Set in the Dune universe, this free indie game turns Emperor: Battle For Dune into a First/Third Person Shooter. More features are on the way, such as spice fields, sandstorms and advanced vehicle concepts.


The Emperor is dead. The Guild has taken over the Spice production on Arrakis until another great House claims it. Three Great Houses remain after the long fighting on Arrakis. the noble Atreides, The evil Harkonnen and the insidious Ordos. All three houses are after control of Arrakis, for control of the Spice, for control of the Known Universe.



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From the water world Caladan. The Atreides are a righteous and noble people, only doing what they can for good. The Dukes love for his people commands superior loyal and devotion from his troops.


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From the industrial wastelands of Giedi Prime. The Harkonnen are cruel yet cunning, with leaders and officers being killed by their followers to gain rank, making them harden soldiers.


Base Defences

Atreides: Machine gun Post, Rocket Turret

Harkonnen: Flame Turret, Gun Turret


Refineries, harvesters and their carryalls are the basis of all Spice production on Arrakis, each House has their own Harvesters and carryalls where they collect the Spice and deliver it to Refineries to refine it.

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User Posted Image

Each House has a Barracks for infantry training. In these structures you can refill your ammo and health while also purchasing higher characters with more health and better weapons.

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User Posted Image

Each House has a Factory where their vehicles are created. You can purchase fast scouting vehicles at low costs, main battle vehicles with more armour and stronger firepower for a higher price or long ranged vehicles for indirect combat.

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Take a look on for more info on this Indie game. We are part of W3D Hub, along with Apocalypse Rising, Tiberian Sun: Reborn and Expanded Civilian Warframe.

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I heard the Game Award Show of 2018 that is running live as of this moment , and that it's full of teases and what not, especially about upcoming features and content, so here is our contribution!


House Atreides and Harkonnen, in their natural habitat, I think.

Arsenal of an Assassin

After some hard work by your lovely Producer TeamWolf, and past work from former Team Member Venom775. We finally get to show you guys some of the weapons (and with that I really mean just some) and tools you guys will get, while you try to be that One Man Army that never manages to get a kill...oh wait. That is my life story in every FPS... Ever Play Despa... Regardless, check them out!

First on the list is the Slaughterer Mark I, a reliable and semi accurate Sub Machine Gun of the Harkonnen. You guys remember that Assault the Harkonnen did on a Heighliner during the Spice War? No? Just me? Hmm, no wonder this gun is known for leaving no enemies alive.

Schermopname (563).png

Something small to kill?

Next up is the Scorcher Firefly, you know when that Atreides date of yours wasn't hot enough, this is how you fix it.

Schermopname (553).png

Maybe you can make her as hot as the dune it self

I never understood the Harkonnen and their love for Pump-Action SHOTGUNS, must be a Giedi Prime thing.

Schermopname (562).png

If your fire enough projectiles at them, how can you miss?

Then you find out your Atreides date was a face dancer so now you are forced to take things up close and personal, with a trusty Machine Pistol. Hey, I don't blame you, priorities did come into play when I chose for House Atreides!


You always need your trusty sidearm!

Did I ever tell you guys, that the Harkonnen really know how to make sure things go BOOM. Something has to be heard over the roar Chain Gun fire! (Chain Gun is a placeholder at the moment)


Schermopname (561).png

(House Harkonnen Bazooka and Chain Gun)

Which only helps my House, because they usually also break things as those brainless zealots are used to do. Because of that, they have a lot of things to repair quickly with their Lasher Repair Tool before the Baron visits to inspect their base. (The Repair Tool model is a placeholder model for the moment)

Schermopname (555).png

Vlad, quickly with those repairs, the Baron's Ornihopter has been spotted!

We wanted to make sure the weapons feel authentic, look 'beefy' in a way, while staying original and paying homage to the RTS games. But most importantly, that they feel just right. It's also vital that they play accordingly to how you would expect and giving you that edge in battle when used right. Also, asking of you that extra bit of skill when you push it to its limit. To know you mastered it when you know all it's aspects.


With that in mind, we are pushing forward to much more and better things. We hope that you will like them because *SPOILER ALERT* more are coming soon.

Check out the rest of DEV BLOG #131 at:

Don't forget to vote for us in IndieDB Indie of the Year!

That's all for today. thanks for reading and till the next one o/


Follow us at the greatest and latest on Facebook

Stalk us on Twitter @W3DHub

Watch our best fails over on YouTube

Join me and the Impatiently but oh so more hyped community at our

Battle For Dune: War of Assassins BLOG: #130 'Wormsign'

Battle For Dune: War of Assassins BLOG: #130 'Wormsign'

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Forgive my glaring lack of knowledge but I was under the impression Dune had Lasguns? Or do they use a variety of Directed Energy Weapons and projectile weaponry?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TeamWolf Creator

So they do use Lasguns and they are in Emperor: Battle for Dune (which is what we're based off) but we haven't included them yet, that's kind of their direct energy weapon class.
Projectiles are something that get used a lot, like Mauler Pistols and Flechette guns that can carry poisons along with darts for assassinations.
However, Emperor: Battle for Dune designed the combat more in the direction that would work for a game, with a much more heavier focus on ranged combat with machines guns etc, rather than melee. But we'd still like to include melee at some point.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Best of luck with development! Dune is a wonderful thing, and any work done continuing its legacy is appreciated by many.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

When will the game be released .......

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TeamWolf Creator

When it's met it's first release checks.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Looking forward to it!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Looks awsome! But Please Donat add worms. I hatte this motherf#ckers!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Dune without worms? Wat.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
TeamWolf Creator

Sandworms will not be on every map due to how close rocks and cliffs are. But rest assured, we will have Shai-Hulud roaming free!

Reply Good karma+9 votes

I can't wait for this!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Nov 12 2017

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Jul 25 2015

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May 30 2015

Blog 123 has been up for 2 of weeks now. This blog has new Atreides basement designs, Carryall script and more!

Oct 27 2013

Blog 122 is up and has been written by our coder, Triattack. It contains information about our script features!

May 28 2013

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