Report poll Expecting a sequel of your favourite mod?

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Yes, on a newer engine (525 votes)


Yes, on the same engine (another episode etc) (312 votes)


Yep, but for a completely different game and/or genre (31 votes)


As an indie game (194 votes)


Nope, just a hiqher quality graphics pack or a huge update (262 votes)


Not at all, it'll be better if it stays sequelless (171 votes)

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leon.ladisic Aug 29 2011, 7:15am says:

Mods should develop alongside the core game. For example if a good mod is made for Herp:Derp then the sequel of the mod should be made on Herp:Derp 2 and so on. Theres no point on holding on to old engines unless they are the best option available.

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altercuca Aug 29 2011, 11:29am replied:

9gag? :P either way I agree :). (True Story)

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Dremth Aug 29 2011, 4:36pm replied:

Herp: Derp?

Also, I find some joy in playing newer mods on older engines. And surely modding older engines and upgrading their capabilities is fun too. Cry of Fear and Overdose are great examples of this.

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xcv2007 Aug 29 2011, 5:25pm replied:

Strange example. That would be rather nice though.

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hogsy Aug 29 2011, 8:14am says:

Unless it's a big sequel then I suggest most people should stick to the same engine as then they can easily continue working with what they had before thus saving themselves a lot of time.

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Tatsur0 Aug 29 2011, 8:26am says:

A proper sequel? Or remake? If sequel then the same engine makes sense as not everyone who enjoyed the original will move over to a new engine but if the game is very dated then it might be a good move to promote the sequel on a new engine. If it's a remake then highly recommend a new Engine (again to promote the new version more than anything) but many assume that a new engine always means better. While there are some limitations on older engines it's really up to the developers on the quality of work in a lot of cases and no reason to switch engines especially if you consider the downsides to those new engines as well.

So I suppose it's all about your working knowledge, preference, and/or promotion.

I'm not a huge fan of mods turned indie unless there is a significant change or unless the mod was more of a demo to help evaluate a full game. But of course all of this is my own personal opinion.

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Reactorcore Aug 29 2011, 8:33am says:

Standalone is best option, I chose indie.

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Joe_Shmoe Aug 29 2011, 9:55am says:

I choose sequelles (is that even a word?)

I have found very few sequels to actually be any better than the original, or even just good. Mostly because we compare sequels to the original games, the experience, if it was original and fresh, then that would make the sequel not so original, and deteroiates quickly (see the fuss over CoD after the first MW)

Either that or recreate a completely new experience for the sequel, then it may be shunned because it was nothing like the original (see the fuss over Unreal 2).

Orrr expectations and anticipation might just be soo damn high for the sequel because the first game was sooo damn awesome, that you cant beat it (see the fuss over Duke Nukem Forever)

The way I see it.. If a game or mod is sooo awesome, well then let it live on as a legend in the history of games/mods

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JoshZemlinsky Aug 29 2011, 10:00am says:

i think the only "able to be modded" game i got installed is the Half-life 2 series XD therefor i dont hope 1187 will be moved to another engine xP which i doubt it will.

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Shirk Aug 29 2011, 10:38am says:

A Paranoia 2 would be awesome, but would it lose its charm if it was made on another engine like Source?

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ComradeHell Aug 29 2011, 11:02am says:

I voted for mods into indie games. PR2 FTW! (even though it's not released yet)

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PS2viciado Aug 29 2011, 3:41pm replied:

or announced..

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xcv2007 Aug 29 2011, 5:31pm replied:

PR2? The only thing I heard PR used for was Power Rangers.

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AirborneRangerZz Aug 31 2011, 10:14am replied:

Project Reality dude... One of the best mods ever made.

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x3nu Aug 29 2011, 11:29am says:

I like to see mod sequals appear on new releases of a series , like Mid East Crisis for C&C.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 29 2011, 11:30am says:

I can vote each option, and still probably have more answers...

Thus I think I will pass on this one.

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Garyn Dakari Aug 29 2011, 2:35pm replied:

Same here.

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Smallchange Aug 30 2011, 11:45am replied:


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moci Aug 29 2011, 11:58am says:

imho it doesn't matter if they use a new engine or not, as long as the "sequel mod" is as great as the first version...

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Arcones Aug 29 2011, 12:03pm says:

I answered with the first choice, because of NS2. Seemed like it fit.

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.sverek Aug 29 2011, 12:59pm says:

I can haz source 2011 plz?

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Sunspear Aug 29 2011, 3:43pm says:

Battlefield Pirates please : )

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xcv2007 Aug 29 2011, 5:29pm says:

The biggest reason I chose the second is because I don't normally get games right away, and I would like to continue playing the mod series.

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FJS Aug 29 2011, 5:39pm says:

So am I still waiting for Hidden Source to resucitate..

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xstation14 Aug 29 2011, 5:58pm says:

Movie Battles III :)

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 30 2011, 2:59am says:

Good Night Springton There will be no encore.

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0n1n3 Aug 30 2011, 3:44am says:

Does CS:GO still count as a mod or is it a separate game now?

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Alberto309 Sep 1 2011, 7:00am replied:

You can count it as a Mod, but it's like the firsts Counter-Strike, all mods for HL1 and HL2, so different, you can count is as a Mod and as a new separate game aswell :)

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deadrawkstar Aug 30 2011, 4:20am says:

Natural Selection 2 :D

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somonels Aug 30 2011, 6:57am says:

"The Haunted - Hell's Reach" is still in the works.

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ComradeWinston Aug 30 2011, 11:25am says:

How about just plain old no? I don't want any mods to be "sequelless" unless they suck.

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doccarnby Aug 30 2011, 1:32pm says:

I'm looking forward to Cthulhu 2.

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TheNodCommander Aug 31 2011, 5:10am says:

C&C Renegade X, hoping for a DX 11 update in the future after it's done!

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X-LAyer2 Aug 31 2011, 8:51pm says:

Sven Coop 2 someday...

Plus the new polished first one.

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Waddlesticks Sep 1 2011, 4:47am says:

I'm not sure about you guys... But I think the whole ModDB community of the top coders/designers ect should get together and make a engine that is pretty much free of charge (Maybe a donate and a once payed fee) That has been done to fit the voices of the people here!

Just a honest opinion.

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Alberto309 Sep 1 2011, 6:57am says:

Afraid of Monsters: Source!
C'mon ruMpel!

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|KILroy| Sep 1 2011, 9:04pm says:

The Specialists :F

The hell was morfeo thinking about abandoning it.

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SabreXT Sep 2 2011, 1:26pm says:

My favourite mods don't/wont get sequals, but if they ever did they would likely be indie, or should be.

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Rukus_ Sep 3 2011, 5:31pm says:

Contagion (ZPS Sequel)
Dear Ester

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Commander_Jbug Sep 4 2011, 3:44pm says:

the mods should just keep adding patches that add more data

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