first person who transplanted all Doom monsters (along with their projectiles) and Doomguy sprites to Age of Empires 2 game engine. But I updated Guyza's some sprites later.
  • GALLAS: He is the creator of the ancestor "Vampire Revenge" mod. “Vampire Revenge” mod is the ancestor of my mod. I used this mod's resources as a base to make my all campaigns and the current version.


+ There are also some Other Contributors and more. Their names are available in the manual pdf file.


SUPPORT: I need your support for the advertisement about this mod to more people. If you announce this mod from your social media account(s) and/or other available resources (youtube, twitter, tiktok, facebook, mail, reddit, discord, forums, upload sites, blogs, real life conversation etc...) you support this mod to reach more people. But this is only a suggestion. Also if many people download and play this mod I can make my future projects easier and quicker due to the interest of the community.


You can also read my other [Age of DOOM] articles for more detailed information about this mod:

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Full Playthrough--> Click HERE.

NOTE: I will continue sending my new [Age of DOOM] articles. So if you "Follow" this mod you will get notification about my new [Age of DOOM] articles. Regards...

[Age of DOOM] Future Plans

[Age of DOOM] Future Plans


There are some new info about the future plans and projects...

[Age of DOOM] Classic Doom Campaign Released!

[Age of DOOM] Classic Doom Campaign Released!


"Age of DOOM v1.33" update released! The new classic style Doom campaign released! Also there are lots of other updates!..

[Age of DOOM] Full Playthrough

[Age of DOOM] Full Playthrough


All playthrough videos are related with this article after now...

[Age of DOOM] What Should You Do For New Episodes?

[Age of DOOM] What Should You Do For New Episodes?


Don't you want to learn that what should you do for new episodes?..

RSS Files
Age of DOOM v1.33

Age of DOOM v1.33

Full Version

You can download my "Age of DOOM v1.33" mod easily by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" button.

Age of DOOM v1.25 (Older)

Age of DOOM v1.25 (Older)

Full Version 5 comments

This is the older v1.25 file. But you can still download this older version if you want.

Age of DOOM v1.1 (Older)

Age of DOOM v1.1 (Older)

Full Version 2 comments

This is the older v1.1 file. But you can still download this older version if you want.

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Daysgonebye22 - - 45 comments

Hey everyone! There is a mod which turns this into an actual rts like the original game! The Saracens are now DOOM Monsters! This was made years ago by guyza123. I added DE graphics to it. It's standalone. The Medevil Doom Wars have begun. Rip and Tear, until the job is done.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HELLKNIGHT61 - - 25 comments

Looks interesting. :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
BossGalaga - - 5 comments

Can it play Doom? Why yes it can!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CocoCrusader - - 84 comments

Lol doom has entered the empires

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pigcop - - 32 comments

cool. but changhe the hideous Doom3 logo to the original Doom logo.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
2018intbtechcseathar - - 22 comments

Kinda easy actually

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ioliska - - 7 comments

Wow, me just discovered Age of Dooms and it's so epic! Me love the way they merged Doom game into Age of Empires 2. The new units and weapons are so cool and me love the new graphics and sounds. Me can't wait to see what the modders come up with next. Me definitely recommend this mod to any Age of Empires 2 fan who wants to add some excitement and thrill to the game

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
BenImortal - - 2 comments

Hellyeah! Can you explain how it can be install on AOE II DE? Is it possible?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HELLKNIGHT61 - - 25 comments

This is a stand alone mod without requiring any games. This mod only works with its own "Age of DOOM v1,25" folder. After downloading the mod read the manual. If you ask playing in the DE unfortunately you can't play it in DE (for now).

Reply Good karma+3 votes
wallas_milk420. - - 149 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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