Alien vs. Predator 2 combines elements, creatures, and settings from the hit movies Aliens and Predator in three unique, interlocking stories. They unfold from the perspective of a young Marine Corporal, a newly-emerged Alien, and a Predator on the hunt. Highly detailed environments, phenomenal effects, and an advanced game engine intensify the gameplay of this first-person shooter adventure.

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I uploaded again today due to it being under add ons should be under download section so I ask admin to help fix and Hope it will be on later. I included a Video play through Included in file.

I will upload other files when this gets all sorted out good luck and stay frosty

We released version 1.1.2!

We released version 1.1.2!

AvP2 Team Fortress

1.1.2 brings several fixes on two of our maps, integration with the new master server (1.5) and a new loading scree.

The Master Server mod reached version 1.5!

The Master Server mod reached version 1.5!

AvP2 - Project "Savior" 8 comments

Having the server list retrieved directly from Gamespy, the master server patch v1.5 assures that AvP2 remains online as long as Gamespy exists as a company...

Avp2 Team Fortress updated to v1.1.1

Avp2 Team Fortress updated to v1.1.1

AvP2 Team Fortress

The update consists in a corrected mod launcher. The compatibility is preserved with version 1.1

Catching up

Catching up

AvP2 Team Fortress

We follow up on the test of 2009-10-16. As usual, a podcast, a video file and what's left to be done.

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Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch (2.4)

Aliens vs. Predator 2 Master Server Patch (2.4)

AvP2 Master Server Patch Patch 5 comments

Patch/Mod to play avp2 online Newest changes are - from 2.3.3 - fixed a memory leak when handling mouse input - disabled the new mouse input handler on...

AvP 2: Cooperative v1.0.1

AvP 2: Cooperative v1.0.1

AvP 2: Cooperative Full Version 25 comments

A patched version of the mod that fixes many bugs, crashes, etc. Main features: New Co-op game type, Slightly improved AI, Function NPC hit detection...

VRM v1.34

VRM v1.34

Full Version

Vanilla Rebalance Mod v1.34 (release 18.05.24) Changelog in Description.

Epic Mod Manager v1.6

Epic Mod Manager v1.6

AVP2 Epic mod manager Full Version

larger update then the 1.5.2 update. 1.5.3 update appears to have had an issue during upload where it believes it is still 1.5.2.

VRM v1.33

VRM v1.33

Vanilla Rebalance Mod Full Version

Vanilla Rebalance Mod v1.33 (release 19.01.24) Changelog in Description.

AVP2 mod manager V 1.5.3

AVP2 mod manager V 1.5.3

AVP2 Epic mod manager Full Version

Updated Epic Mod Manager to be support use on windows 11 computers.

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t850terminator - - 56 comments

trying to get this game running for 1440p is hell

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Knight45 - - 365 comments

I got it to run at 1080p. You need to modify some values in the autoexe.cfg file. Try chaning these values/adding them if you do not find them in the autoexec.cfg:
"ScreenWidth" "1920"
"ScreenHeight" "1080"
"GameScreenWidth" "1920"
"GameScreenHeight" "1080"

Change these to your desired resolution. Anything above 1440p may not work last I remembered (people were unable to get 4k resolution for example).

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Guest - - 692,973 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

F.I.M. - - 51 comments


writing into the void

don't know nothing about avp2 modding, started to upscale the textures times 4, found out that only 1/4 of the texture is displayed ingame. looks like you set texture coordinates in DEdit.
do i get this right, that there is no way to upscale the textures without also editing every texture coordinate in the levels ?

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avpunknown Creator
avpunknown - - 10 comments

Guys Remember the game is still ONLINE!

Visit the official avp2 community discord right here! (800+ members!!)


Want the biggest map pack? simply get ULTIMATE MAP PACK!

Want to learn how to make maps? visit the Dedit modmaker tutorial site !

And don't forget to check out the official AVP2 MSP SITE


Reply Good karma+6 votes
hoover1979 - - 329 comments

For those asking about downloading the AVP2 game from here, this website is for mods, it is copyright infringement to offer a download of the actual game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
BlackShadowWolf181 - - 1 comments

How do u download this game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
alencore - - 445 comments

Client MFC has Application has stopped working fix...

Click on start and select run
In run type sysdm.cpl.
This will bring up system properties.
In system properties click on the Advanced tab.
Click on settings under Performance.
A new window pops up select the Data Execution Prevention tab.
Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select should be checked.
Click on Add and browse to the path of whatever version of software you are using and select the executable....and apply! done it works on the avp2 game.

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🦇Pachira🦇 - - 486 comments

Anyone know where I can find the total war skin pack for this game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
s11789 - - 49 comments

can any body tell me how to fix the client mfc problem for avp2(not Primal Hunt)

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