I'm still updating it to be fully compatible with Third Age 3.1

Fight or Die submod for Third Age 3.1

Modifications list:
Units Stats
-Archers are much stronger but have less arrows. Longer to recruit and cost/upkeep raised. Should remove any archer spamming.
-Cavalry charge are much stronger, horses have more defense, they don't die after 1 hit.
Longer to recruit and cost/upkeep raised .
-Infantry cost lowered by half and stats reworked on some units that were over-underpowered. In Third age, archers we're doing the battles and it was becoming spam. By rebalancing it that way, infantry will become the heart of any battle and archers, support units.
-All units added lock_morale fonction, weak units like orcs might flee when badly damaged, elves NEVER flee, no more troops fleeing for nothing!

-Double projectiles speed. (arrow, throwing axe, javelin, bolt)
-Higher projectile penetration. (higher damage)

-Starting armies and money slightly reworked for each faction. More troops and money for evil factions, Good ones really have to support eachother.
-Several troops will spawn in AI settlements when attacked by player to raise difficulty. Now, Black gate's not gonna be as easy to take over.


-Pictures from the LOTR movies as been used to make the units icons and info cards. This is much more immersive but only about 80 units have new pictures because the others we're not in the movies. If you find pictures of units that looks better than actual or of a unit that doesn't even have a new picture, I please you to contact me so I might make more of them.
-Custom battle settlements pictures replaced by LOTR movies images.

Download Link

1. Run the setup.
2. When prompted, be sure the installation path is correct. If you have installed Third Age somewhere else than it's default path, change it to yours.
3. When installation completed, just close it.
4. Launch Third Age by the original icon.

If you have any question, request or comment about my mod, you can contact me by

Mod Deleted

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