For Rome is The roman mod for Warband.

Use roman discipline and tactics like an testudo formation.

Besiege the enemy, with rams and scorpions.
Don't capture the walls, capture the goddamn city itself.
Battle on sea with triremes and ships.

Attack cities from its harbor and trade with the world.
Become an gladiator to fight for glory.
Or start a slave rebellion not seen since the time of Spartacus.
Betray your enemies, friends, and even Rome.
Battle, siege, betrayal, all to reach the ultimate goal:
Becoming the Emperor of Rome.

So the question remains: How far will you go For Rome?

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‚ÄčWell i spent today (+- 7 hours) at improving the sieges for warband and it is still far from done but its getting somewhere

Part 1 Attack of the city walls.
The siege will not be won at won strike, a quick walking up the ladder to face an equal siege battle, no sieges have changed. The first battle is the battle for the walls, but no soldiers spawning in the courtyard but a battle for the walls, the walls are full of enemies, troops are shooting trough the holes finally so it will be a hell of a pain to capture the city walls and that my friends this is only the beginning....

Part 2 Welcome in the city
There is a new battle system so you cant simply attack all the walls in one time, no you have multiple walls you can attack from two sides, or focus at one massive attack. But when you captured the walls what are you going to do? Take the other walls, what should be a small effort because the forces are located mostly to your side. Or shall you pierce the streets to reach the center of the city in one time? leaving your back unprotected to the enemy?
It will look easy to capture the city streets, but there are barricades setup with legionares behind them, your troops will have to climb the barricade vulnerable to a rain of pilum from the legionares and vulnerable to archers standing on surrounding buildings. There is NO retreat, NO surrender every defender will fight till dead killing as much people as needed to secure his family.

Part 3 The center
You could call it a last stand, you could call it pathetic, you could even call it heroic, but its neither of these in the heart of the city will be one final clash for victory...

Part 4 general siege improvements
The siege tower came closer, the defenders could hear the noise of the soldiers inside it they made themself ready for the impact. The ballista's shot a desperate last round and one second it seem like the tower was going down, but they were lucky the tower landed and troops entered the wall.

There it was again, the entire wall shaked as the battering ram hit the gate, you saw the dust falling down, the terrified look of the defenders on the wall. But the gate held, for now.

Earlier they had tried to climb the walls with ladders, but the soldiers that were trying to climb the ladders where shot down easily as they had no protection while climbing. Many ladders where trown down, but they had no choice then to continue.

Keeping track of improvements:

Part 1 music
well the warband music kind of sucks so i took an hour to replace that with epic music can't wait? Watch three of the new numbers!

Part 2 pics (all work in progress, not finished)

Part 2.1 Extended main siege version 1
siege main v1

Part 2.2 Alesia 2.0 V1

Part 2.3 Rome triple attack V1
pic romedown

Part 2.4 Siege main 1 V1
This amazing feature is the base of the siege system, it lets you select where you want to attack and lets you choose to start a single, deul, or triple attack. The presentation gives you advice which side to pick while watching your stats: friendly, hostile, ratio, level of the walls and level of the gate.

siege part1

Part 2.5 siege towers deluxe
The siege tower finally reached the wall, it ofcourse was a big structure, hard to push for the men behind it. But it reached his target, the archers shot another round from its top, and the engineer came up to drop down the bridge. The bridge dropped, you could hear the sound of the ropes. Then the bridge hit the wall and the troops got out of the tower. Now the siege was really started.

siege towers

Part 2.6 battering rams
battering ram

Political system

Political system

News 20 comments

The political system, all vital information off stuff like governers and provinces

Combat changes

Combat changes

News 6 comments

In For Rome the combat system got an big overhaul, but how did that affect the player and how do we work to keep the player important?



News 1 comment

My exact work put into a logbook for you to follow process in a better way.



News 26 comments

Well there are a lot off stuf and ideas i have for this mod like seafaring (controlling ship with ramming and sails etc) (for full feature list sea main...

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For Rome

For Rome

Demo 30 comments

The first test version of for Rome, show your enemies no mercy!

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Before you said it would be out in June or something. Do you think you will be done by then?

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I believe he has slowed down in anticipation of Bannerlord... I think he wants to make a Bannerlord version of the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

this mod looks amazing, keep working on it, I hope to play it in his final version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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When will the beta come?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


This is a fake mod. Did not change anyting important. Added only some weapons and armors, changed Praven to Rome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-5 votes

He was originally going to make a total conversion with a new map among other things but he realized that since bannerlord is hopefully going to release soon (fingers crossed) it would be better to start planing for a bannerlord version of the mod instead...
He is working on this mod alone so no one should complain if he didnt finish it completely in his first version!

Dont complain and call a mod fake before you have read up on it!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

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what part of work in progress did you not get, the map will be added later in development along with more unit tactics and wayyyyyyyyyyyy better sieges.
Give it time there are only a couple of people working on it, mainly 1.

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godarcher Creator

This mod isn't fake, i put a lot of hard work and effort in it. Just check out the alpha that is already finished.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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