BF2142 original game experienced shutdown but was revived by BF2142 revive team. This means that you can download full game for free. Project Remaster is BF2142 enhancement which aims to improve basic game by adding new HD textures, improved animations, new weapons, maps performance and other visual tweaks as well as new weapons. Our team prefer content's quality over quantity and we are doing our best to deliver best updates to the modification.

Support project on Project supporters: Neo Max, Christ T gaming zone, David, iTuzKEY. Total donations: 147$ (THIS IS AMAZING!)
To track overall progress, heck our Gun list

Mod development team:

  • Sgt_Prof - mod organiser, texture artist, coder
  • EnemySniper - professional animator
  • TUERIX - modeler, weapon exporter, animator, sound artist
  • kiaksar2142 level designer
  • Pe†eR-KuN - Weapon texture artist
  • Chad509, Marek33 - mod testers

Mod helpers

  • Nations at War 8.0 (help with Navmesh)
  • Wei Wang (Models export, rig)
  • BFSP (AI support)

  • Mod changes:
  • HD textures for terrain and static objects (in progress)
  • New 1p animations (in progress)
  • New weapons/pickup kits (in progress)
  • Prone animations (possible, but not promised in first release)
  • New HD 1p hand models for EU and PAC X
  • Bot support for vanilla BF2142 maps (includes molokai and yellow knife) X
  • Improved soldier body physics/ragdol. X
  • Higher field of view X
  • Increased sprint X
  • Vehicle tweaks, new zoom and fov features X
  • New balanced, more effective weapons X
  • Fully working offline and CO-OP kits customisation X
  • widescreen support X
  • 1080p weapon sights X (in progress)
  • High quality weapon sounds X
  • Special reshade, balanced for BF2142 X
  • Reworked some maps lighting. X

X work in progress
X work done

Before and after screenshot example (includes resources useage data)

vanilla BF2142 before

"Project Remaster" is build on "NSSP" ashes (aka Northern Strike Singleplayer) but now it rises with new power and much more content!

Official BFSP post about mod project:

*Note about funding on money is used for new assets like weapon models, static obejcts and to pay animators for work. Every cent counts.

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September update

News 10 comments

Our team is sorry to say that there was no August update as we were busy making some amazing content to show later on (what means right now!).

Moving to the Pre-Final stage

In two months’ time, The Project will be in development for one year. We understand that it’s quite long wait and you’re excided for something what you really looking forward to play. But it takes so long to create well-polished content. Right now our team will focus on minor bug fixing and such small improvements as optimizing textures and updating few animations. But still the release date is not yet decided. It’s done then it’s done.

Introducing the shotguns

Vanilla 2142 had Clark 15 and Clark 12RDX available only to support class what were the only shotguns in the game excepting powerful rifle shotgun attachments. Project Remaster will introduce some changes what will provide some more interesting variations. There are going to be two shotguns what functions as buckshot (the standard) and two RDX versions loaded with sticky explosive ammunition. EU support will receive reworked Clark 12 shotgun in the third slot which uses 4 rounds buckshot magazine and Clark 12 RDX (unchanged ammunition) as gadget. PAC will stay with Clark 15 and will get new Clark 15 RDX with two magazines of 7 RDX sticky explosive ammunition.

But what about balance? Well shotguns are used to be a situational weapon and they fulfil their role in the kits loadout. But both variations of shotguns are a bit different. Clark 12 has the least ammo but deal a bit more damage and has lesser spread. Compared to Clark which 15 has more ammo but its rate of fire is quicker. This scheme turned out quite well in singleplayer and there are doubts if Clark 12 should be introduced in future’s MP version. All the credits for animating both shotguns (well they share the same animation) to our talented animator and modeler TUERIX!

Texture improvements report

Textures are essential part of the mod so northern strike got covered those spots well. New high resolution crater textures are fully implemented. Huge success was to make them to blend with snow textures. It turned out smooth and seamless! Some of textures were down-scaled to 2K to ensure more stability for engine.

In addition you can check out new raw gameplay video to see how this modification plays.

General updates:

  • Minor terrain texture improvements.
  • Minor animation updates
  • New animations for both shotguns by TUERIX
  • Introduced new RDX shotgun type
  • Major sound updates
  • Gadget sprint animations overhaul by TUERIX
  • The gun list is finally completed.

For more detailed content updates you can track official gun list:


That's it for now. Keep tracking our project, leave suggestions and ideas to make it even better. We are very excited to share every single update!

July update

July update

News 16 comments

July was incredibly successful month for our project. We managed to implement new features what were never seen before.

June update

June update

News 12 comments

June update spotlights fresh and quality content to BF2142 universe.

May update

May update

News 5 comments

Major news are Zeller-H update, F.A.Q, new PAC gloves model, texture improvements and new screenshots album.

April update

April update

News 9 comments

'Project Remaster' team is excited to deliver you some great updates after some silent period. Great support from fans encouraged to expand project even...

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I can't wait until I can't wait

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I think this Mod is freezed

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Sgt_Prof Creator

Do not worry, it's not

Reply Good karma+2 votes

hope this mod will be released on Christmas!!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Egotistic Asshats managed to destroy Revive 2142 just to stop BattleVets from playing these golden products. Even after its death (Revive),this game is still alive along with this outstanding modding community
Not that I despise the newest titles,its because of the greedy company that possesses the studio developing the games

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

DICE should have kept and improved this engine rather than made ******* Frostbite which cannot be moddable. I hate Frostbite so much. >:(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Although Revive is no more, there are some servers still up now. You can even find some download links on the forums.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Sgt_Prof Creator

Correct, downloads still can be found.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

can you message me link?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I'm sure i'm not the only one to mention this, but you guys should definitely work on getting the HUD up to scratch with proper widescreen scaling and resolution, it would do wonders for making the game look more polished and modern.

Other than that, this mods fantastic!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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