Originally built for the Impossible Creatures game, this engine was later heavily modified and used by the Dawn of War games.

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Project Reality: BF2 Installation Guide

Uninstall all previous versions of PR:BF2 before installing PR!
If you are on older versions of Windows, make sure to install DirectX 9,.NET framework 4.6 and Visual C++! This otherwise makes you unable to load the game.
Disable your Anti-Virus during installation and white-list the PR Installation folder afterwards.
Check this thread for more common Launch issues if you experience any.

Step 1. Download

A) Using the Download Assistant

The fastest and most user-friendly way to download and install PR:BF2 is using the official Download Assistant.
The Download Assistant will download the installer using the Torrent protocol. So make sure this isn't blocked by your ISP.
Simply download the Download Assistant from our PR:BF2 Download Section and follow the instructions in the application.

B) Using the HTTP Download links

To download simply through your browser choose one the ModDB or direct HTTP mirror downloads (everything outside of Torrent and Download Assistant). You only need to use one link. It will download the installer folder as a ZIP. Please use Windows in-build zip tools, 7ZIP or Winrar to extract the installer folder before installing.

C) Using the direct Torrent download

If you downloaded the Torrent, this is NOT the full install. You use the small .torrent file with a BitTorrent client to actually download the full .iso file. We recommend qBittorrent. The Torrent is the recommended download method in order to avoid corrupt downloads. Once the torrent is downloaded through your selected Torrent software, you will be presented with a folder with all the installation files. Move on to step 2 after the application finishes the download.

Step 2. Installation

The Download Assistant will allow you to start the installer once the download is completed. The HTTP (after extraction) and Torrent version of the download comes in the form of a folder with all the installation files. In order to install it, you simply run the installer it contains (setup.exe).

It is strongly recommended that you close all open applications when installing PR:BF2.

After installation is complete, depending on the choices you selected in the installer, you can either launch Project Reality: BF2 from the desktop shortcut or your start menu.

Congratulations, you have now installed Project Reality: BF2 and are ready to play. If you have any confusion over these installation steps, please don't hesitate to post a support thread in our Support Forums.

Additional Reading Material

To lower the steep learning curve that PR:BF2 has we have a up to date Game Manual that can guide you to the many features that PR:BF2 has to offer. We also have made a landing page for new players where they can find additional information on how to join servers and general tips and tricks.

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