UNIFICATION 1.26 (May 7, 2017)


NEW: STEAM online Multi-player version of Unification available!!

...see the article below: Moddb.com

Hello brothers. This is going to be the place where I will be developing the Unification Mod for the Dawn of War SoulStorm game, along with FreeUI (which is a mandatory mod). Unification is an advanced combiner mod, that allows you to seamlessly combine almost all community-created races. Make no mistake, this is the ABSOLUTE way to combine races. SCaR, AI, audio winconditions, rules and all other aspects of the game need CAREFUL treatment, and I have already done the job.

IMPORTANT - CREDITS: MY work on Unification is mostly coding AI and SCaR (OK, maybe more). Much of the work is really addressed to many other brothers. So, besides coding, and the work of PROPERLY setting up this mod, it cannot be considered "mine". Modding is sharing. This is a result of countless independent initiatives, compiled into one project. Some of the brothers involved (besides my team's members) are: BagaturKhan (much testing), Chiu Chunling, Corncobman, Dark40k, Evil Isador (HUGE help and an worthy battlebrother), Kasrkin (it seems we are the last coders, brother!), Miros, titlams, ... DAMMIT! The list is huge. Guys, I cannot recall all those who contributed. And I am sure I forget some SERIOUS members here. Sorry, at this point I have lost track. Anyone I forget, pease contact me to update the list!

Whatever issues related to Unification or FreeUI, must be reported here.
For issues related to race mods, please post them at the appropriate place - that is, the corresponding race mod's page. You may also report whatever inconsistency, directly to me (PM). Note that most of the races are now led by my team - and for the rest we have EXCELLENT relationships with our brothers. So... Everything will be take care of - provided we are still around...

This place will also be a "hub" for most race mods as well. You see, my team leads most of the race mods, so whenever we update one, a Unification note will also be posted.

Supported Race Mods

Adeptus Mechanicus - (v1.1 and above, only) (Moddb.com)
Alien Hunters - (Alpha stage - abandoned, I need a modeller). Only Alpha DL link available. Ask if you want.
Black Templars - (Moddb.com)
Blood Angels - (Moddb.com)
Chaos Daemons (Moddb.com)
Dark Angels - (v2.3 and above, only) (Moddb.com)
Eldar Craftworlds - (Not yet released)
IG His Righteous Mod - (Not yet released)
Inquisition Daemonhunters -(Moddb.com)
Legions of the Damned - (v0.7 and above, only) (Moddb.com)
Night Lords - (Moddb.com)
Praetorians - (Moddb.com)
RAGE - (latest version only - not yet released) (Moddb.com)
Renegade Guard (Moddb.com)
Salamanders - (Moddb.com)
Space Wolves (Moddb.com)
Steel Legions - (Moddb.com) (patch: Mediafire.com)
The Dance Macabre - (Moddb.com)
Thousand Sons - (Moddb.com)
Tyranid Swarm - (Release impossible - we are unable to get legit clearance from relic/sega)
Tyranids - (v0.5b3 and above, only. Wait for release) (Moddb.com) (Tyranids.gameapollo.com)
Vostroyan Firstborn - (Moddb.com)
Witch Hunters - (Moddb.com)

So, that is MORE than 30 races (including the vanilla ones)!!! And you can experiment and add other races with adequate results (the code partially supports more races).


Wargear mod, by brother Ravenmorpheus: Mediafire.com
FreeUI mod, by brother Miros (updated by Evil Isador and me): Mediafire.com
Objective Points mod by brother jONES: Moddb.com Always check for the latest version.
Bugfix mod by brother Corncobman (updated by Karskin): Moddb.com Always check for the latest version.


HIGHLY Recommended mod: ** StrongHolds ** ...by brother Kasrkin
If you want to enjoy the race mods beyond Skirmish and Multiplayer matches, this mods is a MUST. You can play all DC and SS stronghold missions (plus more), with nearly any race! Outstanding experience. And it allows you to explore each race's uniqueness in various scenarios!
Check here: Moddb.com


WIP/Future Features
1] Increasing the sizes of vehicles fore more visual appeal (brother jONES has already done so for most races). Some races already follow this, some do not, and it is silly... We better follow ONE visual scheme.
2] Add line-of-sight limitations for ALL ranged weapons. This way, if an entity is blocked by terrain (or otherwise), it WON'T be able to fire its ranged weapons. Will add more strategy as it renders the terrain into a VITAL factor in acquiring victory. And will make melee squads even more effective and preferable.

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UNIFICATION - STEAM Multi-Player Edition v1.00 (June 9, 2017)

EDIT (28/7): The steam version was not what I thought it could be - that is, a tool for Steam players to seamlessly enjoy the custom-made races. Steam players prefer pure vanilla gaming, which is OK :)
So I will abandon this, in favour of the DVD Unification version.


This version provides a basis in order to play Unification On-Line, in Steam multi-player matches. It will work for the DVD version as well, but this is a "trimmed" version - it includes ONLY a specific set of mods carefully set for consistent steam games.
> The reason for this version is simple - We need a FIXED version, orelse each of us will have his own version, creating a mess and prohibiting Steam Multiplayer altogether.

Note: Let's start supporting only 4 more new races. I think it is enough. DA and AM mods use SCaR, so we will have to make sure there is no Sync Errors. We will have to try some games with those, but I think it will be OK.

> For Credits and Bug Reporting, see the "standard" Unification notes. It is the same mod, after all!


1] The game on Steam (obviously!). It is VERY cheap nowadays, so there is no excuse for not having it :)
2] A capable machine. 3 Ghz CPU / 4 GB Sys mem / 2 GB Vid mem would allow you to play the game at almost full settings. The most important part is the memory. I would say, 6 Gbs + are a must.
3] The >2Gb patch on the Soulstorm.exe should be applied (same requirement as in Ultimate Apocalypse mod - if you have already done that, ignore this requirement). See here: Moddb.com or here: Moddb.com The first method is recommended, since every time the game is updated by STEAM you will have to update the exe for >2GBs mem allocation, anew.
Important NOTE: We do not hold any responsibility at all, for the implications attached to modifying the Soulstorm.exe. Although it is a harmless fix, it may brake your Steam MP games (you won't be able to see matches of players that do NOT have the fix). Use at your own risk.


The installation procedure is FIXED. Carefully follow the steps below, to avoid inconsistencies:

>1] Download the following mods:

Unification Steam MP Edition - Moddb.com

FreeUI - Mediafire.com
Objective Points - Moddb.com
Bugfix - Moddb.com

Adeptus Mechanicus - Moddb.com
Dark Angels - Moddb.com
Steel Legions - www.mediafire.com/?etfl8eu94mkmbyk + patch: Mediafire.com
Witch Hunters - Moddb.com

>2] Unrar all the mods in your SoulStorm Steam installation folder. Most possibly, in your Program Files, in steamapps/common/Dawn of War Soulstorm) and use mod manager to load Unification-MP steam edition.

WARNING: Steel Legions already has Objective Points (an old version) included in the installer!!! So you better install it FIRST, and then DELETE the Objective Points folder from your SS folder. Afterwards, install the Latest OP mod you downloaded.

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Renegade Guard 0.64 Heroes Patch

Renegade Guard 0.64 Heroes Patch

Patch 1 comment

Allows units of Renegade Guard to benefit from battle experience. Only a temporary solution until the updated Renegade Guard Mod is released. I do not...

Unification STEAM MP Edition v1.00

Unification STEAM MP Edition v1.00

Full Version 6 comments

The ultimate race combiner, for STEAM online multiplayer games. Expand your experience on Steam games with 4 more races and more!

Unification Mod - Version 1.26

Unification Mod - Version 1.26

Full Version 14 comments

The ultimate race combiner. Search no further for seamless multi-race vanilla games. NOTE: This is NOT for online STEAM Multi-Player games!!!! See above...

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why unification don't work????. i'm despair for this. i need to install ALL mod you say??

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Gambit_1 Creator

You MUST follow the procedure of creating the Unification.module file!!
You do not need all race mods in order for it to work, ONLY the mandatory ones (Objective Points, FreeUI, WarGear and Bugfix).
Other than this, the races you add is up to you.

But you MUST reconfigure the module file, to include those you want.

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I've returned at an odd time, but I require aid once more.
I remember there being a specific way for Unification to check for mods and 'organize' them in a way, aside from the Unification.module.
I named mine "RunTheCommand', but I'm at a loss as to where to find this kind of thing online.

An example:

IF NOT EXIST "..\thedancemacabre.module" GOTO :thedancemacabre_end
ECHO. Optional mod found - Harlequins: The Dance Macabre.
echo.RequiredMod.%num% = thedancemacabre>>..\Unification.module
set /A num+=1
SET /A opt+=1

Any ideas?

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Gambit_1 Creator

This batch file was a courtesy of brother Kasrkin!!
So brother, can you PM him? I am sure he has it stored somewhere.

This was an addon, and now since RelicNews went down, I also lost track of that code (and I am doing everything by hand).

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I wanted to thank you on behalf of all those who, like myself, like race mods the most. I visit this page quite often, in fact.

I just happened to stumble upon this...
Now... I know you have your hands full as it is (:)), but I was wondering if there had ever been a thought to port and develop it for Soulstorm (unless it's supposed to be little different from Adeptus Mechanicus), like, recruiting its creator in the team. I'm just talking about a vaaague thought about a distant future, no "AI WANT IT NAO" :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Gambit_1 Creator

That mod is not within the jurisdiction of our team :(
I would love to see more teams working on race mods.
As I see it, now it is only our team, and the Tyranids team (we are seamlessly cooperating!!) ...
There are a couple other independent race mod developers of course.

On the up side, we re-engaged Iron Warriors, Emperor's Children and Death Guard...

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Will the new version support Farsight Enclaves mod?

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Gambit_1 Creator

Yes, and a new Farsight Enclaves build is being formulated as we speak.
Progress is slow there, BUT STEADY!

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Hiya brother Gambit, it's been a long time since I've been in this neck of the woods, good to see you still working on.

I've encountered an issue with tyranids in the unification mod, was wondering if you had experienced anything similar. Setting an AI tyranid player results in a fatal SCAR error, and using Miros' tyranid AI fix simply results in fatal SCAR errors coming up for ALL races.

I understand that you're using a different tyranid version. But have you heard similar reports from other players using v0.5b2 with the mod?

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Gambit_1 Creator

Yes, we are still HOT !!!!

Well... The current Tyranids version (0.5b2), is NOT supported by Unification! The SCaR it uses is different, its FreeUI profile obsolete...
The new one 0.5b3 though (which is ALREADY internally released) works perfectly :)

Brother Jazz-Sandwich, we are working HARD on Unification (as well as our race projects), and it will soon be out with MUCH new content.

P.S.: If you want to see Unification sooner, as well as our other projects, you can join our team! Brother Norwegian_Loki is already part of the team by the way, and AN EXCELLENT COMBAT BROTHER!!!
Just PM me if you are interested.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hah, I appreciate the offer but unfortunately I wouldn't be in a position to offer the time required to support mod development at present, my RL career takes up much more time than it used to.

Thanks for the info with v0.5b2, that very much appeared to be the case but I'm glad for confirmation that it's not just something silly I did on my end!

I had first found the unification mod when I had been 'checking in' to see if the ultramarines mod had any updates and saw the notice there. Some might find it misleading if the tyranids are listed as a race in the post there but they are not yet compatible!

I've noticed that yourself, fuggles and the rest of the Thudo team seem to be producing a lot of work in 2017, a lot of mods that had been silent since 2013/14 etc have received updates which surprised and impressed me! Have you found new brothers with OE/modelling abilities to move things on, or have missed expectations of DoW3 simply inspired you all to action?

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Gambit_1 Creator

Well, honestly I really disliked DoW3, and felt really sad because of this. I was expecting 3 VIGOROUSLY. And I was disappointed in almost every sector.
- Modding support was... late, and it seemed to me more like a desperate "save" move that anything else.
- The game was not WH40k - no grim world, and was lacking character. Also it was oversimplified.
It was addressing a DIFFERENT audience. Some claim they liked it.
And it WAS an innovation attempt, I give them that!
But hey, marketing and "profit" sometimes get what they deserve.
Pity this happens only once in a while, and pitier it happened on our beloved franchise :(


On the other hand our team is now at full speed!
And yes, we prepare at least 4 race mod updates, and a HUGE Unification release.
Also remember, Tyr 0.5b3 is around the corner, so for those that are still hot with DoW1

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