Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Sticky created for convenience of the team ...

General Notion

To everyone who's using a non-official patch or modification of the core-MISERY game ...

We, MDT, will not help you with the following points because of obvious reasons:

  • Modification of the original concept
  • Non-legitimate game (We obviously don't endorse pirating)

We do this because there's loads of variations that tweak certain parts of the mod, causing instabilities because we've fine-tuned parts to each other. If we would try and help anyone who's got a different 'fix' that wasn't created by MDT, we wouldn't be able to fix all the bugs in the core version because we'd spend more time 'correcting' those people's problems than correcting our own. So, we'd like to advice anyone with a non-original MISERY concept to seek contact with the author of the fix, not MDT, as we didn't create it.

Thanks, and I hope you all understand.

Posting Rules

The forum's administrative team bears no responsibility for a prejudice caused to a registered board member or a guest by another registered user. It is the author of the post who shall be held responsible for such a detriment. Administration will do everything in its power to prevent any damage, disadvantage or harm to registered users. When there is a conflict between users, the team advices them to talk it through in PM's, not in the forums. Flood messages will be deleted.

Forums are constantly monitored by moderators to maintain threads clean and user-friendly.

The moderators may and will:

  • Delete ads.
  • Delete flood (unreasonably large amount of posts by the same user).
  • Delete/lock messages/threads about warez and No-CD software.
  • Delete/lock/move threads not pertinent to the forum subject matter.
  • Delete/lock threads where users sort out their relationship with the developers or other registered users in an unacceptable manner.
  • Delete MESSAGES IN CAPITAL LETTERS if they were posted so for no apparent reason.
  • Delete messages abounding in emoticons for no apparent reason.
  • Delete/lock threads that are duplicates of those already created/locked/deleted.
  • Delete messages containing explicit language.

Advertorial messages posted by a person or corporate body shall be deleted without any notice.

Messages that are not pertinent to the subject matter of the thread, do not contain useful information, do not reflect well-reasoned and well-grounded opinion of the author, addressed to a small group of users or dealing with personal issues that are of interest to this specific group, may be deleted at discretion of the administration without any notice.

1. Do not use usernames, signatures or avatars that are:

  • vulgar,
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2. Do not write (Private) Messages and/or replies, that are:

  • vulgar,
  • obscene,
  • insulting,
  • racist,
  • political derogative,
  • sexual orientated,
  • promoting hatred,
  • illegal

3. Do not create threads or contributions, which content:

  • includes spam
  • are insulting
  • contain racism
  • are hostile
  • contain illegal actions
  • are sexual or pornographic
  • Selling products through the forums

4. Punishments

  • Upon first offence, an initial warning will be sent.
  • Upon second offence, a second warning will be sent.
  • Upon third warning, you will receive a week's ban.
  • Upon fourth warning, you will receive a month's ban.
  • Upon fifth warning, you will receive a permanent ban, with no revoked bans.

- LoNer1, TZP Lead / MDT PR Lead

Edited by: Lоner


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