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Podcast 17 was lucky enough to interview the entire Decadence team. This is a must listen for all mod developers and video game enthusiasts alike.

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We forgot to post last weeks episode to Mod Database; for those who want to listen to the GoldenEye: Source interview check it out here.

Thomas couldn’t make it this week, but we’re joined by the entire Decadence team for an interview. We talk about Shotgun Sunrise briefly and the topic of the week is the closing of Filefront. Rest in peace Filefront, you will be sorely missed.

The Decadence team were all sharing a single microphone, so we apologize if their audio quality isn’t perfect.

Extended Show Notes


  • 00:00:30 - William, Emanuel, Entire Decadence Team

Podcast 17 News

  • 00:06:00 - Live broadcast details.

Follow-up & Errata

  • 00:06:40 - Crates and Barrels Information
  • 00:07:30 - Reaction Information

Emanuels Apology Section

  • 00:08:20 - Emanuel wants to say some things about DLC.

From the Mouth of Valve

  • 00:09:10 - Valve DRM Policy
  • 00:10:40 - Left 4 Dead DLC (Survival Pack) Dated

Left 4 Dead Releases

  • 00:11:10 - SubAway Train
  • 00:11:10+ Museum Of UnNatural History
  • 00:11:10+ Last Resort
  • 00:11:10+ Death Knell
  • 00:11:10+ Back to School
  • 00:11:10+ Collaboration


  • 00:13:50 - DRA Escape 1
  • 00:14:20 - Zombie Mod: Source
  • 00:14:20 - Kill Gman City 7
  • 00:14:40 - HeadCrab Survival: Middle of Nowhere
  • 00:15:00 - Emanuel shares his experience of Shotgun Survival

Media Blitz

  • 00:18:00 - Walkthrough of the Spencer Mansion from the Resident Evil: Prologue Project
  • 00:18:30 - Bisounours Party Trailer
  • 00:19:00 - Ham and Jam

Topic of the Week

  • 00:19:30 - Filefront Shutting Down


  • 00:21:40 - Interview with the team from Decadence.
  • 00:24:40 - We fixed Emanuel's Microphone
  • 00:30:30 - Art Direction
  • 00:32:50 - Story and Plot
  • 00:41:30 - Development Cycle
  • 00:47:10 - Coping with Limited Resources / Gameplay Choices
  • 00:53:10 - Reliance of having friends to play with.
  • 01:00:10 - Character Development
  • 01:04:30 - Decadence on Source
  • 01:12:10 - Release Stragety / Beta-Testing
  • 01:14:30 - Game-modes
  • 01:17:30 - Advice
  • 01:23:30 - Presentation
  • 01:26:30 - Conclusion
  • 01:38:20 - Wrap-up.

Download Links

Follow-up & Errata

From the Mouth of Valve

Left 4 Dead Releases

The Release List

Media Blitz

Other Links


This mod is so epic.

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From Filefront

"FileFront has been acquired by the original founders of the site and will NOT be suspended as previously announced. This is NOT an April Fool's Joke.

After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to suspend FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

We're happy to announce to the gaming community that as of today, April 1st, 2009, FileFront is a completely independent company again and is no longer part of Ziff Davis Media. All previously suspended services should be active and working again. We thank Ziff Davis Media for their cooperation and willingness to keep the site and community alive.

Due to the very unfortunate timing of this event and related announcements on March 24th and April 1st (April Fool's Day), we'd like to make it perfectly clear that:

1) 1) The March 24th announcement about FileFront suspending its operation was NOT an early April Fool's joke.

2) This announcement about the original founders buying back FileFront from Ziff Davis Media is also NOT an April Fool's joke.

3) We're making this announcement on April 1st because the deal was completed today and we want to bring all services back online immediately.

4) We would NEVER suspend FileFront as an April Fool's joke.

5) We are happy to be back!

FileFront has existed in one form or another (originally as FileLeech and Voodoo Extreme's downloads) since 1997. In the last 12 years, FileFront has become the gaming community's most comprehensive and trafficked library hosting millions of files for thousands of games while requiring no registration and providing uncapped download speeds. We look forward to improving FileFront and serving the gaming community for years to come.

Welcome home. Game On!

Email us,"

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I really enjoyed this podcast, was nice listening to my fellow Swedes talking about their mod. As for the sound part, Decadence has some kickass sounds. As they said, Luke Hatton (Stringed_evil) just got a Sound designer job at after working on different modifications for years so Congrats to him!

I would also like to take credit for telling him about Decadence, can almost say that I designed the sounds for the mod. Woo!

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