About the mod:

The Last Kingdom challenges players to control 13 new factions, including the Vikings themselves, the Saxons, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Norman, and to embark on a campaign to dominate the British Isles. With a wealth of new historical heroes, players can lead a range of new units into battle - including Viking Berserkers, Saxon Huscarles and Fyrdmen - while conducting sieges and epic battles.
You can conduct the campaign on a new map focusing on North Europe, in the continent, in the Isle of England or Iceland or starting from the Norwegian peninsula.

Starting date: 865 / Finishing date: 1066
2 turn is one year
(... one year before the viking invasion of Northern England.)

Factions and Cultures:

Viking culture:

  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Jarldom of Hordaland
  • Jarldom of Vestfold
  • Norman clans (early Norman - mixed Norse settlers, from 911)

Anglo-Saxon culture:

  • Kingdom of Wessex
  • Kingdom of Mercia
  • Kingdom of East Anglia
  • Kingdom of Northumbria

Gaelic culture:

  • Kingdom of Connacht
  • Kingdom of Munster

Celtic culture:

  • Kingdom of Gwynedd
  • Kingdom of Alba

Carolingian culture:

  • East Frankish Empire

Norman (late) culture:

  • Duchy of Normandy (late Norman - Late period, approx. 1000)

Viking rebel / Saxon rebel / Celtic rebel / Irish rebel / Fries Rebel

Main Features :

  • New campaign map
  • 13 new factions and 6 new cultures
  • A lot of new units, equipment, weapons and shields
  • New banners
  • New interface, UI and menus
  • New videos
  • New government system
  • New campaign scripts (Unification of Norway, etc)
  • New buildings and buildings tree
  • New cities organization on the battlefield maps

Links :

English: Twcenter.net
French: Mundusbellicus.fr

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Installation Instructions:

Kingdoms expansion 1.05 is needed.

  1. Download « Last_Kingdom.7z » here : Moddb.com
  2. Open « Last_Kingdom.7z » with Winrar and extract all the files into your desktop
  3. Then launch mod installation by double-clicking onr « Last Kingdom 3.05.exe ». Do not worry about files « Last Kingdom 3.05.DO1 » and « Last Kingdom 3.05.DO2 ». By sure to install the mod into your repertory « Medieval II Total War ».
  4. Then, launch Patch installation by double-clicking on « Last Kingdom Patch 3.06.exe ». By sure to install the mod into your repertory « Medieval II Total War ».
  5. Then, open archive « 20121109 - tlK - historic_event - quick fix.zip » with Winrar and extract the two files into « Medieval II Total War/mods/Last_Kingdom/data/text ».
  6. Play with the new shortcut that the installer has created automatically on your desktop.
Unit equipment, shields, weapons, banners

Unit equipment, shields, weapons, banners


A little showcase of some of new unit equipments, shields, weapons, banners and so.

Factions, Map, Regions, Buildings

Factions, Map, Regions, Buildings

Feature 2 comments

This is some features of TLK, including a list of faction, a picture of the campaign map and a preview of a few buildings of the mod.

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The Last Kingdom v3.06

The Last Kingdom v3.06

Full Version 22 comments

Latest version of The Last Kingdom mod. It requires Kingdoms expansion v1.05. You can find instructions for installation under "Features" here at Moddb.

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Hey! Just got into this mod, and starting off the campaign with Ragnar and sons, I decided to do a bit of a twist, and go Ragnar Tv-Show ambitious like, but a little bit more careful, and go for the Franks (Not shooting straight to Paris). Now, thing is, has anyone tried to go head on with the Frankish empire? I've been hitting them pretty hard, taking 4 of their settlements to the north, and am sending a fleet to take their port on the center of the map. Has anyone tried this? Is there a stack spam or a massive force awaiting in the back lines? Is their economy strong enough to repel all the forces that I already spawn with + what I've been recruiting?

This mod is really awesome, gets the viking spirit to a T. Been loving it so far, expecially knowing about those submods coming out, but was wondering about getting that strategic advice.

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As for your questiones you just have to find out for yourself. But i would guess it's a no on francish stacks spawning in the game - the Francs were broken after several bad deals to keep the Vikings away. And West Francia isn't in the mod at all, and is only represented by rebels. The only armies spawning in the scripts are alot of Viking-armies and the Magyars who will enter East Francish territory several times during the campaign.

Yes, it's a good mod that i will play for real as soon as my sub-mod is finished. I'd say it's a very improved version of the original mod with alot of stuff added.

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I love this mod and I would like to know if anyone can make the most realistic generals such as Ragnar, Rollo, Floki, Lagertha and Bjorn more similar to the Vikings series? Please, if anyone can do it would be very cool to play with them in their most similar forms to the series.

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There is such mod coming in the future by a user named Begeta on TWcenter. Not sure about Lagertha though..

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soooo I downloaded it and installed but everytime I start a battle it just crashes with some window appearing about exiting. help?

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same with campaign btw

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The mod is dead?

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Go on the fourms and there is an unoffical big 4.0 patch with alot of cool submods

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guess so. the creators don't seem to care anymore hahaha

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There are at least one unofficial sub-mod v 4.0 released by a guy on twcenter.net as stated above, and then there are three new submods on their way.

V 4.0 by Wino (Unofficial version), and it adds fixes for the Magyars crashing the game in rtb, fixed Norway-unification script, new music and alot of other stuff.

There is a submod coming by a russian modder named Begeta on twcenter.net, and based on the Vikings TV-show, and it will have a UI (User Interface) based on the show, more regions on mainland Europe and a slightly bigger map. It may add new units or not, but i know that it adds Vikings TV-show stuff as well as an expanded Europe in Normandy and Frankia. Both Frankish Kingdoms are in.

Then there is a sub-mod in the works by RAFMC1989 - i don't know what changes he will bring but he is usually doing music-mods and balance/graphics/enhancements-mods. I would expect new units.

I myself is working on a The Last Kingdom-mod also. It will combine WotN with TLK on the TLK map. It's like a blend of the two mods, much like the coming new WotN-version - but based only on the TLK-map. I began work on it before i started work on WotN: Grand Campaign. It will be a mod with new recruitment, balance for new units and unique units for most factions. I will also add regional recruitment.

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this is awesome news ! bro can you provide a link to that v4.0 for the last kingdom mod i was searching through the forums and couldnt find it

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So the mod you are working with is for Medieval II? My Last Kingdom mod tends to crash every now and then and my log seems to be empty. Slightly annoyed for I love to play with Normans...

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This mod is epic! Dark age Europe and the Viking invasions are the most intresting parts of history (I think so anyway) so I'm glad their is a mod set in this time period!

Sep 1 2013 by GordonTheCat


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