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Check out this week’s roundup of the mods and indies that were featured on the DBolical YouTube!

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Hey there! Welcome to this week's roundup of the YouTube, where we took a special look at an awesome overhaul mod and some solid more recent releases. Let's get into it!

Monday - Shorts - Full Invasion 2

Going big is Warband's mantra with huge sieges and gigantic player-driven engagements. Full Invasion 2 makes players into heroes in their own right, individually powerful characters against hordes of themed enemies. Magic is just the start of the new features this mod tackles, and as you cleave a bloody path, you'll discover all this mod has to offer.

Fire Arrows in Osiris

Tuesday - Shorts - Inscryption

Leave your expectations at the door - Inscryption will subvert all of them. What begins as a retro-style card-game evolves into a complicated tale of larger-than-life deities and fourth-wall-breaking occurrences that, frankly, it's just not right to spoil. The apocrypha surrounding the game's real-life ARG is telling enough that this is one indie you simply cannot miss.

Image 5

Wednesday - Shorts - Sven Co-op

If you play Half-Life and have any friends that do too, Sven Co-op is likely already a name you're familiar with. There's no better way to go through Black Mesa than with a few pals and a few crowbars - but with a dedicated community of creators, you've also got everything from immersive adventures to silly party games to saturate your lazy evenings.

Sven Co-op Gameplay

Thursday - Playthrough - Halo 2 Uncut

It's no secret that Halo 2's development cycle was a whirlwind of content cuts, difficult decisions, and brutal deadlines. The game really was a product of blood, sweat, and tears and went on to receive the recognition such hard work deserves. Now, almost two decades later, a look at a more complete picture of Halo 2 is available to try.

Image 13

Friday - Shorts - TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul

You'd be forgiven for discounting anything to do with Aliens: Colonial Marines, but you'd also be missing out on another modding Hail Mary - TemplarGFX's ACM Overhaul, which finetunes and hacksaws elements of the ill-fated squad shooter until it ultimately makes an experience far more respectful of the action-horror masterpiece we know and love.

ACM V5 - With Master Effects

That's all for this round-up. What do you think about the mods listed? Feel free to discuss below and check out the YouTube for more videos past, present, and future! Also to note - as of this week we've got a different video schedule based off of how well (or not well) certain video types have been doing so far. The new schedule is as follows:

Monday: ModDB short
Tuesday: Mod playthrough
Wednesday: IndieDB short
Thursday: Mod playthrough
Friday: ModDB short

This means there will be more emphasis placed on the more detailed coverage of mod projects on-site, whilst short-form content for mobile consumption will still be continued, just scaled back a bit. We reckon this'll do a good job of keeping community content in the spotlight!

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