Change-log: Version 3

Infantry – added new unit: scout, sergeant/black-hand, pilot

Scout – light Anti-vehicle infantry.

Sgt./Black-hand – heavy anti-infantry.

Pilot – vehicle crew.

Visual changes: light infantry, disk-thrower, Rocket infantry, jet pack infantry, cyborg, mutant's

Weapon changes: Improve burst infantry weapons.

Vehicles – added two new abilities change weapon behaviour.

limpet drone - increased speed and sight, a great reconnaissance unit

Visual changes: titan, wolverine, orca-fighter, orca bomber, buggy, bike, tick tank, stealth tank, devil's tongue, mcv, repair vehicle, apache, banshee.

Weapon changes: Improve burst for rocket weapons, improve fire damage, added more visuals.

Gameplay – Increase tiberium value, reduce health by 40% to infantry vehicles aircraft, reduce health by 30% to buildings, environmental hazards are no more dangerous.

Visual effect – Added more explosions, improved fire system and behaviour, new death animation for vehicle, custom death animations for (titan, wolverine, juggernaut, mammoth), physics death system for (buggy, bike, hvr, tick tank). An increased amount of debris, custom explosions for plasma weapons, New laser effects and spark system, improve fire-steam behaviour (flamethrower sets fire to the ground), new bullet impact animation, new artillery impact animation and many more small changes.

All of these changes are made to make a more Michael Bay movie-like experience.

Disclaimer I do not have permission from all of these assets because I didn't have a chance to conduct the creators and some of them are impossible for me to contact because I forgot where they came from. I am not taking credit for all of their work. That being said this is made for my own amusement.

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Major changes start with the gameplay!

All unit heath changed from 60% (WZ2) to 80%

All units veteran damage increased to x2 first level x3 at final level

All units veteran health and armour increased to +50% first level +50% at final level

Build time decreased to 75%

Major Ai changes to help with the new units

New Unit!

Kane - healing hero unit

Scout - anti-air unit

Sergent/BlackHand - heavy anti-infantry with anti-air

Limpet drone - fast scout unit

New effects!

Visceroid - added flying chinks and green splat effects


Buggy - added costume flying tire and full wreckage voxel

Bike - added costume flying voxel debris and voxel hull

Tick Tank - added costume flying voxel debris and voxel hull

Subterrane tank -added costume flying voxel debris, fuel tank and voxel hull. added new fire effects on the ground

Apache - new voxel model and new muzzle flash shp, costume voxel debris

Scrin - new explosion effect and projectile impact effect

Repair - new vlx

Infantry - new shp


Infantry - new shp

Titan - new shp and death animation

Apc - costume tire and hull voxel

Hvr - costume debris, turret debris and costume hull

Orca bomber - costume voxel debris


Harvester - new hull voxel and crystal + costume green explosion effects

Tiberium Refinery - new harv hull voxel and crystal + costume green explosion effects

weapons - new piff effect, costume explosions and fire effects

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Full Version 3 comments

Installation: Step 1- run TSpatch Step 2- copy over all content in main game directory Step 3- run game

Tib only

Tib only


This is the old tiberium shp from WarZone v1, it's a standalone thing. INSTALLATION: unpack and place it in the game dir.

TS Warzone2

TS Warzone2

Full Version

New AI settings. New flame animations and Michael Bay effects. 6 New Infantry units faster gameplay and reduce time to kill/build. New Tiberium

TS:WZ v2.00

TS:WZ v2.00

Effects GFX 1 comment

OK, I added Blood to the dead bodys and blue oil to the cyborg, + animations a lot . I had to remove the new skin tiberium to wipeout some bugs :) the...

Tiberian Sun WarZone v1

Tiberian Sun WarZone v1

Full Version 1 comment

V 1.00 enjoi

Comments  (0 - 10 of 15)

I still say the Nod Artys and GDI Juggernauts ought to be returned to their original firestorm "damage points" or whatever you call them.

Tiberian Sun has different strategy than past C&Cs;... Using Artillery for base defense and base assault.
No reason why either Artillery piece should be "dumbed Down".

EDIT: Am I confused? When you say:
"the arti/jugg don't have the same one-shot kill potential"

Do you mean that you got rid of the glitch shot or tampered with the power of their weapons?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Trif_Mircea Creator

Dmg vs infantry is increased from 100% to 150%
Dmg vs buildings decreased by 10%
decrease prone damage eliminating the one-shot kill for some infantry
the arty is still a good offense/defense unit

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well just a little suggestion from a fan...

I think the new infantry types are ok.

.Now that you have the Mammoth II. enlarged, could you please make it very hard to destroy and make the railgun a little more powerful?
What I mean by "harder to destroy" is that it should be able to withstand several obelisk of light zaps. (just like the campaign films)

or just like the total war mod=

.And also I think the arty and juggernaut weapons should be returned to their original power.(I always remembered arty weapons be very useful for base defense and attacking an enemy base...

.Also I liked the larger carryall model you had from version 1 of the mod.

Other than all that I love everything else. Thank you for making this mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nod artillery had a glitch in the regular tiberium sun which ade it so that they always hit their targets regardless of speed and movement patterns. Westwood fixed the issue with Firestorm so that the artillery shot only hit where the enemy had been when the shot had been fired.

What you're asking is for a bug to be reintroduced into the game.

Don't get em wrong, I loved using the Nod artillery, but it kinda sucks when you're playing GDI and another player has set up a wall of artillery you can't get passed since it also has massive amounts of anti-air backing it up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Well if this mod is for Tiberian Sun Firestorm, and if westwood fixed that problem in Firestorm...shouldn't that problem be of no concern?

I played firestorm; this mod is for firestorm(which you said has fixed artys) why not make the artys as powerful as they were in firestorm?

EDIT: If you have a problem with Nods "wall of artys" find a new strategy. I thought that's why the Juggernaut was also added in Firestorm.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It wasn't a bug it was designed to be really strong. Old C&C games wanted to be harshly balanced. People didn't like that so they made the nod arty very weak and gave GDI an arty with 3 barrels...

I think I got the Nod Arty in my mod exactly right but can't explain why. The code doesn't make sense since the tracking is disabled and yet it tracks. However fast units like the Bike or amphibious transport will be missed.

On second thought at least the deformation was OP as hell. You're free to look up the artillery code together with its weapon and ballistics in my rules.ini.

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So what are the new infantry units, that you have added?
And how do they improve the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Trif_Mircea Creator

The scout is a fast reconnaissance unit and in great numbers prove to be effective vs armor and air, They are great if you lose your MCV and factory. the Sargent/BlackHand is a great anti-rush unit that can eat a lot of damage, the rest are minor aesthetic changes to the Nod units Black leather type changes. The jump trooper is now fly faster for rush/harassment, the APC has an Auto-cannon vs air and infantry. Buggy/Wolverine are now great anti-infantry options, the arti/jugg don't have the same one-shot kill potential, the sonic tank now is beefier as an assault unit. All air vehicles now fly higher and faster, can't be targeted by all units the real threat is the SAM and specific units.

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(Because my English is poor so I am writing the suggests by translation software.)
I like to yours (WarZone v1) MOD,s crystallized Tiberium Mineral
and large Mammoth Mk. Ⅱ very much.
But yours mod can not load game, it get stuck when load game.
(My compter is WinXP, often crash when I play Tiberian Sun, my Tiberian Sun firestorm is CnCnet download edition)
I wish can play Tiberian Sun,s campaign by WarZone v1 mod.
Please, Can you fix the bug?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Trif_Mircea Creator

Download the mod from the magaupload and past the version 1 over it
and the mod will work I have tested it out today and it works.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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