Project Remaster is BF2142 enhancement which aims to improve basic game by adding new textures, animations, maps and other visual tweaks as well as new weapons.

Project supporters: Neo Max, ChrisT GamingZone, David, iTuzKEY, Oscar Dorado, Niklas Klinger, Jerryui, Steffen Erdmann, TheLastManAlive .
To track overall progress, check our Gun list

Mod development team:

  • Sgt_Prof - mod organiser, texture artist, coder
  • Dnamro - AI support specialist.
  • EnemySniper - animator
  • TUERIX - modeler, weapon exporter, animator, sound artist
  • kiaksar2142 level designer
  • Pe†eR-KuN - texture artist
  • Alex2142, Boddy Digital, Chad509, C.Manuel, CocaCola DE, FN2187, Fosty98B, Ismael, Jim2102, Marek33, Mokdennie26 - mod testers

Mod helpers

  • Wei Wang (Models export, rig);
  • cadbc (helped us with maps navmesh, AI support and plenty of essential AI tweaks);
  • Barr3l Rid3r - OS maps improvements

  • Mod changes and features:
  • HD textures for terrain and static objects X
  • New 1p animations X
  • New weapons X
  • Prone animations (possible, but not promised in first release) X
  • New HD 1p hand models for EU and PAC X
  • Bot support for vanilla BF2142 maps (includes molokai and yellow knife) X
  • Improved soldier body physics/ragdol. X
  • Higher field of view X
  • Increased sprint X
  • Vehicle tweaks, new zoom and fov features X
  • New balanced, more effective weapons X
  • Fully working offline and CO-OP kits customisation X
  • widescreen support X
  • 1080p weapon sights X
  • Dynamical movement animations X
  • Dynamical jump animations X (in progress)
  • High quality weapon sounds X
  • Special reshade, balanced for BF2142 X
  • Reworked specific maps lighting. X
  • Better vehicles AI (Goliath can properly use mines right now) X

X work in progress
X work done

Before and after screenshot example (includes resources useage data)

vanilla BF2142 before

"Project Remaster" is build on "NSSP" ashes (aka Northern Strike Singleplayer) but now it rises with new power and much more content!

Official BFSP post about mod project:

*Note about funding on money is used for new assets like weapon models, static obejcts and to pay animators for work.

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March update

News 14 comments

It’s March already and our team been silent for a while (maybe way too long) but we’ve got some nice new content to keep you guys updated. During the silent period, we were secretly dealing with new challenges, fixing issues and making new ideas to become reality.

Test range by Gremlin

On this simple map player will be given access to plenty of vehicles and sectors of environment that are specifically designed to mimic different kinds of terrain which represents different locations of Battlefield 2142 world. Map also has functional AI support.

Vostok rifle: from PAC with love

Vostok rifle is a prototype assault rifle manufactured by PAC. Rifle had become very popular among PAC troops because of its light weight, reliability and frost resistance. What is more, rifle benefits from its simplicity (it has no electronic parts) and EMP resistance as EMP devices appeared to be a turning tides of the battle component. Compared to other rifles, Vostok have three fire modes: single, full-auto and burst. Former one perfectly suits prototype rifle as it helps to save ammo and quickly deal decent amount of damage. At the end of war, Vostok rifle appeared to be a perfect weapon of The Cold War: simple but nonetheless deadly.

What is more, our team would like to thank our supporters as without their funding, we wouldn’t have implemented this ‘beast’.

Credits: Nightshift3D – 3D model and textures; TUERIX – animations; Sgt_Prof – textures optimization.

Play as squad leader to claim your benefit

Since EA and Revive project master servers were shutdown forever, it appeared to have major impact to PR2142 customisation system. Primary weapon and 2x gadget sets cannot be a accessed by player, but AI controlled bot still are able to pick greyed out items. This means that it’s still possible to access locked out weapons by picking up kits from fallen soldiers.

However, Sgt_Prof tinkered around the code and managed to adjust few minor updates that allow to access one more gadget slot without even messing up with customisation screen. Right now players will be instantly awarded with a gadget and it will become useable after becoming a squad leader. Squad leader gadgets list: Recon – motion grenade; assault – sentry drone; engineer – EMP mine; support – RDX shotgun.

Complete melee overhaul

Knife is a part of every soldier’s equipment and it would have been shame to not enhance it in our Remaster mod. Right now there are three kinds of knives: standard, stealth and axe. Standard one is given for engineer and assault class because they are the small and lightweight in order to compensate heavy weight of other equipment. Stealth knife is popular among recons who are masters of stealth. Both EU and PAC recons are able to effectively use their active stealth camouflage and collect great number of dog tags by taking down their foes in close combat. The last weapon among melees is ice axe which is universal among support units. Support find this tool handy for many cases: to open blocked doors, climb ice or vertical terrain or to mutilate enemy.

General updates:

  • Animation updates by TUERIX
  • Major sound updates by TUERIX (up to 300 mb of new sound files!)
  • Major navmesh improvements by Dnamro for following maps: Belgrade, Leipzig, Bavaria, Fall of Berlin, Molokai, Yellow knife and others.
  • Menu and loading screens improvement by Sgt_Prof

For more detailed content updates you can track official gun list:


That's it for now. Keep tracking our project, leave suggestions and ideas to make it even better. We are very excited to post every single new update!

December update

December update

News 21 comments

Merry Christmas, dear mod followers, fans, modders and developers! We've got very exciting update to share with you and believe us, it will make you wanna...

September update

September update

News 11 comments

This time we got some good things to tell! September update is here.

July update

July update

News 16 comments

July was incredibly successful month for our project. We managed to implement new features what were never seen before.

June update

June update

News 12 comments

June update spotlights fresh and quality content to BF2142 universe.

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i have a doubt this mod for bf2142 will be standalone or will need the game itself?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does your mod support LAN?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

where to download ? there's no file

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The mod isn't finished yet but its about 99% done from the looks of it so I assume it'll be released fairly soon.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i hope so because this mod is very awesome and epic im eager to test it out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Sgt_Prof Creator

Hey guys do not worry, I'm working on AI improvements and fixing small issues related to navmesh on several maps. BF2142 AI is pretty complex and I'm afraid I won't make it 100% crash-free on some maps (on SP); but right now it's in a good shape.

Reply Good karma+7 votes

hey Sgt_Prpf can you do something for the distance we can throw RDX bombs because in all of the games that have c4, the distance you can throw them is good far enough but in BF2142 it's too short.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sgt_Prof Creator

hmmm it's an interesting point. According to existing animations, it couldn't be thrown much further but I'll take a look if it's possible to increase it a bit.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Woww this looks amaaazing!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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