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Gabe Newell: "We’re spending more time on tools development now than anything else."

Posted by Varsity on Apr 8th, 2011

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Steamcast: MasterGir asks: ‘Will Valve ever update the source SDK, especially Hammer?’

Gabe Newell: Oh yeah, we’re spending a tremendous amount of time on tools right now. So, our current tools are...very painful, so we probably are spending more time on tools development now than anything else and when we’re ready to ship those I think everybody’s life will get a lot better. It's just way too hard to develop content right now, both for ourselves and for third parties so we’re going to make enormously easier and simplify that process a lot.

Any new tools will probably run in the engine, like the Particle Editor.

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Cyberpresident_CORE Apr 8 2011 buried:


Well from my point of prespective the hammer editor is easy as *poo poo*.

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Varsity Author
Varsity Apr 8 2011 replied:

With respect, that's because you've never known better. Hammer is OVER TEN YEARS OLD! Modern level editors are built into the engine, and the best of them can edit the world while it is running. Hammer is a relic.

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cW#Ravenblood Apr 8 2011 replied:

And Hammer sux now, because moving around isn't good anymore. Hope they change the stuff with material types for textures and models. That's uncomfortable. So sometime you need 2-3 UVs for a single model in Source.

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k00pa Apr 8 2011 replied:

I dont have problem compiling map before testing it, but hammer could easily be much better.

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zonbie Apr 9 2011 replied:

i agree, i hope they nerf void rays in the next patch. toss=OP, lol/.

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AndieRTaylor Jul 5 2011 replied:

It's easy, but extremely messy. Don't know why you got so many negative votes.

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jackar Apr 8 2011 says:

OMG new update ? gonna need to release all my projects before VALVe screws the SDK completly...

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Varsity Author
Varsity Apr 10 2011 replied:

Any changes are likely to only affect new games. I doubt they will be retro-fitting older engine branches.

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Mr.Walrus Apr 8 2011 says:

I really hope he's telling the truth, an easier version of the Source Engine would give the modding community a huge boost.

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AAAStudios Apr 8 2011 says:

i hope they will make it easy to import models into SDK

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tschumann Apr 13 2011 replied:

Haven't the TF2 team said they're doing something like this already?

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altercuca Apr 9 2011 says:

i bet my *** it comes out with EP3 on 2020

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DeathVice Jun 13 2012 replied:

lolololo ^

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Jesusfreak Apr 10 2011 says:


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arieas Apr 26 2011 says:

No further news yet?

A 3dsmax/maya/modtool exporter would be great. A much more simplified process to export models through a click or two, in a way a auto generating QC.
I think someone has made a plug-in that actually does this.

Tools could definitely do with an update, even more so, plenty of smaller features that would take little time to develop. Expand the SDK with extra tools.

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yourmom2 Apr 29 2011 says:

Source SDK is one of the best tool's, for me but an update is likely a new hand... :)

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thefoofighter May 10 2011 says:

I hope it comes with a revised License similar to UDK so Indie devs can make games for a small price or just sacrifice some of the royalties It would be a big plus for the Modding Community :P

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MODSTERMD90 Mar 18 2012 says:

I think the new set of tools for the SDK will start with the new Portal 2 ingame map editor! (just a guess)

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