Due to an unanswered plea for modding help, BF40K has now merged with UT40K.

Battlefield 40k's Mission

Is to transform the Tabletop game of Games Workshops Warhammer 40,000 into an FPS for the Battlefield 2142 Engine.

We will use the new features of BF2142 to add what we could not do previously in BF1942 and BF2 version of the mod. Walkers, Cloaking and the use of AI controlled support weapons (Tau Drones, Imperial Servo Skulls etc.)

Statics containing Advertising will not feature in maps for this mod for legal reasons set out by Games Workshop's Legal document concerning mods based upon their franchise

The purpose of our mod project is to put six races in game.

The aim for first release is focusing on Imperial Guard Cadians vs Tau Campaign (details on the campaign will be unveiled near release of the first alpha).

The Six Races

Space Marines Adeptus Astartes, Chapter: Blood Angels
Space Marines are genetically enhanced superhumans that form the elite forces of the imperium of man. They are one of the most loyal forces to the Emperor.
The Blood Angels were formed by the Primarch Sanguinius, their genes derive from him. During the Horus Heresy Their founder died at the hands of the traitor Horus. Ever since this incident the chapter has not been quite the same. Their geneseed now contains the Black Rage. At times The Blood Angels will lose control to the curse and annihilate all the enemy tearing them limb from limb without mercy.

Imperial Guard : Cadian Shock Troopers
The Imperial Guard are the largest military force that the Imperium of man holds at their disposal. They are tasked with defending the many planets under the emperors rule.
The Cadian shock troopers defend the most crucial planets that are near to the eye of terror which the forces of chaos pour through when black crusades are undertaken.

The ancient and sophisticated alien race. Once they had a galactic empire, Then came the fall and it crumbled along with their homeworlds. Now they Fight for survival few in number living and travelling within gigantic ships known as Craftworlds.

The new emerging rapidly evolving alien race that stand to conquer the universe held in their empire for the greater good.

Greenskinned barbarians who only live for conflict, be it against other races or amongst each other.

Chaos Space Marines
The Space Marine chapters once loyal to the Emperor turned into traitors under the manipulative and corrupt powers of chaos.
A bloody civil war was fought known as the horus heresy that almost shattered the Imperium empire of man. Chaos eventually lost with a high cost to both sides.
After the horus heresy which they lost they fled to the eye of terror, a demonic portal within lies the controlled dimentional realms of the 4 Chaos gods Khorne: God of Blood , Slaanesh: God of Pleasure, Tzeentch: God of Change and Nurgle: God of Plague.
Chaos plot to bring down the Emperor and the Galaxy.

Battlefield 40k will accurately model the races, the technology and the equipment of future warfare in the 40,000 universe. Featuring wars in distant galaxies and in a host of difficult, unforgiving terrain. Humankind has to struggle for it's very existence in a universe of total war.

Battlefield 40k will supplement the depiction of brutal future warfare with a host of highly detailed depiction of distant worlds and civilizations. Never before has the future of warfare looked so clear.

Battlefield 40k's Background

Even in the early stages of it's development the mod has already attracted a small but hardworking team of skilled highly motivated Modelers, UVmappers, Texture Artists, Sound editors, scripters and Mappers that are also enthusiastic Warhammer 40,000 fans.
We are keen to generate as much support for this fantastic modification of Battlefield 40k.
The mod began on July 28th 2004.

Visit Battlefield40k.com

Previously we Have created a public alpha for battlefield 1942 that has now been discontinued. Moddb.com

A high resolution video for battlefield 1942 version can be found here:

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RSS feed Articles

There is a new build of UT40K downloadable from ModDB featuring 3 of the BF40K assets to show the start of the merger. The IG Leman Russ Battle Tank, Tau Piranha and Tau Firewarrior.

The mod installs and runs independently. You only need to meet the system requirements to play Unreal Tornament 3.

UT40K is in need of Unreal Development Kit modder support. If you can please step forward and volunteer we would be greatful.

BF40K to merge with UT40K

BF40K to merge with UT40K

5 years ago News 7 comments

Due to lack of interest from my last post to the public I have searched for another mod team to donate the BF40K artistic assets to.

Battlefield 40K in need of help

Battlefield 40K in need of help

6 years ago News 0 comments

BF40K in need of artists and coders/scripters to help finish off the mod once and for all.

BF40K News update

8 years ago News 0 comments

Please refer to the link below. Because our models will work between bf2 - 2142 the gallery and news posted in the bf2 version of the mod is also applicable...

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deathgivercola Sep 19 2010 says:

why is it that all 40k mods die??

+6 votes     reply to comment
mdplyr442 Oct 10 2010 replied:

rember there still working on the battlefield 2 mod right now soo be patient

-1 votes     reply to comment
bf40kadmin Creator
bf40kadmin Dec 30 2010 replied:

No BF40K has completely stopped. I transferred all the mods art assets to UT40K.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ivangard Aug 30 2010 says:

that i seen , all mod type of Warhammer 40K is SUCKS .

-3 votes     reply to comment
scottellison92 Jul 26 2010 says:

did u ever release an alpha of this? i would much rather this version than the unreal one,
unhappy to see this one not finnished

+1 vote     reply to comment
bf40kadmin Creator
bf40kadmin Aug 9 2010 replied:

Please read the news posts as to the explanation of why the alpha never got released.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DDguy Jun 2 2010 says:

this looks awesome, Tracking :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
bf40kadmin Creator
bf40kadmin Jun 7 2010 replied:

Development has ceased on this mod. I have merged with UT40K.

+1 vote   reply to comment
bf40kadmin Creator
bf40kadmin May 6 2010 says:

I want to say to everyone thank you for the support, however my 2142 coder adam I have not heard from since March.

I'm discussing handing the bf40k assets to another mod atm.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Cpl.tonn Feb 17 2010 says:

some one tell me it this work plssssssssssss

+1 vote     reply to comment
mdplyr442 Feb 19 2010 replied:

they are working on the bf 2 one just now but soon as its done there makeing this one okay but they have a few ppl working on it just now as well :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
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