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Ultimate Apocalypse mod update as of Late August. Here is what is up, read more... Also, 9/2/12, 1.62.65 was released.

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9/2/12 - Version 1.62.65 Released!

Small update for the crowd, nothing too huge, but it is huge when a lot of decent critical bugs are fixed! Critical bugs as in...

What this patch includes:
* All Relic units and titan pop caps except for the Dark Eldar and Orks were removed but were given a special new case of properties which you may find interesting.

* Some balance changes.
* Chaos Warhound Titan statue was fixed, it is no longer unanimated and now works.

Dark Eldar:

* Some balance OP changes removed.
* Dark Eldar Wracks were taken out of the game for a reason most specifically, they are being reworked by the UA mod team.


* Eldar Revenant Titan crappy animations were removed and a new model was placed.
* Eldar Revenant Titan movement speed increased from 20 to 35.
* A critical ai bug was fixed that can cause a crash to desktop in 1.62.64. Now cured.

Imperial Guard:

* A critical ai bug was fixed that can cause a crash to desktop in 1.62.64. Now cured.

* Restored Monolith limit is now 5, regardless of the HQ count.

* balance changes.
Space Marines:

* Land Raider Prometheus has been fixed and is no longer a pink box.
Tau Empire:

* balance changes.
Inquisition Daemonhunters:

* Nothing new... yet.

* new video provided in the extra stuff of this mod.
* Fixed the Total Destruction wincondition. Now if you play with this condition on standard resources, it won't be set to 100,000.

Especially now in this version, a new video shows you the remake of the Revenant Titan located in the Apocalypse Miscellaneous folder\Bonus Stuff. The long hated animations of the Eldar Revenant Titan are cured, along with the Land Raider Prometheus, Chaos Warhound, and bad gameplay. This patch cures it all and gives you a new Eldar revamped and animated titan by Cosmocrat, so get the patch today!

1.62.65 Released!!!

Mod Slowly Progressing... (8/26/12)

Hey folks, Lord Doofus (Cylarne) speaking. This is what has been going on since late July til now, August 23rd. Many of you know of my whereabouts in my new job and game developement and have heard that the UA mod is officially delayed. Since I am well into what has been going on through my RL and my no life Life, I have some interesting good news and bad news, and news in general to spice things up.

Good News:
- I am officially voice acting multiple units for future new voices in the UA mod and Daemons mod, including new Daemon voices, titan voices and some Guardsmen types and specific heroic characters.
- And then this.
- UA mod FINALLY has a second coder for the Grand Release while I am off duty to my job, all thanks to my friend IronWarrior who now has access to the mod and can speed things up incredibly.
- Mod Not dead.
- The Codex mod is going to be released early next month of September and if you all behave and 1.62.65 is not enough, I can update this mod with my team mate's (Deathwatch78) masterwork for 1.62.66

Bad News:
- Starting September 4th, I am going to be incredibly busy with job opportunities, my girlfriend who may be taking up to two jobs and then college. :( My time will be extremely unlimited starting that date, but the UA mod will get finished, I just don't know when.
- The 1.62.65 patch is a pain in the butt to fix and may not be released until Sunday even. The latest will be next week. Problems occuring with it are the Land Raider Prometheus is entirely broken even if the model exists in the mod, and I encountered 2 more crash to desktops I want to fix before the release.

So that's the news! As far as developement goes, the UA mod is going like a snail until IronWarrior comes saves the day! Then all I need to worry about is the biggest things in the UA mod to do and then the incredible Daemons mod that may get released along with the Grand Release.

I am sorry for the lack of updates, but the wait will be extremely worth it. ;)

News - 8/9/12

Psykotenshi wrote: Disgracefully, I also have very, very bad news...
Cylarne... will be rather very busy in the upcoming times, so the development of the mod, and therefore the Grand Release will be considerably delayed.

Quite correct and thank you for posting this response ahead of time.

So what has been happening behind the scenes was well... nothing this passed August because like a week before that I have started to finally get a chance to develop my own game which has now been worked on for 20+ days now and the basicness of it is almost finished. So I finally got some time to see progress here on UA mod ^^. Other than that, I now have been accepted (begged) into a RL job (yay) that started August 1st. It is quite enjoyable! But unfortunately for the UA mod fans and my team, it eats up my time on the UA mod and I am sorry.

So to sum up, job + game + sleep = less and less time for UA mod. So here is what I am going to do...

This coming time of next week when I have off, I am going to very quickly do up a final, final patch because the Grand Release is going to be delayed for a very, very long time. :S Bug fixes only, and I'd like to return the favor of my donators! So 1.62.65 is going to be released now instead of canceled, despite of that July vote. Things to do is not a lot, because we are at that stage of final fixes for the patches. Things that will be fixed will involve...

- Chaos Warhound statue fixed.
- Land Raider Prometheus pink box will be cured.
- Total Destruction wincondition fixed.
- DE Wracks will be removed. (sorry!)
- Titan and Relic unit caps will be removed and limits will be placed on each and every relic/titan. (sorry!)
- Some OP stats. fixed.
- Some balance changes.

Good day! News - 8/9/12

Lord_Doofus 1sec ago says: New Comment
Lemme just say for all those who went insane by the news posted above that I am not abandoning the Grand Release, it is just DELAYED, not cancelled, and for those who think 1.62.65 is the final release, it's not...

Secondly I never made a promise that the GR is going to be released in the month of August, I said that it may be released in the month of August throughout my planning, but I never made a statement about it going to be released in August for 100% sure.

Thirdly, I wouldn't make a voucher on me running off with your money especially when I hadn't gotten any ever since 1.62.64, so not even in July, at least I have every opportunity I can get to work on this mod and finish it.

Fourthly I have a Real Life now, a really good one and now that I have that I really can't do many things anymore on this mod at a hasted pace. I already apologized for the inconvenience, can ye all do me a favor and praise me for finishing the Grand Release?

Again sorry for the inconvenience. Please don't go to berzerk mode.

1.62.65 Released!!!

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good things come to those who wait

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I agree with jokamo, good things = waiting. lots of waiting...
other than that all im gonna say is thanks for the update, take your time with it, and good luck with the real life Xp looking forward to your future work an all that!

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quick stupid question, is this mod compatible w/ BT and Steel Legion mod? thanks

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