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Sooprizer Issue (Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Q&A for RVE 1.1B : Sooprizer Issue) Locked
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Apr 9 2013, 8:41pm Anchor

One small issue that I found in my searching of the code. Actually, I was porting in an experimental AA gunship for the illuminate (like SC2 needs another XP gunship...) and I decided to try out the sooprizer to compare the explosion effects. I happened to recall that the sooprizer is supposed to have radar stealth after the 1.260 update. doesn't! This could be me messing something up with my coding, but I doubt it. It's an easy thing to miss (I think). If I find anything else, I'll try to say before the release of 1.1b2...

Apr 9 2013, 10:42pm Anchor

Ill have a look into it thanks

Apr 9 2013, 10:49pm Anchor

Welcome. Always glad to give a little feedback after all the help I've gotten...

Also, just so that this issue, is a bit more easily accessible, don't forget that the cybran SCU and FACU need projectile fixes! (projectile Id path is wrong, /SCU.... should be /SACU..., i fyou didn't get it already.)

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Apr 10 2013, 8:20am Anchor

Projectile have been replaced with another for the time being seeing that those projectile are a part of 1.2 now.

Apr 10 2013, 10:00am Anchor

They should just change the Soopriser to a hard hitting pseudo long range Artillery Battleship already.(But i feel Aeon should get a different kind of Air XP already....what does it do the Czar/Darkenoid not do better at air to ground?)

The "surprise" should based on how it can chunk away your base from a good range undetected,and thanks to the lack of AOE,anyone who isn't aware of it would find their bases eaten away!

With that range,with is untypical for any gunship,and it's slow speed, that's the most sensible direction it seems to be.

Apr 10 2013, 2:50pm Anchor

I guess the only real purpose of the sooprizer is that it has radar stealth, which will suprise you before you blow it to bits. But that isn't much of a perk, and as you said, the darkenoid can do what the sooprizer does just fine, and the czar can do all that plus make a mini-army to help it.

Your suggestion for the battleship is interesting. I'll have to port a unit and convert it into an stealthy artillery ship or something.


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Apr 10 2013, 6:04pm Anchor

Well,i doubt you could convert it into an entirely different unit.

Unless you could alter it's stats to make it that way....That's why i said pseudo.
But would your modifications would with this mod?

Apr 10 2013, 7:33pm Anchor

What I meant was that I would take an entirely different model and make an arty ship out of it. I am no avitus, and if I even dared to try and think about converting the sooprizer a ship, I think something bad woul happen. Darnit, just thought about it...

Basically all I'm doing is doing what revamp has already done; porting units. As I get rather impatient, I felt that I need something to sustain my supcom2 interest after 1.05/1.1 had gotten old but 1.2 hadn't come out yet. So, I learned how to port the most basic units, and went form there (still not that far from getting frustrated over the MA12 striker not working.....). Also, I felt that some important units were missing from RVE, such as the torpedo PDs.

Of course, porting the 5 units I had thought should be added would be sort of boring. So I started porting units from Burnie222's Total Mayhem (he'll get credit if I dare to release my work, of course), which is by far the best supcom1 mod out there. So that makes things a bit more exotic.... And I patch RVE on my own. Did you know that the UEF's atlantis one was ported by Overrated, but never implemented in the game?? It may be the same thing as the atlantis II, but it's model is so much better...

Back to the point, I thought that your idea of an arty ship intriguing. So I think I'm going to take one of burnie's models and try to get it to pass as an arty ship.

And there you go. Now you know more than you ever wanted to...


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Apr 10 2013, 9:53pm Anchor

The torpedo PDs we never added because we are going to redo those when we get into doing naval units, what problems are you getting with the MA12 striker ?

Apr 10 2013, 10:24pm Anchor

Well, I got the MA12 to work a while ago (no more than 2 weeks :) ), but I almost went nuts because I couldn't get it to fire. It seems so silly now.....but now that I'm getting in to total mayhem units, the projectiles are getting a little boring, so I need to add new ones!....that's my next big goal (posted a mod help thread about a week ago that goes more into detail on that...).

I can't imagine everything that's going to get revamped, but, as I said, I'm making my mod to intrigue hold me out until 1.2 is released; that said, I added the torpedo PDs because they weren't there yet. Nothing more complicated or ingenious than that. Now, what will YOUR torpedo pds look like (good daydream...)?


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Apr 11 2013, 12:15am Anchor

To be exact,the concept of a long ranged "artillery" aerial battleship came from this. Since the Soopriser chassis and design was unlike most gunships, it's most likely this role was the best suited for it.
Since Aeon designs are best at having stuff no one has at the current era,why not?

But alas! We can't change the existing in game weapon,so we can make it one sort of by buffing it's existing weapon stats!

Apr 11 2013, 6:47pm Anchor

Well, here it is. The Lumen Class battleship from total mayhem ported as an experimental artillery ship.

Illuminate XP Artillery Ship

Not as exciting as a sooprizer-conversion, but it's something. For those who don't know, click picture and then click "HD View" for clearer image...

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