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The game takes place in the Seven Hours War aftermath. Fighting against blood shedding synths and frightening aliens, Adrian Shephard has to struggle his way with his fellow comrades from the Phoenix Command, with the main objective of stopping the construction of a Combine Citadel. In his journey he will find what has happened to the world, six months after the Seven Hour War.

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The soundtrack you'll be listening to when the demo comes out. Soundtrack by Chaz. Just a note: we plan on giving download links to the soundtracks soon, so people stop ripping them off from YouTube :P
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MajorShepherd Aug 16 2009 says:


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DangerousCat Aug 16 2009 says:

like terminator)

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Nihillo Aug 16 2009 replied:

yeah, it's indeed very similar to the Terminator theme, and that's awesome.

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Slayer_blood Oct 15 2010 replied:

Same think but nice job :D

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Nickel_Dare Aug 16 2009 says:

The Drums reminds one to those of terminator ..
But the Ambient sounds are different ^^

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mr.renegade Aug 17 2009 says:

sometimes you have those movies which have EPIC battle moments, like a giant fight with epic music, which send chills down your spine. this song does that alone....

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Whiskeyjack Aug 17 2009 says:

thats awsome keep of the good job

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mchastney Aug 17 2009 says:

Haha when I started writing this I wondered if people would notice the Terminator similarity, but I didn't try to rip off Terminator its actually a reference to the single player theme which has a similar drum pattern.

Anyway thanks for all the comments.

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mchastney Sep 18 2009 replied:

I use cubase 5, and yes I wrote this music. Maybe you're thinking of the guy who did the single player theme? I've done all the tracks apart from that one.

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MajorShepherd Aug 17 2009 says:

Well you did a good job. Keep up the good work.

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madmaxcow Aug 18 2009 says:

Perfect winning score! This theme fits perfectly to the game!

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CorkyMcChubbles Aug 30 2009 says:

Your theme musics make me want to anticipate two things, your game [that's what I think] and Duke Nukem Forever. *Sighs*

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aleixoteixeira Sep 5 2009 says:

Nice song. You have a good sound artist.

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RustySpannerz Sep 19 2009 says:

This is the kind of song I'd listen to over and over again. I absolutely love this song. But I'd really like to see more epic, dramatic fast paced songs. Particularly with a violin. For example I like this, maybe a bit too much for OF2 but it's still a good inspiration. With epic music you can never go wrong with violins.

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Dr.Goupyl Nov 17 2009 says:

Good job this song is "epic" lol i hope the game will be it too !

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-:Steve-o:- Nov 30 2009 says:

Is that trumpet-like sound synthesised or an edited sample? If sample, where do you get those? - I've been searching the internet for decent ones

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mchastney Nov 30 2009 replied:

All the orchestral sounds are from EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold, I think they have a discount running and also a buy one get one free sale on at the minute if you're interested.

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dkbyhr Feb 10 2010 says:


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gvazdas Mar 16 2010 says:

lol this game will be like a ******* high-budget film. Just you are in a guy's shoes and shooting.

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MisterChairman Mar 28 2010 says:

I think both terminator and war rock for some reason.......

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MisterChairman Feb 9 2011 replied:

wait nevermind terminator and bionic commando

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Sittin_on_tha_toilet Jul 7 2010 says:

Duke Nukem Theme+Terminator Theme=HELL YEAH!!!

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JonnyBoy0719 Jul 8 2010 says:

OMFG!!!! I LOVE IT!! :D :D :D :D 100000000000000000/10

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parhana Jul 16 2010 says:

i think when this is finished it could be one of the biggest mods of all time for Hl2. I wouldn't be surprised if it became a full game because from all the art work and media it looks amazing keep up the good work :D

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asvigny Nov 20 2010 says:

This is really good!

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kitkatjohnsom Jan 21 2011 says:

If OF2 was more like game that is like a movie than this would be perfect

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PurpleGaga27 Feb 1 2011 says:

Why can't this track be a little longer?

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sasasa May 31 2011 says:

How the background will look like? or background map will look like?

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Shedovv Nov 26 2011 says:

Very much people say "it reminds me terminator", i knew the terminator song and every time i listen to this song i never think that this is like terminator, i just starting imagine the OF2 when a group or even a single soldier just fighting "INVADERS" and does this perfectly, and something epicly happens to him (them).
And to see difference between them just put this songs to play at one moment and you will see how sound terminator and how OF2

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greeneyedgirl927 Dec 4 2011 says:

will this track play when shephard puts on his pcv vest?

music played when gordon put on his hcv suit in hl2.

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The soundtrack you'll be listening to when the demo comes out.

Soundtrack by Chaz. Just a note: we plan on giving download links to the soundtracks soon, so people stop ripping them off from YouTube :P

Aug 16th, 2009
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