The RGB (Red Green Blue) singleplayer mod for MoW v1.17.5. Large urban ruins map with missions. Three 2 stage RGB missions and 1 fixed cam RE style intro mission. Two WW2 missions set in the city of Berlin. In play randomiser to make the mini missions a little different for each restart. Custom skins and new weapons. Night vision and follow cam for the Kingtiger. Random attack paths/minefields and supply trailers. Selectable paradrop reinforcements / low-level bombing run and off map artillery.

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RGB2 Mod{Chapter 1}
A few pointers if you get stuck (there are some gentle spoilers here - don't read any more if you want the full RGB2 experience).There are easy mode options for the missions but the mod is designed for normal difficulty (hard difficulty mode may not be perfectly balanced for single player and some missions may be un-winnable). The chicken war cry is only on easy mode selection - it's just a small tease - hopefully you will stick at it and complete on normal mode.

Pacific Attack
You have a single operative - so it's 50 to 1 against before you even start. The sentries have a larger view cone to make up for their handicapped night vision. You can make covert kills with the knife quietly but you have to dispose of the body down a manhole to prevent the alarm being sounded. If two or more marines see a corpse it's bells and whistles time. The view cones decrease during black out but the lights will go back on if you make an alarm condition. The knives can be thrown - but a more reliable method is to melee hit (clenched fist icon) whilst holding the blade - one hit will do it.There is a definite order to completing the tasks and two of the diversions do not reset so keep plenty of saves as you may need to back track. You don't have to clear the map of enemies to win but certain areas have to be emptied. You may need the smoke grenades for later so don't waste them early on whilst you still have diversion options.

Don't want to give too much away here cos of story spoilers - the maze hint is controlled by the difficulty level - stay lying down at the pyramid and you can fire upwards but remain covered.

Blue Team Mission
There are a couple of weather options when you start - DFA is available in both environments (I suppose on a sunny day it would work with ionization). As usual check your route for mines (if it's signed it's mined!) The first beach skirmish is just to get you in the mood - if you spent reinforcement points on additional fighters then make sure every body gets back to the flag base before timer out or you lose that man for round 2.
The second skirmish needs a bit more tactics - try and spark
off a fight between the two beach teams then leg it (run off). Mop up the remainder then head up to the top level of the map - stay in cover and don't blindly click a position to advance on the right side - you will lose your men in the mud.

Meet The Sniper
Scripted 2 rounder - story update on the Blue Team leader and defence mission. It is a tough one to get through no doubt - when the WW2 flashback begins get your men sorted and in position before the first wave arrives. Try not to sit too far back on the map - use the first lines of rubble barricades on your side to hide some men with AT grenades behind - if you choose elite troops as reinforcements loot them up to max capacity from the first infantry skirmishes - don't swop your mp44s for ppshs - keep the accuracy advantage. The later tank waves are very tough - keep your men hidden and attack with AT grenades - if you can turret slot the first tank through - load it with VolksSturm and use as a decoy to draw fire. If you can't stop a tank with AT grenades remember just one Molotov to the engine deck will always stop heavy armour. There is artillery support later on if you've not spent all your reinforcement points in the first waves.

Mustang Sally
Revisit Airstrip One {Big Brother, 1984, George Orwell - Britain was named Airstrip One - couldn't resist using it!} after twenty years of decay. You get a new type of fighter - the specialist - he can use any weapon with 3 diamonds so get them kitted out early on. Follow the screen tasks to complete the mission and if you salvage any MGs don't put them down or drop them - they are too heavy to pick up - if you want to transfer use eyeball from man to man.

Green Team Mission
The finale is a three round special on the large water plant map. Choose your opening strategy from two modes then continue and watch out for mines again. Round one is another tactical challenge - try to get both other teams to meet in the cistern basin then mop up the statics after they've battled - on Gung Ho you have no morphine revive so don't lose too many men early on. Round two has never been seen before in RGB - basically you complete the tasks and try to earn men for the final battle - you can stealth it and just keep your 8 men - or you can try and battle it out with the other teams and gain extra fighters. The gain is based on an 8 to 1 ratio - so if you are confident you can kill more than 8 enemy without losing one of your own you get another man for the next round. There is a score counter to keep you updated - if you try and enter R3 with three men or less then I don't think it's possible to survive so you may need to replay R2 a few times to build up a fair sized team for the end. As for the last round, well you wouldn't want me spoiling the surprise now would you? Hope you enjoy playing - feedback any ideas/suggestions to the mod download page.

Regards, Merch August 2014

Adding gunlights to Men of War weapons

Adding gunlights to Men of War weapons

2 years ago Weapons Modelling 0 comments

Demo of how to use notepad to alter MoW files to add a tactical light to in game weapons for use in night missions.

RGB Origins Mod (hints&tips;)

RGB Origins Mod (hints&tips;)

2 years ago Other 1 comment

A few ideas to help you with missions on the RGB Origins Mod for Men of War.

RGB Mod hints

RGB Mod hints

4 years ago Other 8 comments

Hints and tips for completing the single player missions in the RGB Mod

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RGB2 Mod {Chapter 1}

RGB2 Mod {Chapter 1}

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RGB Halloween

RGB Halloween

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A small map to test out some themed graphics and an addition to one of the RGB weaps - the mission coding is just a bit of fun to enjoy for autumn. Feel...

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RGB Extras

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A couple of micro mods - that allow you to tweak MoW gameplay and remove icons for clean screen captures.

RGB Origins Mod

RGB Origins Mod

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A single player mini-mod for MoW v 1.17.5 The background of the RGB team leaders in action during WW2 at Stalingrad, North Africa and the Kursk salient...



4 years ago Full Version 26 comments

Single player mod for Men of War v 1.17.5 large urban ruins, Berlin battles, skirmish mode - player vs 2 ai teams. Unpack to your mods folder in the Men...

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DUBONTIME™ Jun 2 2015 says:

Can't wait for an AS2 release! always liked this mod!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Merch2 Creator
Merch2 Jun 2 2015 replied:

Yea - had AS2 for a few months now - been checking out how much code and entities I'll have to rewrite - no SP vision is a pain so I'll use MP and modify the vision stats. The whole RGB canon will probably get launched as a 'best of' bits for AS2 in a single mod at some time in the future.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Merch2 Creator
Merch2 Jan 2 2015 says:

Working on an RCR scripted infantry only defence mission that you will be able to import then tweak into a medium sized map to create your own maps and missions. There is a 20 minute video tutorial to explain what to do - but is aimed at the GEM map builders out there who want to add a mission but are unable to script. If you like the idea of a timed defence with teams and a.i. enemy of your choosing feedback some comments so I can decide whether to finish the build or not. The vid shows how to basic edit in the GEM as well as how to tweak mission and re-save maps...

+1 vote   reply to comment
Merch2 Creator
Merch2 Jun 18 2014 says:

RGB2 release update in my blog...

+2 votes   reply to comment
garreiro794 Feb 19 2014 says:

wait wait wait.......
this is a specy of free play because we can scavenge....

I LOVEEE ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
DustinWolvs41 Nov 9 2013 says:

This is one hell of a Amazing mod hope you can convert it to Assault Squad too!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Merch2 Creator
Merch2 Nov 9 2013 replied:

I would like to release a combined version for MoWAS - once all the MoW stuff is completed and released.

+2 votes   reply to comment
DustinWolvs41 Nov 10 2013 replied:

Sweet I also install the RGB mod for my AS and wow it's just awesome!

+1 vote     reply to comment
denimetteo Oct 14 2013 says:

How many missions are you going to make . . . . .

0 votes     reply to comment
Merch2 Creator
Merch2 Oct 14 2013 replied:

There's 9 so far including the three team missions - the other missions are the story - from past to RGB present.

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