Tiberian Apocalypse is a Partial Conversion for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars with the goal to create a true Tiberian Sun sequel. GDI, Nod and the Scrin are getting a complete overhaul.

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Nod Avatar War Mech - Design #2
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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 23 2011, 12:00pm says:

And a new design, based on an old CnC3 concept.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 23 2011, 12:17pm replied:

You missed one A in AV"A"TAR.

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 23 2011, 1:03pm replied:

O rly? :P

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Starfox100 Apr 23 2011, 4:05pm replied:

I seen this 1. GREAT that it comes in :D

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Anubis_theDark Apr 23 2011, 12:04pm says:

This looks muuuuuuch better than the old one you did. I know the design and i loved it. If anything imo the top chassie needs some additional detail.

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OpposingFarce Apr 23 2011, 12:09pm says:

I remember looking at that concept art and loving the design so much, and I was so incredibly disappointed with what was delivered.

Good job.

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M3drvr Apr 23 2011, 12:12pm says:

This actually looks like it could burrow in and maybe hide like a "boulder". Not sure if you thought of something like that, but it looks good!

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ReLiFeD Apr 23 2011, 12:13pm replied:

that should be cool :/

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Raketa Apr 27 2011, 12:05am replied:

Yea, the idea is interesting)

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 23 2011, 12:14pm says:

YES! I always wanted someone to create that gigantic monster, thank you Helge you just made someones day, not mine though I mean its cool but if the only thing you look forward to in live is a mod, then you really have some issues... but I digress, lovely model keep up the good work and I really hope to see it ingame soon lighting something up if you catch my drift

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master_oli-p Apr 23 2011, 12:32pm says:

hmmmm, actually not too fond of this one. I like how you removed the arms, it looks better with under-slung guns, but the top and front doesn't fit. Maybe if you give it a mounted head, that would look better,

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Apr 23 2011, 12:38pm replied:

Why? shells bounce off this way, add some eye candy and its just like your painting a bulls eye on it.

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Chinka Apr 23 2011, 12:34pm says:

Interesting idea ;) Will it have some Noddish abilities? :>

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 23 2011, 12:52pm replied:

Actually, it's designed in its function to be more GDI-like, since it's the direct counter to the Mammoth Tank. It can generate a plasma-shield which disables the main plasma cannons, but makes it close to indestructible from the front.

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THeTA Apr 23 2011, 12:36pm says:

Yes this one is much better

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Yanivvv Apr 23 2011, 12:59pm says:

this one is awsome!!! :)

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HartLord Apr 23 2011, 1:32pm says:

If you watch the "Nod threat level" video, in the GDI campaign, I think it shows one of these.

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blargtroll Jul 2 2011, 4:35am replied:

Yes, in the opening movie for GDI it does show this.

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TEXTILcorp Apr 23 2011, 1:39pm says:

This epic!

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GooberTrooper Apr 23 2011, 1:42pm says:


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master_oli-p Apr 23 2011, 2:31pm says:

yeah, but shells don't bounce off, ingame or in real life. Plus, nod is all about iconic weaponry and units, for example the obelisk, and hand of nod. A face or head would really suit their style

edit: ugh, meant to be a reply to Ori`verda...

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King_Arfer Apr 23 2011, 7:39pm replied:

it could be Kanes mishapen forehead ? :) lol

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Miko101 Apr 23 2011, 2:43pm says:

sounds like your taking a semi centurion style attack to your avatar now with the shield it puts up.

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Bartjo Apr 23 2011, 2:47pm says:

if the projectile hits at the right angle, it will bounce off

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master_oli-p Apr 23 2011, 3:12pm replied:

shells are designed to explode, and generally they are pretty good at that. And until I see one bouncing, I think it's safe to say they normally don't. And even if there is a certain angle at which shells ricochet or whatever, I really don't think it's ever going to be reached under normal battle circumstances.

My point was more of an aesthetic one anyway, rather than practical. Seeing as it can't happen in-game anyway.

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 23 2011, 7:44pm replied:

GDI uses mostly blunt body slugs on Railguns and Tungsten-KEP's on normal cannons. Both have a tendency to be deflected by angled surfaces.

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M3drvr Apr 30 2011, 6:01pm replied:

Actually, tank armor is often developed to make shells ricochet, the Russian T-34 (iirc) was designed with in mind. The German tanks had more powerful guns, but the shells would bounce off the angled armor of the T-34. We even use ablative armor that explodes, pushing the incoming shell back and reducing it's effectiveness. The only way to mitigate this is with a proximity fuse, which to my knowledge is still too expensive to use on tank shells.

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Нunter-Seeker Apr 23 2011, 3:02pm says:

Don'r really think that might be an Avater. Something else I suppose...


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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 23 2011, 6:38pm replied:

It's not supposed to look like the vTW Avatar ;)

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Lucífer Apr 23 2011, 3:49pm says:

Reminds me of Robocop. Not Robocop himself, but one of his enemies in one of the films.

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HERPADERPII Apr 25 2011, 4:13pm replied:


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horny97 Apr 23 2011, 5:56pm says:

Looks better than the old one, but needs some bulk added to the top to make more nodish.

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Jeffman12 Apr 23 2011, 6:07pm says:

At least with this design, it's understandable how it was adapted from stolen Titan tech.

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kazarr Apr 23 2011, 6:34pm says:

You've restored my faith in this mod with this. I was beginning to worry after the usage of that C&C4 model...
But this, this is awesome.

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Kriegsherr Apr 23 2011, 6:52pm says:

YES ******

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OmeG Apr 23 2011, 8:29pm says:

Looks like NOD improved on GDI's Wolverine concept, those Nodists are always winning the fashion contest! XD

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sameer3 Apr 23 2011, 8:46pm says:

reminds me of the Gekko from MGS4, other than that, it looks great!

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RaGod Apr 24 2011, 1:34am says:

I really like it! Though I still say the Avatar doesnt fit the Nod concept in the first place.

In TS Kane actively says he prefers tanks and collects them as opposed to the Mechs that GDI uses.

If anything I could see NOD refining the Mammoth tank to make it on par with the MK2 that the GDI field.

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Dimension9999 Apr 24 2011, 4:11am says:

The "Head" is too small and normally the guns stay in the head of the walker and not in the body... The head will turn, wait! but the guns not! LOL...

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 24 2011, 6:55am says:

It doesn't have a head, just a prolonged armor-plate over the frontal sensor-cluster :P

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sam_23694 Apr 24 2011, 9:09am says:

looks truly evil

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Emperors_Fist Apr 24 2011, 10:12am says:

Use this one. Perhaps the guns could be a little bigger (or longer). Other than that, I'd go with this one definitely!

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HOPE1134 Apr 24 2011, 4:55pm says:

Oh man that looks so awesome!

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Archon_of_Darkness Apr 24 2011, 7:20pm says:

Now THIS is an Avatar. It also looks oddly...realistic...

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Alex_06 Apr 24 2011, 8:54pm says:

Looks great

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supjay Apr 24 2011, 11:28pm says:

Looks epic. Way better than the skinny CnC 3 version :).

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Pepzi Apr 25 2011, 12:39am says:

This design is perfect!

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shekdog Apr 25 2011, 8:35am says:

First CC4's Avator, now a Striker??! I mean, WTH...

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Apr 25 2011, 9:09am replied:

WTH is a Striker? This is based off of a CnC3 concept art.

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HOPE1134 May 27 2011, 7:03pm replied:

Maybe this Striker?


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Pepzi Apr 25 2011, 5:10pm replied:

It's based on this I believe:


Great design!

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