Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Poll: What to reveal next? (523 votes)
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N.Aaroe MDT Lead
Feb 10 2013, 12:33pm Anchor

We have more aspects to share some light on and share with public.
At the same time this is our attempt to award your patience and continuously share development progress with everyone.

Please put your vote to tell us which aspect YOU would like to have published next:
Information about nutrition and diet?
Information about equipment handling?
Information about stashes?
Information about sounds and music?

If you can't see the options clearly (because of the CSS tweak) just highlight the lines of text

The poll will close before the end of the week 7 and dictate us what to reveal next.

Looking forward to seeing your pick.
Peace / MISERY dev team

Feb 10 2013, 1:40pm Anchor

Information about equipment handling! Stashes would be my second pick, too bad you can only get one at the time.

Feb 10 2013, 2:36pm Anchor

Stashes!! ;)

Feb 10 2013, 2:44pm Anchor


Feb 10 2013, 3:13pm Anchor

Stashes! I need them to survive Staaaaaaaa.........shes :)

AK.Stalker.XX Active Member
Feb 10 2013, 3:38pm Anchor

Information about sounds and music


Feb 10 2013, 6:10pm Anchor

Information about stashes! :)

Feb 10 2013, 9:01pm Anchor

Hard choice but is gonna be equipment handling, sounds and music would be my second choice.

Feb 11 2013, 1:35am Anchor

nutrition bugs my curiousity but it never seem to win :D


Feb 11 2013, 2:11am Anchor

nutrition :beer:

Feb 11 2013, 2:48am Anchor


Feb 11 2013, 10:44am Anchor

equipment handling

Feb 11 2013, 12:29pm Anchor

new stash info!!! ..........bump*

Feb 11 2013, 9:46pm Anchor

I am voting for stashes. I feel that the way stashes were done in Misery 1.0 made it too easy to get good gear. I made my own rule to avoid them until I received the coordinates.

Feb 13 2013, 4:44am Anchor

Stashes! I completely agree with Wagner615


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