About the mod:

The Last Kingdom challenges players to control 13 new factions, including the Vikings themselves, the Saxons, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Norman, and to embark on a campaign to dominate the British Isles. With a wealth of new historical heroes, players can lead a range of new units into battle - including Viking Berserkers, Saxon Huscarles and Fyrdmen - while conducting sieges and epic battles.
You can conduct the campaign on a new map focusing on North Europe, in the continent, in the Isle of England or Iceland or starting from the Norwegian peninsula.

Starting date: 865 / Finishing date: 1066
2 turn is one year
(... one year before the viking invasion of Northern England.)

Factions and Cultures:

Viking culture:

  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Jarldom of Hordaland
  • Jarldom of Vestfold
  • Norman clans (early Norman - mixed Norse settlers, from 911)

Anglo-Saxon culture:

  • Kingdom of Wessex
  • Kingdom of Mercia
  • Kingdom of East Anglia
  • Kingdom of Northumbria

Gaelic culture:

  • Kingdom of Connacht
  • Kingdom of Munster

Celtic culture:

  • Kingdom of Gwynedd
  • Kingdom of Alba

Carolingian culture:

  • East Frankish Empire

Norman (late) culture:

  • Duchy of Normandy (late Norman - Late period, approx. 1000)

Viking rebel / Saxon rebel / Celtic rebel / Irish rebel / Fries Rebel

Main Features :

  • New campaign map
  • 13 new factions and 6 new cultures
  • A lot of new units, equipment, weapons and shields
  • New banners
  • New interface, UI and menus
  • New videos
  • New government system
  • New campaign scripts (Unification of Norway, etc)
  • New buildings and buildings tree
  • New cities organization on the battlefield maps

Links :

English: Twcenter.net
French: Mundusbellicus.fr

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The Last Kingdom Reforged


The Last Kingdom Reforged version 4.9 has been released fixing a major bug during end turn that could ruin games.


.removed bonus vs cav for magyars- they already have the highest charge and attack they dont need more buffs
.corrected mistake where frankish infantry and spearmen took 3 turns to recruit (now 2 )
.increased charge distance for dual weapon units (ones that charge with secondery eg Gesipes for Northumbria)
.corrected some unit size mistakes (such as northumbria elite unit being a lot smaller then mercian elite unit) now units that have low ammo of spears or have amix of spear and sword are between the sizes of sword and spear (5 soldeir difference)
.gave all elite units (not mercs or AOR) Officers like other tiers
.Gave viking factions Officers for units
.Fixed many silver surfers from viking sharing units between themselves (may have missed 1 or 2 )
.added Saxon jute Mercs as a merc unit-gave them AP with the fixed models
.Altered Munster army unit tiers-they now have a few more professional and elite units (tier 3-4) also helps with economy due to upkeep being less for tier 3-4 overall
.altered english faction officers for elite units and munster
.Altered unit descriptions to match the tier changes (may later redo lots of units)
.Fixed many mistakes in regards to unit recruitment
.Formated building descr for units
.corrected armour upgrade mistakes (units with scale/heavy armour like the oneill hammermen can get tier 3 upgrades, mail units can get tier 2 and gambeson can get tier 1)
.Altered the attack speed stats for all units again (the differences were to big potentially causing a 2 handed glitch like in vanilla med 2, let me know if its there)
.Reduced free upkeep bonus for Hadrians wall from 3 now 2, was to strong cause 2 setts have it for a total of 6 now a total of 4
.Altered Artillary and ship replenishment rates and max pool sizes. Scandies build ships faster, the the higher buildings for ary and ship increased pool size
.Altered ship and arty recruitment times, ballista and low tier ships take 2 turns, all other arty and high tier ships take 3
.Altered arty soldier stats (now only 5 armour and reduced attack from 7 to 2, charge 1, according to visuals, helps against range while making them worse in melee)
.Reded Mercenerie replenishment rates and initial units (now have the same as non merc units)
.Adjusted arty costs
.increased berserker unit size (was 22 now 32)
.removed attribute 'javalins thrown before charge' adjusted spear thrower charge distance (now its between a normal inf and a pure missile, helps with them charging while still having ammo
.fixed silver surfer officers for scotland (highland clansmen and celtic nobles)
.changed accent for Britons to Eastern European, altered unit accent accordingly
.Fixed some accents being wrong for units (scandie AOR units having Mediterranean accents)
.Moved around rebel starting armies, altered some general units for rebels, now use actual general units (now starting rebel armies will hide in forests to ambush) did the same for viking army in Alba
.Altered rebel general traits of new generals
.Altered some king ancillary requirements, Viking faction now can obtain 'King of Northhybre, Dubhlin' vy just holding onto the required lands, for all irish + Alba to get High king of Ireland, must end turn inside Meath (where the kings are crowned) some king titles now are obtained at start of turn (king of the picts is one of them, so you wont have to wait for a turn to get it after getting new king)
all special king titles-eg Brytanwalda, King of the Britons etc no longer need king to spend a turn in a settlement.
.fixed some minor lord ancy txt
.changed battle music for some regions;
Chester Sumorsaete Hwicce Chester now have anglo-saxon music
Strathclyde, Galloway, North Cumberland and all dumnonia have briton music
(North Cumberland kinda, originally it was ofc but then taken by northumbria then later Strat Clut, but it makes the local areas more unique and less repetetive
Chester may have been quite britonic but it was under northumbria rule since 616 )

.fixed txt mistake for tier 1 archer building and some others
.Completely altered many region buildings, now the south is more develeoped then the north and some areas have unique high tier buildings according to the description of the 'lord of settlement' Britons have tier 2 archer bonus building, scandeis tier 1. Franks have tier 3 horse building, britons tier 2 Alba gets tier 2 and tier 1-the northern part gets tier 1. europe(not scandies) get cobled roads and tier 3 farms ( not rebel setts as those areas are less developed) England and Wales/Dumnonia get tier 1 roads and tier 2 farms
North england, ireland and denmark (not beyond hadrians wall) get tier 1 farms, gave all capitals tier 1 treasury -franks get tier 2
.Altered city and building requirements for some buildings, to get archer bonus now need hunting grounds, dueling grounds need vilalge council, horse trainer need trading post (all buildings are at town level needed)
.Made all wonder needs a large city to be built, so its harder to break stuff eg by having hadrians wall down in normandy etc.
.made connacht come before munster in turn order (munster is more isloated and safer)
.removed all factional barracks from none Capital setts
.Gave tier 1 regional barracks to all areas in germany and 1 sett in france. places that had Angle, Saxon and Frisian tribes (so all but 2 setts in east frankia, which are Aachan and Koln, west frankia only gets dorested. Reric, Jume and Buddisin dont get it as they are slavic)
.added Dublin to requirement to obtain Ui Niell king ancy, as Dublin lands rightfully belong to the Ui Niell
.gave Dublin aor for Ui Niell. since Ulaid had close ties with Ui Niell i think its ok to have that area have the aor of Ui Niell
.Changed minor king ancy for Northumbria and Ui Niell, now they cant be obtained if the major title has been obtained. the king or heir can only have 1 of 2 lord tiles, eg the king can be King of Bernicia but not Deira. King of Gwynedd cant be obtained if your king of wales, same for others. Pict king and King of Alba also have the same system. Grand titles have been left alone except for king of Norway and Alba
.slight changes to king title effects
.fixed mistake with briton king requirement
.increased money amounts for sacking setts
.altered some irish lord ancy txt (Dubhlin lord now uses Ireland title system not scandanavian system)
.Adjusted some voice accents for some units (faction specific ones for west and east franks now have corropsonding voice types, so even if one conquers the other you can hear the difference in culture via accents
.added a few christian building to some setts (eg Iona Abbey represented by a Abbey)
.added +1 religious conversion for tier 3 monastery
.Altered some names: Arras Warriors (Alba) now called Celtic Warriors, original Celtic warriros (merc unit) Renamed to Celtic Warband (the none Merc version) Gaelic Warriors (Connacht) Renamed to Arras Warriors
.fixed Gaelic Warriors unit info lacking image for Alba
.Tweaked some unit names for Mercs (Arras Mercenary Arras Mercenary Warriors, Viking Mercenary now Viking Mercenaries)
.Gave Lundene to Wessex, fixes a CTD that can prevent player continuing game
.Made Northumbria general Ecgberht even more of an ass who will betray (based on the puppet king of Northhybre) made Uhtred a man of the men (based on The Last Kingdom book series Uhtred)
.Added hermitage to some islands, moved around some buildings for northumbria
.Made Mercia start at war with Denmark, also helps Gwynedd last longer due to not being as focused by Mercia
.Removed anglo-saxon alliances did not fit the time period
.Added spy agents to Ui Niell, Normans and West Franks
.Adjusted some starting relations-Alba starts on good terms with Connacht ( they have blood ties and did not fight to much) and outstanding relations with Strat Clut who they are at war with ( allows potential of marriage to the Strat Clut heir making it Historicaly accurate) anltered Anglo-Saxon relations, now most of them like each other but not so much Mercia
.Gave Northumbria general Ecgberht a Custome trait 'Puppet Cyning'
he should be easier to bribe and is kind of hated, but he has a large bodyguard
.altered gwynedd and cernou AI personalatie (they should build better units now)
.Altered minor king ancy for (eg king of Fortiu) now faction leader and cant get such titles if they have a grand title, eg King of Alba, Brytanwalda, King of Britons, High King of Eirue, the Heir however can still get them as he is not the leader yet. some major titles also stop the king being abel to get the minor ones, such as king of wales
.Altered requirments for minor king ancy for faction leader. now as long as there is no grand king title in the faction the king has 100% chance to get the minor king titles by ending turn in the desired sett while having 100% movmenet (spend 2 turn in the sett)
.Added king of Dál Riata for Alba, they need to obatin all the land holdings that belonged to the Dál Riata which includes Ulaid. this is the companion king title to King of the picts, so if Alba looses pictland they can use this one, but Pictland king will have president over Dál Riata king (if you can get 1 or the other Pict king will be chosen)
.Upgraded 4 towns in britian to city size, kept the population numbers the same though. upgraded sets are; Eoferwic, Ceaster, Exanceaster and Cearwent. all these were major roman areas, sucha as capitals or fortress
.Renamed money from florins to livre
.removed bonus vs mount for some aor and merc units that i missed
.Buffed 2 handed unit bonus vs cav. now its +1 for professional units (Karlar) +2 for elites (like Huscarls) +3 for BG
.Buffed spear BG bonus vs cav by +2
.reduced BG officer number to 2 was 3, the general looked wierd trailing behind the BG all except for Frank BG which still has 3
.re-formated units in EDU-gave some more units Warcry added +10 to frankia region AOR units and Mercs
.gave Alfred, Rhodri and Ragnar level 3 inspiring speech
.reduced min charge distance for skirmishers
.made marca saethwyre a Gwynedd unit, other Briton factions can get via regional recruitment
.Altered starting armies of cernou, gwynedd and strat clut to make them feel more unique
.Buffed treasury building as 'Taxable Income bonus' does not work
.Made Wessex and Mercia allies as they wer kinda + fits the descriptions of both factions
.Made Vikings faction allied to Vestfold, Hordaland and Denmark, historically thats kinda how it was
.Altered win conditions for all factions, now has a historical ellement
.Altered Stamina for units depending on if they wear hvy armour and what tier they are
.Made 5 viking raids in England now owned by Denmark- the version without denmark using the raids is in Last_Kingdom_Reforged\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\campaign_script - Kopia.txt
.Buffed denmark raids
.Altered merc calculations, now Levy and semi-professional dont have the x3-x2 upkeep increase as they dont get free upkeep
.Removed all taxable_income_bonus from EDB, it did nothing, to componsate every 5 tax income bonus removed gives +1 trade bonus
.Altered Recruitment system, now its more like vanilla Med 2
.cleaned up unit info of some of the new units from WOTN
.gave 3 militia cavalry free upkeep
.altered AI kings purse, all factions except Scandinavians have the same amount- reduced overall kings purse amounts

.Reduced BG upkeep costs (Became to high on larger unit scales)
.Added river tags for lots of setts, as these areas visually have rivers (this includes sea tiles that have a width of 1, like the 'river' to paris)
.Removed Wessex AOR for Dumnonia lands
.Gave every tier of wall -1 trade income to represent the repairs of the walls etc (but it says increased income when its the opposite
.Gave grain building tree Health increase instead of Public hapiness (as thats what the description says)
.Increased number of raids that belong to denmark (now all that involve Mercia and Wessex + Reric in Germany
.Gave East Anglia regions, Essex regions and Eoferwic +20 Viking Culture, should help with revolts and making the expansion of viking culture more obvious
.Altered some king ancy requirement and effects. Danelaw for Denmark now has to own all of the Danelaw it will act like other Grand king titles.

.Removed Scandinavian king of Northumbira ancy, as it was just part of the Danelaw.
.Adjusted Frank king, Norman King and Dane King effects. Franks and Normans now have excelent king effects as they cant gain any new ones (made dane king the same as other scandie ones)
.Decreased set number for victory conditions by -5
.Altered Archer ammo amounts-tier 1-2 get 20 ammo. tier 3-4 get 30. Crossbows get 30 and sligners get 40
.altered ranges of archers, crosbows and slingers 3 types of bow, Short, Composite and Long bows. each level has +10 range and +10 per tier of unit. crosbows start at 90, short bows 90, composite 110, slingers 110, longbows 120
.Increased tier 3-4 archers defence stats-to show they trained for melee aswell as the bow
.Gave all archers that are Hunters stakes, removed stakes from none hunter units
.Cleaned up some unit txt for new units from WOTN (viking units)
.Gave Gautland's Drengar a new unit card for info
.Buffed Jomsviking a bit
.Buffed magyar slav allies infantry
.changed blood eagle title
.gave Alba ruler some religious traits, as he moved the holy relics from Iona to the mainland + gave Alfred 1 more religious trait

.Gave all mercs +2 attack and +2 defence but have -2 moral.
.Adjusted all viking raids (not norman ones) now they are smaller but more Elite (goes in increments of 5 units for a min of 5 and max of 15 according to importance and original raid sizes)
.Increased costs of ships
.Added Pirate ship as a merc, now can hire ships like in all other mods
.Fixed some smalle regional barracks mistakes (a unit having 1 less recruitment slots then should etc)
.Buffed Magyar raid numbers and starting army size's
.Adjusted some traits effects, removed HP buffs for some and nerfed it for others. corrected txt accordingly
.Added the 5 new factions to some more areas in Campaign Script (did not have the destroy script)
.Adjusted Magyar unit stats to be in line with everything else (cav attack range etc) Magyars get +20 men for all units
.Changed Vestfold names from 'Norse' to 'Vestfold' did not make sense when you have Hordaland around
.Made all British isle faction starting armies tier 1-2 no more 3-4
.gave all units custom battle costs based on half campaign costs.
.Fixed up new faction banners a bit more, could not figure out how to do it for ungarrisoned setts. but that is uncommon

.Cleaned up custome battle units, now there wont be vanilla units in the roster
.Magyars were mising unit info cards for 2 units, now fixed
.gave all unit info aditional information on stats of units including Magyars
.Gave Guthrum of Denmark and all Gautland generals (3) religious traits, as Gautland had a big Christian presence and Guthrum Converted
.Increased areas where unique mercs are available
.Turned Jomsviking into a pagan faction unique merc unit which is very expensive but is available in ireland, england, scandanavia, the islands and west francia due to the noraman presence.
.Removed officers for Merc units
.Made the irish unit merc also available to the vikings as its irish and scandanavian
.Altered spear throwers, removed the range and ammo bonus for irish (they are better with javs) gave the bonus to germanic cultures eg vikings angles etc
.increased costs of cav a little
swapped around the unit restrictions for Cernour and Strat Clut, so Strat Clut has medium romanisation while Cernour has almost none-reverse of how it was
.Added 13 minor norse king ancillary. added 1 minor briton ancillary
.Buffed Gautland king effects to be as strong as Norman and Frank as they dont get any other titles
.made jomsviking recruit able only from Jume via regional recruitment.
.Made the tier 1 version of 2 romano unit avaialbe to the less romanized Cernou and strat clut, changed their txt so it fits also buffed the romanised versions training
.Fixed some minor txt discrepencies in norway unification for Hordaland
.Made all king titles act the same, even faction ones (made a replica of the faction one with worse stats for ones who conquere them eg hordaland able to vesfold king title etc) all will be done except for ones like Northumbria king and Oneill king + the major ones like Welsh king. Its basically a petty king title
.Made a petty Dalraida king available to irish factions, cause if alba can get the high kingship the irish should get something aswell. if the leader does not have a petty king title he will gain this at end turn when meeting the requirements, if he has a petty king title a general can get it if they end turn in Dalraida (Argyll) like all other petty king titles
.Gave Viking faction more money at start of game so they dont sack York-this will mean they can build troops and be a biger threat if they are able to take it (same in Alba)
.Gave pict king titles (and alba king) +5 Battle Surgery, inreased holy grail Battle Surgery to 15. Gave Tobar Mhoir lord +10 Battle Surgery

.Altered Battle dread and chivalry triggers, now if you fight with odds less then 1.0 and kill less than 50% of the enemy you can get chivalry, the opposite for dread, + having the general kill 8 soldiers in the battle
.Removed unbreakable moral for Berserker units-Gave them really high moral but they can be broken
.gave 4 pici units +3 defence skill now a bit better in melee
.Reduced training level of horse troops (non horse factions have untrained horse factions have trained and franks n noramns have highly trained
.Added 2 faction unique merc units of already existing ones
Pictish Horsemen for Alba-was Picti riders, was unable to make Picti Rider battle model work so not added :(
Lombard Spearmen for franks-These are better then the regualr Lombard Spearmen
.Made a Frankish Axeman AOR and factional unit (there was german so why not frankish)
.Re-aranged the merc regions
.Renamed frankish axemen mercs to Frankish Tribesmen
.Altered Alba and Ireland unit sharing, instead of Alba getting lots of units from Ui Niell they now get 2 units per faction for a total of 6 + 2 extra units across ireland and 2 units from dalriada lands which are shared with irish factions. The irish factions get 4 units from alba
.Buffed Munster Galloglach
.removed Alban Pikemen unit
.Added dalriada AOR-effects Alba and irish factions in lands that were owned by dal riada
.Removed ireland AOR for scottish islands
.Altered some unit txt (changed the Celtic warband into dal riada warband
.Created new merc unit-Dal riada bowmen
.Altered ranged merc unit stats, instead of getting +2 attack and defence they get +2 range attack + 1 attack and defence
.Made Ettrik archers unique to edinburgh and berwic until max tier of town watch
.Made pictish units unique to pictland for alba. made Gaisgeach na Gallobha uniqeu to dunfrise

THE LAST KINGDOM: Wrath of the Norsemen EXPANSION-SUBMOD V 4.5 Released!

THE LAST KINGDOM: Wrath of the Norsemen EXPANSION-SUBMOD V 4.5 Released!


New version of this mod uploaded in April 2022 - It adds the new WotN: The Baltic strat-map models for the Norse (Norwegian-Vikings and Gautland-Vikings...

The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen Expansion V3.9!

The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen Expansion V3.9!

News 10 comments

New version of this mod uploaded today! - I suggest that everyone download this version, as it's a huge update adding three new factions, two new rosters...

The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen Expansion V 3.8!

The Last Kingdom: Wrath of the Norsemen Expansion V 3.8!

News 6 comments

Updated july the 23, i suggest everyone to download this version when you read this - it adds the custom settlements to the mod, as i figured now that...

Installation Instructions for TLK

Installation Instructions for TLK

Feature 49 comments

Here you can find installation instructions for The Last Kingdom mod.

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The Last Kingdom Reforged 4.9

The Last Kingdom Reforged 4.9

Full Version 19 comments

The Last Kingdom Reforged: Based on Mr_Nygrens 'The Last Kingdom Wrath of the Norsemen' Overall makes the game harder, Added 2 Brythonic factions - the...

Unofficial 4.0 version

Unofficial 4.0 version

Patch 16 comments

Requirements:- Medieval II Total War with Kingdoms expansion with the newest patch- The Last Kingdom 3.06b torrent version. Installation: download the...

faster vanilla like campaign

faster vanilla like campaign


A faster paced srat map with reduced prices and turns for buildings and units incluiding mercs ,a little closer to vanilla med 2 but not the same a bit...



Full Version 76 comments

Updated as of 2022-04-20 - Lagertha has an updated model in both battle and on the map - normal-file fixed by Peaman, Speeda325 made some personal modifications...

The Last Kingdom v3.06

The Last Kingdom v3.06

Full Version 27 comments

Latest version of The Last Kingdom mod. It requires Kingdoms expansion v1.05. You can find instructions for installation under "Features" here at Moddb.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 432)

the mod is cool but he take some time to end a turn

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I really like this mod but I do not know which is the best unit in Wessex please tell so I don’t waste my money

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Probably the Huscarls or the Cavalry.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Why doesn't the Normans become christians in the 4.0 patch? I don't wanna play the 4.5 version because i like the 4.0 version. But nothing happens when i have reach the requirements to convert to catholics.

What do i need to do to fix that???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Do we still need to use the baptized norman batch file when converting as the Normans? I noticed that baptized_normans and the pagan_norman batch files aren't in the 4.5 version of the mod.

Thanks for continuing to work on this mod. It's probably one of my favorite mods for Medieval 2 at this point.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

They were removed because I didn't believe they'd work with my sub-mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

how did you create the unit textures and, how to make the faction emblems? thanks. from a noob modder

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I only made the Lagertha-texture & the Shield-Maiden-texture based on the Call of Warhammer-Shield Maidens, and the rest are credited to Danova and his team, and/or Absinthia, Leif Ericsson etc.

I didn't create the models, and only did the texture for the Lagertha-hero and her Shield-Maiden-bodyguard - edited from the CoW-mod - in an update of that hero Peaman did the normal-file.

I did do the new gameplay of the sub-mod, I did add the new changes compared to version 3.06 and I did do almost everything that is unique for the sub-mod "Wrath of the Norsemen" - even though I didn't create the assets such as the models. I did create a bunch of new unit cards though - and I did code everything in the sub-mod except what Speeda395 did in September 2021.

I did edit the new textures of the strat-models from this update that were ported from WotN: The Baltic - but I didn't create the original textures. I did create the strat-models by converting the battle-models.

If you want to learn how to mod I do suggest visiting this site:


It's not something I will teach you personally - I am linking to a page of a site with all the info.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

the Unofficial 4.0 version is not working on Campaign

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

It's a submod made for the 2013 release and not my submod.

My submod already includes that patch.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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