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Welcome to our look at five more spine-tingling horror mods to play this Halloween!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our look at five more spine-tingling horror mods to play this Halloween! Halloween is its own kind of festive season full of spooks and thrills, and horror is a genre exceptionally popular in the modding scene. Whether you're staying in alone, shacking up with friends or going out trick or treating, these five mods are sure to make you think twice about every bump in the night!

At number five, we have The Reckoning - a post-apocalypse, zombie-filled total conversion for Mount & Blade: Warband! Whilst Warband is no stranger to mods turning it into essentially another game, those placing it into more horror oriented contexts are far rarer. Though not quite as sinister as some of the other mods on this list, the atmosphere of a world gone wrong is still palpable, and a series of new mechanics, janky as they may be, keep the experience fresh even for experienced Warband players. If you're more into the post-apocalyptic side of most horror games, this is the mod for you - and a gentler start for the faint of heart!

At number four we have You Are Here - transforming GTA San Andreas into a gloomy, unfamiliar place full of dangers. You don't know who you are or why you're here - instead, you're merely thrust into the world and forced to live out an experience that guarantees to haunt and unsettle. GTA's usually all about zany madness, power fantasies, and with a heavily comedic tone, it's not intended for you to take much of the game to heart. You Are Here turns this on its head and delivers both intense action and shocking scares. This isn't "GTA with Zombies" - it's a whole other beast.

At third, it's getting chilly with Black Snow - a HL2 mod that puts you into the shoes of a researcher trapped in Greenland's icy environments during an invasion by an unknown entity. Solve puzzles and navigate hazards as you try to find your escape, but be on the look out - out there, in the snow, evil stirred, and now it's locked in the facility with you. You can't fight this threat - your only option is to stay quiet, or turn and run. Black Snow is a standout example of horror done in the Source Engine without relying on the tried-and-tested headcrab zombie to do it - it's a great historical mod to shore up your horror experience!


Return to that small-town American hellhole vibe with Amnesia Hill, our second place spot, which sees Amnesia's signature darkness and hiding meld with psychological horror and mindbending altercations. Starting off with an innocent enough trip to the local gift shop, what follows is twists, turns, and plenty of terror as the evil lurking within an unassuming model house spills out into the real world. Trapped in the suburbs, it produces a different kind of environment to your standard Amnesia fare and handily adapts all the horror we've grown to fear in Amnesia and Silent Hill.

Apartment AND Mining Facility

Number 1:



Patched v. 1.1

Our final entry for this list is a classic - Paranoia, a singleplayer modification for Half-Life that puts you into the boots of Russian special forces. A simple mission goes awry when unexpected monsters creep out of the woodwork and you must rally with your squadmates to finish the mission. If we wanted, every entry on this list could be a mod for Half-Life - the goldsrc community in particular loves a good dose of horror. However, we think Paranoia does a great job representing its genre, and that's why it's one of our top picks for Halloween this year.



Thanks for reading! What horror mods do you revisit during the spooky season? Comment down below, and check out our article from last year if you'd like more ideas like Cry of Fear and Alchemilla for this season. In the mean time - Happy Halloween!

Paynamia - - 200 comments

So, you should know that your #4, You Are Here, has 26 detections on VirusTotal.

And one of the other files for the mod has 36 detections.

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Kralich/David Author
Kralich/David - - 835 comments

I downloaded this mod without issue for the video - I can only assume they're false positives. One of the uploaders, GameWatcher, is a user with a good history of archiving mod content so it's unlikely he'd upload an actual virus to the site.

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InnerConflict - - 33 comments

false positives. you find em everywhere, even with legit software. hell JDownloader was flagged as malware once until they had to patch windows defender stop being so mental and then it stopped getting flagged as such. it flags everything from here to the moon.

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