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To all those toddlers and other small kids (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : MISERY : Forum : General subjects : To all those toddlers and other small kids) Locked
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Jun 16 2013 Anchor

I don't know for how many times I have seen people complaining about the modders not modding fast enough or about how, when, or that they are doing their PR stuff at all. Since discussions of this matter usually get deleted in the "next update" threads, I'd like to write a seperate thread, so the answer to those people stays and can always be referred to:

The devs are doing all of this on a voluntary basis. They are not being paid for it, certainly not by you, they are sacrificing their free time to develop the mod, and there is not a scrape of obligation towards any of you! They are free people, enjoying their free time the way they like it.

And then you come across and tell them what you want them to do. I mean: how disrespectful, how arrogant and how self-centered can one be?

Sometimes, when in doubt or when indifferent, or just when feeling some kind of unexplainable urge for democracy, the devs might ask the community about a certain decision, or listen to their suggestions, because a good idea is always a good idea. But this is how far the influence of the community should and can go. Even if you give the devs an idea for an implementation, it's still their decision HOW they do it, it's not like you'd have a copyright on it!

In fact you can even be happy they are sharing their project at all! I know modders who are no friends of the whole community thing, and they share their mod only between each other!

So the next time you feel the urge to complain about something the devs are doing, just remind yourself of the FACT that you have no RIGHT to coplain, AT ALL!!! You don't tell people who are doing sports in their free time what to do either! You don't come across someone lifting weights and tell him it's better to do cardio. Or you don't come across a few guys playing soccer and tell them to better play basketball. They play soccer for their entertainment, and if you like what they do, you are free to take a seat and watch them and let them entertain you. But you have NO right sitting next to the field and shouting bullshit all the time, because you don't agree to what they do.

Remember: always getting what you want is for small children, and only the spoilt ones. Time to grow up.

Since there is no thing in the world you can answer to this post to defend yourself, the only reason I leave this open is to give you a possibility to rethink your absolutely unacceptable behaviour and pearhaps, in a sudden modd of greatness, excuse yourself.

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Jun 16 2013 Anchor

Lols, I totally agree. To all the complainers: "Get out of here Stalker!"
The MISERY team is doing an absolutely fabulous job, even if I did have the right to complain I couldn't find a fault. They could all fake death and go around enjoying their own awesome mod without letting anyone else enjoy it. The even better thing is that they DO listen to the community. The thing is that in the case of a severe mental disorder that does not allow one to love this mod, they can still play another mod or vanilla. I will be annoyed at myself if I am gone the week they release, but that's my problem. Joker86, thank you for helping me regain some of my faith in humanity. Looking forward to the PR and eventually the entire mod in the future.


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Jun 16 2013 Anchor

Not sure this will stop some from whining but thanks for the effort. I agree with you too.

Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Just logged to say that : modders, don't worry, it's not about you.

I've been in free software for years, I'm on dwarf fortress forum for years and lurked before that : no matter how great the programmer, how slefless the intend, how talented the realization, whiner always whine. The better the project, the louder the whines, usually.

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