Project Remaster is BF2142 enhancement which aims to improve basic game by adding new textures, animations, maps and other visual tweaks as well as new weapons.

Project supporters: Neo Max, ChrisT GamingZone, David, iTuzKEY, Oscar Dorado, Niklas Klinger, Jerryui, Steffen Erdmann, TheLastManAlive .
To track overall progress, check our Gun list

Mod development team:

  • Sgt_Prof - mod organiser, texture artist, coder
  • Dnamro - AI support specialist.
  • EnemySniper - animator
  • TUERIX - modeler, weapon exporter, animator, sound artist
  • kiaksar2142 level designer
  • Pe†eR-KuN - texture artist
  • Alex2142, HyperRevolverX, Boddy Digital, Chad509, C.Manuel, CocaCola DE, FN2187, Fosty98B, Ismael, Jim2102, Marek33, Mokdennie26 - mod testers

Mod helpers

  • Wei Wang (Models export, rig);
  • cadbc (helped us with maps navmesh, AI support and plenty of essential AI tweaks);
  • Barr3l Rid3r - OS maps improvements

  • Mod changes and features:
  • HD textures for terrain and static objects X
  • New 1p animations X
  • New weapons X
  • Prone animations (possible, but not promised in first release) X
  • New HD 1p hand models for EU and PAC X
  • Bot support for vanilla BF2142 maps (includes molokai and yellow knife) X
  • Improved soldier body physics/ragdol. X
  • Higher field of view X
  • Increased sprint X
  • Vehicle tweaks, new zoom and fov features X
  • New balanced, more effective weapons X
  • Fully working offline and CO-OP kits customisation X
  • widescreen support X
  • 1080p weapon sights X
  • Dynamical movement animations X
  • Dynamical jump animations X (in progress)
  • High quality weapon sounds X
  • Special reshade, balanced for BF2142 X
  • Reworked specific maps lighting. X
  • Better vehicles AI (Goliath can properly use mines right now) X

X work in progress
X work done

Before and after screenshot example (includes resources useage data)

vanilla BF2142 before

"Project Remaster" is build on "NSSP" ashes (aka Northern Strike Singleplayer) but now it rises with new power and much more content!

Official BFSP post about mod project:

*Note about funding on money is used for new assets like weapon models, static obejcts and to pay animators for work.

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This is a late thanksgiving update with a little present attached!

This page will cover Project Remaster and Project Remaster MP as well.
We want to provide some information about whats going on, where we are and where to go.

But presents first!

New Weapons

Get them here!

We release an Add-On for you, giving you new weapons for EU/PAC, pistol now on assault class too:

Weapon changes

*Voss is there to complete the style of the sheet.

Here is a playlist of videos showing all the weapons off, 7 animations to be looked at!:

Information about new Weapons-Addon:
THIS REQUIRES UPDATE 1.1 FOR Project Remaster | UPDATE 1.1 FOR Project Remaster MP!
The weapons release comes as a single .zip for Project Remaster and Project Remaster MP as well.
Just drop the content of the "Project Remaster" folder into your
/mods/Project_Remaster/ mods-folder and over write.
Same goes for "Project Remaster MP" in its /mods/Project_Remaster_MP/ or what they are called for you.
Inside those folders you will find a weapons_switcher.bat .
Start it and choose your weapon-kit to use.
This application can switch you back and forth between the weapon releases (vanilla and new weapons).
In addition to that you still can change the Recon grenadetype for Project Remaster MP.



-Project Remaster-
Currently we are investigating bugs regarding crashes on Northern Strike maps, the Goliath and the Walkers.
We work on update 1.2 with its goal being a even more stable game.
Currently the game will crash if you play a map rotation for to long because the game has a memory limit.
There are workarounds that we will cover in the next update. BTW, did you already download Update 1.1?
It fixes mandatory crashes with bots and vehicles!

Then we do work on the balacing of the weapons, suggestions for the new ones can be writting into the comments or on our Discord! We have thoughts about sprint, armor and running speed as well.
Also the weapons are fixed to the armies as they are right now.
We want every army to have their own skinned weapons. Read below the the multiplayer part for more.

-Project Remaster MP-
This is a fork from the Project Remaster Mod with the aim to make it playable in multiplayer.
It follows the same release as Project Remaster does, so everything above is included in this mod.
The guys behind this project have a Guide how to create a MasterServer for yourself and ported Project Remaster MP into it.
So now you can play Project Remaster with vanilla unlocks an kits in your LAN or on your own public server.
Next to it, they modify and balance weapons and stats as well, making it a better multiplayer experience against real people.
Then they do support the masterserver codes that are capable of running other mods too!
Their next big thing is a virtual machine that youcan download, start and then have a working MasterServer to play immediatly on!

Support is over on their forum and on the Project Remaster Discord you all know.

Regarding the new weapons, we also think that the armies should have their own weapons as an unlock, exept for some.
So right now when you unlock the GANZ HMG you will get this weapon for EU support, while you also unlock the Koenig LMG for the PAC support at the same time.
Same goes for recon's carbine: If you unlock the Lambert, you also unlock the Vostok, Lambert being exclusively for EU and Vostok for PAC. Supports shotgun works the same, its only a skin change afterall ;)

However this does not apply for assault class, since we have 5 rifles (EU,Pac,BauR,Voss,Bofors) at the moment and we try to get all into the kits customization screen. Same for the Zeller and the misslelaunchers.
We think about making the new magnum pistols a seperate unlock, so you can decide if you want the army's standart pistol or the magnum version of it (Ares=EU,357=PAC), but this is still in the works.

Whats next?
We will continue to update, upgrade and balance every aspect of the game.
But for that to work we need feedback from you guys. Every idea, every missing texture, a bad feature that we integrated... everyting we do can be commentated or made better, but you must tell us!

So thats it for today, see you on the field!

Guess what... v1.0 HAS BEEN RELEASED!

Guess what... v1.0 HAS BEEN RELEASED!

News 22 comments

We are super hyped to announce something big. Project Remaster v1.0 is happening now! Yeah, you got it. It's out now. The release is not perfect, but...

March update

March update

News 14 comments

New, fresh and exciting content to keep you guys updated.

December update

December update

News 20 comments

Merry Christmas, dear mod followers, fans, modders and developers! We've got very exciting update to share with you and believe us, it will make you wanna...

September update

September update

News 11 comments

This time we got some good things to tell! September update is here.

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Project Remaster v1.0a/Core/Lite(unstable)

Project Remaster v1.0a/Core/Lite(unstable)

Full Version 49 comments

Core mod. HD textures and reshade files are separated.

Patch 1.2 (improved stability)

Patch 1.2 (improved stability)

Patch 3 comments

A small patch to eliminate remaining cases of game crashing.

Project Remaster MP - Update v1.2

Project Remaster MP - Update v1.2

Patch 11 comments

Update 1.2 for Project Remaster MP. Even more stability improvements and still compatible with the new weapons. This includes update 1.1 and will replace...

New Weapons Addon for Project Remaster and MP

New Weapons Addon for Project Remaster and MP

Patch 7 comments

As a thanksgiving gift we present you new weapons to use ingame! This includes the Vostok carbine, Koenig LMG, new Shotgun, Ares Magnum and 357 Magnum...

Project Remaster MP - Update v1.1

Project Remaster MP - Update v1.1

Patch 3 comments

This is outdated, please use MP Update 1.2!

Patch 1.1

Patch 1.1

Patch 8 comments

A small patch with should improve mod stability and eliminate mid game crashes.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 363)

Hello Dev. Team!

Awesome job guys, I'm really enjoying your work so far. Thank you!

But unfortunately I'm experimenting some issues.

1º My BF2142_PR.exe (located in my D:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 2142 Deluxe\mods\Project_Remaster1.0) crashes when I clcik on the singleplayer button (this used to happen right after the intro animation and before the login screen for the v1.1 patch).

2º The "RemasterV1.2Patch.rar" file must be extracted in both, Project_Remaster_MP and Project_Remaster1.0 folders located inside the mods folder, right?

3º A warning window appears at the login screen saying that I am not connected to internet for both, BF2142_PR_Offline.exe and BF2142_PR.exe. Could it be a port/firewall issue? This does not happen if I launch the BF2142.exe located outside the mods folder.

Any ideas guys?

Edit*: Now the issue that I described previously at my first point happens also right after the intro animation ends.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Oh This mod is great.
System Requirements sir?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Como es el proceso de instalación ahora? Instalo la versión 1.0 y despues el parche 1.2? O como hago? Es para jugar singleplayer nomas

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm glad to see that this mod is a lot more stable than it was on 1.0.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sgt_Prof Creator

yes, because community helped us to figure out was actually was wrong with 1.0. God bless you guys :))

Reply Good karma+3 votes

could you guys make this install alittle bit more understandable?? Im trying to install this mod its all over the place so confused, someone please make a full master file for the Ver 1.2 so i dont have to spend 3 hours of my day to install and throw in targets to boot the game up.... still havent figureed it out. loved the game before just dont got the time to waste throwing files into more file cause we got no real patch program... or atleast make a step by step so people that are coming from the other private servers can understand what were trying to achieve here... ill just play some pubg anyways

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sgt_Prof Creator

I will try to work on an installer :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How to change your resolution? I tried to change it in the settings but nothing seems to change much.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sgt_Prof Creator

you can change it via shortcut;

e.g. edit the first line (yours might differ):
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\BF2142.exe" +szx 1280 +szy 1024

"+szx 1280 +szy 1024" can be changed to anything you desire :))

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can you show us the work you're doing on the improved cockpit view for vehicles?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Sgt_Prof Creator

It's still in a "bad shape". Not yet ready to be shown. Right now I'm more focusing on mod stability :)

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