The Ultimate Apocalypse mod team proudly presents to the Dawn of War: Soulstorm players and fans, an eagerly awaited and packed with epic content game experience, the Ultimate Apocalypse mod! Imagine a mod featuring massive Warhammer 40,000 battles where all 9 races in Soulstorm (and more!) have a chance at epic victory. A mod where there's no shortage of all new units, buildings, abilities, and even titans! A mod where there's nearly no limits holding you back. It's all about all out, massive war. Wanna nuke your enemies? You can. Gloriously epic titan duels are your thing? Ultimate Apocalypse has you covered. Not only that, but Ultimate Apocalypse is continuously tested to ensure the epic battle experience it delivers remains unique while being completely awesome. Thanks to you (yes, you!) and everyone playing, Ultimate Apocalypse has been steady within the top 20 ranked mods for years.

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Here we'll view all of the credits, all the thanks etc. to everyone who made the UA mod what is today.

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- Corsix's Mod Studio - Mostly thanked for making Apocalypse possible.
- Firestorm Over Kronus (FOK) - For pretty much everything, I mean seriously, many hugs and kisses from me.
- Purgation Over Kaurava (POK) - For the later new everything stages of FOK.
- Titanium Wars Mod (GrOrc): Apocalypse mod uses a lot of ready-made files and gameplay ideas from Titanium Wars Mod. Thanks to GrOrc.
- Tyranid Mod Team - For their permissions in creating XP2, involving the Tyranids.
- Inquisition Daemonhunt Mod Team - For their permissions in the making of XP2, involving the Daemonhunters.
- Thudmeizer - For a lot of things in our mod, especially ai scripts and tons of help. Corrected major SCAR errors with the addition of updating the ai to a current date and created the Daemons race especially, which is HUGE. - AI master, friend.
- Warsmith - For his well made Chaos Reaver Titan and the use of some of his material in the Dark Prophecy mod. Many thanks ESPECIALLY for our Chaos Reaver, kitbashed with nice Chaos properties by Warsmith, model made by Cosmocrat.
- Corncobman - For A LOT of FOK's material from Soulstorm, referenced from his mod and very helpful.
- Steel Legion Team (For their fxs, stromsword, and Stormblade)
- boychaos - For being a long time fan of this mod, and making his models useable for the Ultimate Apocalypse mod (even though banned).
- Zany Reaper - For the TTRU mod models.
- Winterdyne - For the use of the Warhound Titan, also very kindly gave us permission himself.
- Catwell - For the Great Unclean One playable in version 1.62+.
- GreenScorpion - Besides heavy Community management, content! Great thanks for all of his support, the Heavy Builder, ability pointers, and finally the Mounted Greater Knarloc!
- Fuggles - For best of all, wincondtions and help from the Daemons mod! Kronus version 1.3, Swooping Hawks, Wracks, Tyranid textures, and tons of support!
- LeonardGOOG - For all of his great textures, especially for the sisters of battle, and especially from his support of the UA mod!
- Whiteshield - for new Team Colorables plus lots of help with new models on the UA mod.
- MonkeyXXL - For awesome new textures, OE code, new models, awesome screenies and making the XV9 Hazard Suit. Well missed x team member.
- Andrei - For the tyranid turret and upcoming new units for Apocalypse mod post 1.62.5 + Brass Scorpion.
- Malarz Batonu (Universum Mod) - For many pretty cool features useable for the Apocalypse mods.
- deathwatch78 - For lots of assistance and providing us with new stuff for the Grand Release.
- Hanov - For his work on mod version 1.62.535+ while I finish the Grand Release.
- Gerberman's mod. - For any of the fx's within our mod.
- Soulstormfan for the UA taskbars.
- Jazz-Sandwitch - for the XP3 ucs revamp
- Berzerker101 on MOD DB - For all of your Tyranid VO's for the XP2 mod. They were amazing.
- IronWarrior42 - For his code of clever, oh and lots of help. It is great to have him at my assistance.
- DOWPro Team - For their good fxes, icons and new units.
- Jaylo - For the keen Heroes win condition.
- Ravenmorpheus - For the wargear useable for all commanders within the mod.
- Cuttershane - for his win conditions.
- Evil Isador - For the Switched reality SCAR.
- Zany Reaper - For high quality good models used in the Apocalypse mod.
- Uber Painter Mod (1.1) - For new Paint scheme templates.
- SYLPH 117 Hacker - For new awesome bolter/weapon sounds for Space Marines.
- Craftworld mod by ShinGouki - For special thanks one in all for the Eldar.
- Krronus - For the Apocalypse map.
- Professor Genius - For the Ultimate Apocalypse map.
- Everyone for reading the credits, and taking an interest in this fine mod.
- Everyone for your welcomed downloads.

Team credits

- Krronus - The one who started it all.
- Cylarne_04 (Me Mwahahah!) - For joining the Apocalypse mod team and for assisting Krronus the whole way.
- Tyrantarmy6 - For joining the Apocalypse mod team and for the new ideas about version 1.6 and greater, trailer and mod bug finds.
- Cosmocrat - For joining the Apocalypse mod Team on my behalf and making freekin awesome new models, textures and animations. Also made the Doomsday Monolith, Krronus's dream and how the mod started.
- Profman96 - For joining the Apocalypse mod team and cleaning up the errors for version 1.6, 1.61 and 1.62.
- Prof. G. - For joining the team and doing an awesome job.
- ssmb_10 - For joining the team and more.
- SoulDrinker - For joining the team and testing the mod with all 9 races in great haste.
- MonkeyXXL - For joining the Apocalypse mod Team and making freekin awesome new models, textures and icons.
- RT2 - For joining the team and the gigantic long list, and MANY icons and MANY new awesome shit that makes my head explode.
- Master Necro - For joining the team, testing the mod and making 2d work.
- Hanov - For the brave attempt in doing the Public Mods while I'm just too lazy, and keeping the fans live. And joining the AMT.
- Apocalypse - For joining the team and providing feedback on the mod.
- MTplayer99 - For joining the team and testing the mod.
- Sataman - for joining the mod team and providing us with new cool FX.
- boychaos - For joining the mod team and giving us your work.
- Jazz Sandwhich - For joining the team and taking over the UA Campaign story, plus voices and other miscellaneous events.
- Nomad - For joining the team and much more.
- BouncyTEM - For joining the team and his astonishing sound creations.
- Greyloc for his OUTSTANDING voiceovers and support.
- Khaotic Comrade for his great Imperial Guard structures, code help, testing the Tyranids race under pressure, and finally, other textures.
- Seato for testing the mod.
- DrunkenTaipan for joining the mod team and more.
- All Beta Testers - For helping me fix the mod and test the mod with my thanks to you.

Map makercredits:

- Me
- Krronus - For the Apocalypse map.
- Professor Genius - For the Ultimate Apocalypse map.
- Creator of the Eldritch Forest
- Star Wars Kid - for the creation of the Abandoned City
- Redeemed 74 - for the creation of twin towers 1v7
- datgriffongate - for the creation of the 7p_River_Basin
- Vampiric Puppy, for the creation of the 8p_Verdant_Isles
- Creator of the Epsilon Base
- All map creators within the required IDH mod. (See IDH credits for more info.)

Extra texture credits goes to...

- FOK - For pretty much all textures.
- MonkeyXXL - For his awesome textures.
- Cosmocrat - For his textures.
- Whiteshield - For his textures.
- Soulstormfan (On moddb) - for new GUO texture looking alike DOW 2, ui taskbar revamp especially.
- Gambit - Ui taskbar revamp.
- mojaksywa26 for the texture fixes and potential other future textures, plus Tyranids ucs Locale.
- Diviator, for the alternative Sister of Battle buildings.
- RMX - TC Textures for non TC FOK models. - and again for providing the Grand Release proper icons for RT2's new units.
- havoc, for the Tau Commander textures and the team colorable Necron buildings.
- Hive World Terra, for the codex Eldar textures.
- IBBoard, for the Cultist face paint.
- Mark, for the retextured Dark Eldar banner.
- Sandwich, for the Aspect Warriors textures.
- Havoc1, for the Imperial Guard colorable urban building textures.
- Creator of the Daemon Prince textures.

Please provide donations today! If you provide donations, it will be very appreciated and accepted. I will also provide updates on the latest Public Mod so the crowd may get some goodies while I finish up the Grand Release. If you are any donator, well you should be proud, because we are now working on items for the public. More donations would be appreciated though, if more donations, perhaps a larger amount is given, EVEN MOAR stuff will be granted to our fans and visitors early, so donate today!

Special donators

* = +1 times donated.

  1. Tibor Csaky ***
  2. 'Ace' ***
  3. 'the guy' *************
  4. John Chow
  5. javier medrano *
  6. Phillip MacNaughton **
  7. Curtis Bend
  8. Manny Sandoval **
  9. Corvin Biebach **
  10. Edward Silver **
  11. John Devaux **
  12. Christopher Burns *
  13. Christian Voigt *
  14. 'James' *
  15. André Ferl *

Donators of this mod are (As of March 2014):

  1. Kane Phipps
  2. Mike Wheeler
  3. Graham Robinson
  4. Erik Davis
  5. Sal Occhiogrosso
  6. Bryen Wenzel
  7. Olivier Ducharme
  8. Daniel Brancalion
  9. Peter Schmucker
  10. Nick Haselum
  11. Caleb Hoyt
  12. Tamás Domokos
  13. David Prude
  14. Thomas Maloyd
  15. Andrea Smith
  16. Nans Vanesch
  17. Cody Hageman
  18. Jeremy Asherbranner
  19. Paul Despe
  20. Leonardo Riva
  21. Roswald North
  22. Jesús Ignacio Garza Olivares
  23. David Sweeney
  24. 'justajoe'
  25. 'Noa'
  26. kostas kateros
  27. Maximillian Mitchell
  28. Sebastian Jovancic
  29. Robert Roeland
  30. 'JiFoJoka'
  31. Domenico Galimi
  32. William Jones
  33. Simon Oliver
  34. Steven N.
  35. Mike DiChiaro
  36. Jarosław Frątczak
  37. Mark Heck
  38. Steven Kelley
  39. 'Kyri3l'
  40. Dominique Amangoua
  41. Ulf Kaupisch
  42. Nile Khalaf
  43. Connor Jackson
  44. Tibor Csaky
  45. 'Ace'
  46. John Chow
  47. 'the guy'
  48. javier medrano
  49. Curtis Bend
  50. Manny Sandoval
  51. Corvin Biebach
  52. Edward Silver
  53. Phillip MacNaughton
  54. Christopher Burns
  55. Christian Voigt
  56. John Devaux
  57. 'James'
  58. Anthony Larkins
  59. James Balderson
  60. André Ferl
  61. Wayne Bulman
  62. Alexander Morrison
  63. Wilfrid Beraud
  64. Nino Pflug
  65. Joseph Kelley
  66. Stefan Cako

OMG! im in the credits page! -just for reading xD-

i want to thanks my mother
my manager
my fans
the accademy

and i want to thank lord_doofus for make this possible!!

*thakes the mod and walks away*


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Yay! Im in credits!

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