Tiberian Sun Reborn is a standalone game that aims to recreate the atmosphere and combat of Tiberian Sun in a FPS. The original effort was started in 2004 by a small group of dedicated modders, leading to its first official release in 2008 as C&C Reborn.

As of November 2011, TSR has been entirely reimagined and redesigned to stick closer to its Tiberian Sun roots while allowing you to benefit from what we've learned from playing the original Reborn and our work on the other Bluehell Productions projects, with room left for imagination and exploration of the Tiberian Sun atmosphere. We invite you to visit our website for more information.

Be sure to check out our forums for the latest news and discussion, plus our semi-regular development blogs!

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Progress report time! In our game servers, throughout our Discord and forums, and even in our internal discussions the question has been asked; "Where do we stand on TSR's next release?"

First, we want to be sure everyone knows that whatever work we do affects W3D as a whole, not just individual projects. We don’t want to release something that still resembles the old Renegade era when APB Delta has already shown the leaps and bounds the engine can make. The Tiberian Sun Reborn project has been contributed to by multiple sources over the past decade—as a result, the version of the engine it runs on is suboptimal at best compared to APB Delta. The scripts team has been busy re-aligning the engine code. This is fancy talk for "making w3d games play better".

Although there has been a lack of news, I am happy to quell any thoughts about development coming to a standstill. Development has continued on the visual front especially, as we have acquired a considerable amount of new assets to place ingame. Raap and ChopBam have provided a number of images to show the new props that you will see in our maps.

New Assets

8SGBx2G.png uf6pJkf.png

IV0Mgqc.png VmB7CFR.jpg

It may be hard to see, but there are over 70 new assets between these four images.

Additionally, ChopBam had this image to show our staff guys inquiring about progress.


In the past nine months, our developers have made over 805 revisions. Audio updates, physics tweaks, and re-rigs of our vehicles. The Tiberian Sun: Reborn you remember will be but a memory! 2.0 will feel, look, and play like never before!

As mentioned above, the artist team has been building our asset library. The end goal is to have a large enough library to cover five different biomes—snow, desert, arid, wasteland, and urban. If you want to help in some way but don’t have the skills needed, there are alternatives. A bundle of 20 assets costs an average of 10 Euros. We ask that if you do make a donation to spare your wallet and not go over that amount.

If you would like to help on the asset front but don't have the skills or tools for it, there is an alternative. The Reborn team is accepting donations which will be used toward purchasing new assets, thereby speeding up the final release. If you would like to contribute any amount, contact me or TeamWolf for the PayPal details and we'll get you squared away. I unfortunately cannot offer any incentives at this time other than thanking you for your contribution, but know that any amount will be greatly appreciated by the artists on our team.

GDI War Factory Interior Redesign

In a previous update, Oxanna reported on alterations to the GDI War Factory. Redesigns continue as we scale down the overall size of the War Factory. Long ago when the Mammoth Mk. II was first introduced, it was intended for the unit to be deployed from the War Factory. However, you can clearly see we opted for the Carryall deploying the Mk. II. As we no longer needed the War Factory to accommodate the size of the Mk. II, it has been long overdue for a scale down. The primary reason for this is for gameplay purposes. Our testers have noted that it takes too long to traverse the structure, costing precious moments in defending and attacking. In scaling it down, the GDI War Factory will also take up less space in maps.

VawKHcu.jpg 9y5OJ4X.jpg

HmldNbL.jpg 5W7n4Eo.jpg

As you can see, the overall flow of the building is much better compared to the previous War Factory. Our testers have been provided the latest iteration of the War Factory to nail down any problem areas and suggest ideas, so it's not final by any means! ChopBam will see to delivering the best GDI War Factory the Tiberium universe has ever seen!

Already, feedback is coming in from within our team for improvements and revisions. OWA has suggested some changes to the MCT and Connector rooms after having a run around the structure.

vCQgQu1.png 7GSxeGf.png

QOjKw6f.png VEDUD8C.png

Per OWA's suggestions, if we move the glass frontage forwards we can make the room wholly integrated into the main structure. It's one idea we have to go about making the MCT space a bit more open. The connector room may be able to open out into the larger concourse of the War Factory. Both suggestions would reduce the claustrophobia of the structure and offer better combat gameplay inside. As you can tell, the structure itself is largely a WIP. A video walkthrough may be provided soon, either to be included later in this update or to be seen in the next!

Thank you everyone for your continued patience. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

TS:Reborn News Update (3 October 2019)

TS:Reborn News Update (3 October 2019)

News 16 comments

TS:R news coming up! More on scaling, new arms, introducing the new Mobile EMP prototype, and discussion of the GDI AAPC.

TS: Reborn News Update (25 July 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (25 July 2019)

News 5 comments

A small update of things happening. Our high-res GDI mechs, a few more kill icons, and what to look forward to in the coming week.

TS: Reborn News Update (20 June 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (20 June 2019)

News 3 comments

Unit reporting. This update brings more improved textures and a look at Nod's new Laser!

TS: Reborn News Update (13 June 2019)

TS: Reborn News Update (13 June 2019)

News 7 comments

This week in TSR news: the Mobile EMP tank, weapon updates, and bot support!

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W3D Hub Launcher

W3D Hub Launcher

Installer Tool 15 comments

The W3D Hub launcher installs and manages all of the most popular mods for Command & Conquer Renegade. Providing game downloads and automatic updates...

Texture Pack 8.0

Texture Pack 8.0

Tiberian Sun Reborn texture pack Full Version

This is the latest edition of my mad texture pack. If you want someone in this texture pack continue, but please tell me about it.

(OBSOLETE) C&C Reborn: Infantry Beta v.

(OBSOLETE) C&C Reborn: Infantry Beta v.

Demo 72 comments

Retained for posterity, this Feb. 2008 build is only now serves as a curiosity and is entirely unsupported; use at your own risk. Radical changes have...

Reborn Ion Cannon Video

Movies 11 comments

This is a video of the GDI Ion Cannon featured in reborn, taking direct influence from the C&C3 Ion cannon with it's separate beams joining to create...

C&C Reborn Gameplay Trailer 2007

Movies 2 comments

A video showing the fast paced gameplay of C&C Reborn

Reborn Teaser 1


A teaser voideo made from the latest internal alpha!

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**** yeah. I knew this team was still hard at work. Keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What I'm interested in is the personal weapons for the infantry in this mod, I can't play because my Renegade violently explodes every time I turn it on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

turn that frown upside down, and torrent this ****. We need more players anyways.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I'm dieing to hear some big update news, it has been so long.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
FRAYDO Creator

news is steady lately! we're well on our way to TS:R 2.0!

Reply Good karma+9 votes

HIP HIP HOORAY!!! In the Name of Kane! :) :) :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

GDI gets a shiny new barracks?! Those HERETICS! I want a 70 inch high definition hologram-video/TV projector and whatever passes for netflix in this universe in my Hand of Nod Barracks!! Seriously good work guys.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Heretics? Brother, we should just call them GDI SCUM!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Heretics, scum, all names work! Burn them in the name of the Messiah Kane!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FRAYDO Creator

70 inch HD hologram video/TV projector? truly, this is the Technology of Peace

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Do it up, we wanna see Tonight's Execution in HD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
FRAYDO Creator

hell yeah

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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Awesome game! i always did dreamed about a 1rd/3rd person tiberium era game! but sadly the lack of Offline bots and online players to play with make it not what it should be...
i do hope we get AI maps one day so we can enjoy max number of bots in maps and big battles, then i will give it 10

Dec 9 2013 by Ahrimansiah


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Feb 21 2020 by w3dhub

The BHP forums will be shut down by the end of June. If you require any data from them please contact a member of the staff team.

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