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Jun 16 2013 Anchor

I made this thread for bug reports and feedback. I couldn't find the right section for this, but I apologize ahead of time.

Here are my bug reports and suggestions:

Extreme priority bugs:

Epic priority bugs:
- Your exceptions do not cover most of your classic units/buildings. For example, if I want mass conversions or experimentals restricted in game, I can build classic army mass conversions and experimentals.

Standard priority bugs:
- Tier level ability (classic/Supcom2) toggle haults and quits production of any other unit or addon in progress. If you want to have a tier 1 unit (let's say engineer), and then decide to build 33 tier 2 walker units, your engineers would be cancelled in the process and it could lead to frustration in some instances especially if you are about to get slaughtered by rounds of artillery. Suggestions provided.

- Hunker ability overlaps with tier level ability for commander units. The shortcut is ctrl-x, but it would be nice to click on it as well.

Minor bugs:
- Pathfinding issues. The bigger things are, the more clumpyness things get.

- It is fecking excellent that the Experimental factories are big and awesome, but sometimes in some maps, you don't have room anywhere on the map to place them, and all you have to build are standard units for experimental lovers.

Supreme highly recommended suggestions:
- Decrease the cost and cost time of walls please. For one section it costs 400 mass? That is waaaaaaayyyy too much.

- Increase the size (visually) of the AEON (Illuminate) Experimental Aircraft bomber. It is relatively small compared to the other experimentals, or at least shrink the selection radius.

- Make the Galactic Colossus weaker, perhaps a King Kriptor challenge rating with the cost of 55 research points? Since you have a Universal Colossus, it kinda makes no sense to have a GC and UC statistically similar. I'd also like to build the GC earlier.

- The UEF NEEDS new naval and aircraft experimentals. They are lacking on the classic naval and aircraft experimental units.

Standard Suggestions:
- Perhaps make one ability a passive non click ability so you can select all ability types from your commander, including the tier element.

- Increase the weapon ranges of the UC, the GC outranges the UC.

- I'd recommend you change up the taskbar, ui interface, if you can. I have a lot of ideas for it, too that will totally increase gameplay and flow. :) Explaining it though will take forever.

- Perhaps the research cost of your exp. super tank units costs less because they are weaker than the standard experimentals?

- More research! Perhaps make it so every classic building can be researched by a separate research? Or at least if you research shields, you unlock all shield generators.

- The tier 2 unit system seems stiff. For example, if I upgrade a land factory with a tier 2 unit addon, I can't build any units until I wait to research the full 10-20 research points. I recommend you remove those researches, too that unlocks the tier 2 and tier 3 units, and allow them to be produced IMMEDIATELY after the tier 2/3 addon is completed. It will also increase the performance of the ai. ACU and buildings are fine.

That's it... for now. ;)

Jun 20 2013 Anchor

Please read though the Q&A before posting any questions it will save me wasting my time :tired:, OK let me start with i don't think you understand what we are doing here with RVE 1.2 let me explain 1.2 is a whole new mod bring in New units, Tier levels, A New research tree. So all those balance ideas you have above are obsolete because the whole game has changed, 1.1 was only released for compatibility with GPGs update that was released a few months ago, 1.1 is old so there no point talking to me about it because its been scraped. And about the factory upgrade for tiers those upgrades in 1.2 unlock add buff to the factories so they wont be changed Tier 2-5 units will have single unlocks in 1.2.


Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your response.

Dec 6 2013 Anchor

My friends and I were doing lots of testing between the Avalanche, Hades and doomsday. While the hades and doomsday are quite well matched, the avalanche in every test gets wasted. Vs the doomsday for example, the doomsday usually still had a full quarter of its health remaining when the avalanche went down. On top of this, the doomsday is a good bit cheaper than the avalanche already. Something to look into.

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