The year is now 2037. The Tiberian World now stands with a very uncertain fate. The two most powerful and influential forces on the planet are trapped in a never ending dead lock of war and combat. Whilst the Global Defense Initiative has suffered many blows and military defeats, the faction itself still stands strong and has shown the world its amazing ability to endure harsh punishments and has recovered much lost ground. The Brotherhood of Nod has struggled and triumphed over its enemies, only for its victory to be short lived by the death of Kane the Messiah, causing an ever lasting deterioration through the Brotherhood and leading to defeats and chaos amongst the large faction. With the end of the First Tiberian War comes the dawn and age of a new, second Tiberian War, with new terrifying possibilities and potential. The fate of Earth lies dangerously unknown.

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GDI: Railgun Platform
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missledef200 Online

Freaking awesome. Looks a bit like the Tesla Tank from RA1. I also notice the new Amphibious Harvesters and the new hover thingies.

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Hey, it's the artillery truck from Incursion. Nice!

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damm first I was like where it is because the railgun platform looks like a aa gun

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It kind of a indeed look like a mobile ground CIWS platform.

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Ah, that looks so much better then the other one. Not to say that the other one was bad, I just personally didn't like it. xD

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Straight out of ErastusMercy's war machine workshop: The new and improved GDI Railgun Platform (formerly the Railgun Tank).

Before the second Tiberium War, railguns were heavily researched by GloboTech as means to defend from the ever-increasing meteor storms that threatened densely populated areas. The railguns were designed to shatter the meteors while in higher atmosphere; their fragments would be small enough to disintegrate before reaching the ground.

When the war broke loose between the two superpowers, GDI immediately saw the potential in these destructive weapons. They commissioned GloboTech to produce a single prototype which, unfortunately, was discovered and captured by Nod when they raided a GloboTech research facility. Owing to the heroic actions of a GDI Commando squad, the facility was liberated and the prototype secured.

GDI continued to further improve the design in their own R&D facilities, and eventually the Railgun Platform was finished, albeit it entered the battlefields late to the war. This heavy, dual-purpose vehicle can engage both air and ground targets with devastating accuracy. The weapon is designed to utilize kinetic energy rather than explosive rounds, making it effective against heavy armor but poor against small targets like infantry. However, it must deploy in order to target air units. This position makes the vehicle most vulnerable, so a company of Railgun Platforms or other ground units is recommended to defend the deployed platforms.

Cost: 1200
Requires: War Factory, Technology Center
Primary Weapon: Anti-Armour Railgun
Secondary Weapon: Anti-Aircraft Railgun
Purpose: Anti-Armour, Anti-Structure
Firepower: High
Armour: Light
Speed: Average
Tech Level: 7

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