Orange Sun formerly known as Orange Touch Up [OTU] enhances Tiberian Sun Firestorm greatly and increases the gameplay possibilities while remaining the original feel of the game. Basically a re-balancing together with new content and lots of spleen. Now features the Campaign+ modifications.

List of features

- Techleveling in-game by upgrades.

- Heroes that can be trained and are available once.

- New Music and Sound effects, from realistic and real ones (real guns shoot) to wacky ones (Worms, Movie quotes etc.)

- New Visuals consisting of new Projectiles and new unit look and new Effects, partially new Terrain, new civilians, new loading screens and improved Interface.

- Overall rebalanced and reedited, about 80% of the games code has been altered.

- Including the unofficial mini patch UMP, the TS Asset expansion and the best the public assets got to offer.

- Units becoming more skilled by leveling up, gaining new weapons and abilities.

- Nods old artillery that actually hits yet balanced out.

- No paranoia (all AI against you with their superweapons) and maps that feature alliances with an AI player thanks to CnCNet 5.

- New maps added, Bay of Pigs and the PPM Massive Map Pack 1.2.

- Units with special bonuses and allowing new tactics available by the respective building.

- Many new units and a few new buildings.

- An AI that is fun to battle against in skirmish, waves of waves of enemy troops coming after you, can you destroy their base before yours fall?

- Campaign compatible with edited missions for a fresh campaign experience (not fully done yet).

- Optimization and redesign of old gameplay elements such as power, veterancy, repairs, silos, outposts, airforce, and more. Buildings now auto repair and no more silos. All buildings store money now and lose it when blown up.

- Partial TibEd compatibility. (PM me for details)

List of who I would like to thank and give regards to:

Tibed - Got me into modding C&C, very good for simple mods and holds great potential.
TiberFCSL - who gifted me the new menu which looks sweeter than sweet. Also for his advice feedback and general help.
Apple - For his advices and efforts.
Nolt - for the Ontos and AML that he made for the mod.
PPM & Tiberium Web Community - For the knowledge and advice and assets and whatnot.

Check out the other Mod in the Orange series Orange Alert

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8 comments by OrangeNero on Aug 31st, 2014

Hey what made you start modding Tiberian Sun? inspiration, first steps and so on?

Long ago before the Internet was common, I suspect it was around 2004, I bought a real life magazine made out of real life paper that came with a real life CD-ROM which had digital files for the mod TS Retro. Back then I was around 14 and really liked playing TS or well I was obsessed. My PC had a 1GB hard drive and I had only about 500mb of space for games xD So it was either Star Lancer or Tiberian Sun that was installed. I loved playing it and even more once I got that mod. Back then I knew almost nothing about gaming really apart from how to play games. just think about it, a world before you could ask google anything or go to a wiki. All you knew was what you saw in commercials and read in magazines and the gossip talk. It was a boring time but since we had little distractions we spent more time with love making so it wasn't all that bad.

I really enjoyed playing TS Retro and I would of have loved to make something like it myself. But just like how I got tired of TS I also got tired of TS Retro. Luckily the internet came along so I found out stuff about mods.

The first edit I made were the unit points. I just tried out something and thought it would be health points maybe but it was score xD I didn't touch modding again till I found TibEd. Within a few days I made a mod that was already beyond the stuff that TS Retro had. Way more units way more "cool" stuff well just my mod tbh. Then I wanted to create a serious mod and so I began reading all the stuff I found about modding TS. Thats about how I came into it and how OTU now known as OS came to live.

How difficult was it to get into it?

Very. Sure for many people it looks really easy but thats just because they wasted half of their life with it. If you're a beginner you're overwhelmed. Its also a very time consuming task. If you work 100% 6 days a week you wont be modding. Many underestimate this or are blind from their imaginations of what they want to do. Thats probably also why so many mods die. But mine didn't and thats what really counts in the end. If you finished your mod yes or no. Efficiency is key hence why I used the tools I used.

Whats the big vision behind Orange Sun?

Hard to explain. Ofc I just wanted to give it a try at the beginning and see how it goes. The big vision wasn't something that I started with but something that evolved in the process of modding. I never knew if it would work and I didn't know my capabilities either.

Once I got aware of what I can do the "big vision" came to form quickly but it was more of a road than a single accomplishment. A game that gameplay wise feels familiar to the original game, not to alienate anyone, but still different enough to feel kinda fresh and enhanced or expanded. I can say that I achieved that. The techlevels and new units and graphics really make the game feel expanded and to me better.

The next big thing in the "Grand vision" was truly epic. i wanted that everyone can easily mod my mod so that everyone could become a modder and on top of that much easier than me by not having to go through all the crap. The modding knowledge documentation is in really bad shape and the people "guarding" it aren't the nicest ones to come along. At the very end of modding TS I had to make optimizations that broke the TibEd compatibility because I can't integrate these changes into the TibEd save file. Still if one really wants to mod my mod the easy way with TibEd he certainly can and much easier than what I had to go through. So I guess in the end its a partially accomplished goal in the "Grand vision"

Finally the "Royal Vision". Giving the mod a purpose to play. TS Retro sucked because of 2 reasons. The AI is trash because its the vanilla AI and the vanilla missions don't fit the mod. It was however intended as a MP mod. However creating a MP mod is the worst decision you can make. SP mods don't compete with each other. MP mods however do because they need the same resource, the players.

So I made the Skirmish experience better, made it compatible for online play and most importantly made my own missions. Sure they're just WW mission edits but hey who cares the difference is huge and amazing. So I can say yea my mod has purpose because you can actually play the mod. Its really sad when a mod is only the stuff needed to press on a play button but then the playing experience is trash because the mod fails to deliver.

Tell us more about the missions!

Gladly. I enjoyed working on them a lot. Creating something and then seeing it work in action is amazing. You wouldn't wanna know how long I sat on the first Nod mission. Its like Carmack once said: The first mission in your game is always the best because its the one you started with and where most development time has flown in.

The best and worst you encountered in modding?

I definitely know what the best thing for me was. Seeing something I made work in action. That is like an orgasm. I watched this video for 5min once I accomplished something big one can feel like a god when you create something in an engine and see it live. After all there's a setting for Wind Direction.

The worst is either that I don't get along with some people so well anymore. Which is entirely their fault but whatever. Or that I once sat so long on my chair modding that I got a tiny hemorrhoid once and needed lube xD Modding gave me hemorrhoid. So yea can't decide between these two. Both were a pain in the arse but I got over it quickly.

Thank you very much! Whats next in store?

Somewhen I'll make a new Addon for OS with some miniscular fixes and most importantly new missions. Right now I am on Orange Alert. Development is slow but steady and its coming along good :D

did you ever think the mod would take this long to make and would you have tried anyway knowing that?

I wanted to be done in 1 year but sometimes i lost interest for a few weeks and months and then there was the army. It took me about 3 years but I actively modded for about 2 years. When Istarted I didn't know that I would make missions too which takes a lot of time. I always expected that it would take more time but yea I am surprised that it took so long. Still it was worth it and I have no regrets.

would you ever think of moving engines to say the new OpenRA?

There are 2 big projects in the works. Rewire and OpenRA. Rewire is no option for me since its not done yet and all the stuff they did while looking nice on screenshots slows the game down to medium speed. I have to play C&C on at least FAST setting to enjoy it. It looks like the crap that some artist did for screenshots without any practical use. Desyncs are also likely to happen with all the anims and particles. There's a reason why TS looks so "poor". Its engine and netcode can't handle more.

OpenRA looks amazing but is still too young. In about 2 years I might check it out. Right now its too unstable and unfinished. Mind you I mean the TS and RA2 part of OpenRA but even their Dune mod is still a poor reskin of RA. OpenRA is also different so i'd have to learn how to mod C&C almost from 0 again. Time will tell, I think OpenRA will open a new era of C&C modding but as long as its unfinished I wont be touching it. In TS there's over 12 years of modding knowledge that includes all sorts of bugs and problems to be aware of. OpenRA is probably full of bugs and problems because its so new so little testing.

how have you found modding RA2 compared to TS?

RA2 is pretty much the same thing just some code here and there thats new and some old code that ain't working anymore. Unlike my TS mod where I create crazy and funky stuff which needs all sorts of weirdo code my RA2 mod takes a more conventional approach. So I expect to have less problems with code since I wont be touching most of the funky stuff that not even WW has tested. I prefer TS tbh but I want to check out RA2.

Any special events coming?

YES! I am planning 2 events. I'd like to have a trailer with the soundtrack of my mate that he made for the mod. So I'd be willing to open up a small competition of who comes up with the best one and am willing to offer some prize for the winner.

The other is a 1vs1 tournament maybe with a grand finale on Bay of Pigs with 6 players free for all.

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Oct 30, 2014 Patch 0 comments

Read the Readme inside. PATCH OS ADDON 1. Copy Paste it into your SUN directory and make sure you have addon 1 applied to SUN before you apply this patch...

Addon 1 OS

Addon 1 OS

Jul 28, 2014 Singleplayer Map 1 comment

Addon 1 for Orange Sun mod of Tiberian Sun provides 4 new missions.

Orange Sun 1.0 (1.1g)

Orange Sun 1.0 (1.1g)

Jul 24, 2014 Full Version 3 comments

The Full version of the Orange Sun mod made for Firestorm with new missions for Tiberian Sun and plenty of awesomeness. More missions are on the way to...

OTU Preview (9.4b)

OTU Preview (9.4b)

Apr 21, 2013 Demo 5 comments

For everyone wanting a fine polished up release who has patience I recommend that you wait some more until I finish the next version. It will however...

Terrain expansion module

Terrain expansion module

Apr 10, 2013 Textures 5 comments

These are the mix files 85 & 88 & 89 used to get the RA2 trees in TS. Also the new grass and dirt. They are incorporated into the mod however...

OTU 0.6 (8.3c)

OTU 0.6 (8.3c)

Jul 1, 2012 Demo 7 comments

OTU 0.6 (8.3c) This is the very very late release of the next demo version since 0.5. There are changes all over from RA2 effects to some new units to...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 79)
Guest Aug 3 2014, 9:18am says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Aug 3 2014, 9:26am replied:

go to videos then record it :) its not the original one though. I got it from Youtube I think.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Aug 1 2014, 4:44pm says:

I noticed an error with the first new addon pack. The Cabal Statue is buildable for Nod players in Skirmish. This is ofc wrong! To fix either wait for the next addon or go into Rules.ini then all the way down you'll find the code for [CABGUN]. Change its TechLevel=1 to a -1 and you'll be good.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Jul 26 2014, 11:42pm says:

Edited the group page. Moddb members can now create articles if they like to. share your thoughts, use it for screens and videos and the likes. Ofc I will delete them if they are too negative or very bad.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Jul 26 2014, 9:52pm says:

Anyone got an idea on what to do for fsgdi03? I really don't like it. Its the one with the riot leaders. I might just skip it as its no fun to play tbh and really short when you know their location. Would be a pain to play over and over again to test.

Going straight for fsgdi04.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Meyerm Jul 25 2014, 9:29am says:

For Firestorm, will any campaign-exclusive CABAL units make an appearance? Maybe add in multiplayer as a tech structure that makes them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Jul 26 2014, 10:52pm replied:

I have a new Cabal exclusive building :) If you played Yuri's Revenge Campaign you'll find it familiar.

+1 vote   reply to comment
OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Jul 25 2014, 2:06pm replied:

adding campaign exclusive units is a neat idea I like it. Currently no he has no unique units but he does use the new cyborgs that the mod has however.

The Nod missions in TS against Hassan have 2 such units. The shotgunner and the mech.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Popscleman Jul 20 2014, 12:02am says:

How do you edit the rules to make the building auto repair

-1 votes     reply to comment
OrangeNero Creator
OrangeNero Jul 20 2014, 12:41pm replied:

IQ settings in Rules.ini for multiplayer and skirmish.
Change it to =1 if you want to disable it.

In the campaign you'll have to edit the player house in the map file.

Its not only auto repair but also auto-sell when the structure is in red critical health but it will never sell the construction yard.

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