Enlima Studios (previously know as NProductions) is self-founding indie game/mod developer team. We are currently working in mod projects for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

Our mod projects:

  • NProject Mod
    n5p29 personal mod that basically improves the Zero Hour game by fixing almost all reported bugs in the game, with tons of balances and improvement. Also, there are additional units, buildings, upgrades, etc. for all factions and sub-factions (including Civilians). With proportion of 70% balances and fixes and 30% new stuff, as well as AI improvements. This mod also including Boss General as the new playable side.
  • Recolonize
    Recolonize Mod is a total conversion mod set in the alternate timeline future where Human fights the Drones army for survival. This mod offers unique build system and gameplay mechanics for both faction, also introduce the new heroes and protocol system.
  • Tidal Wars
    Previously known as "Project Evans", this mod focuses on implementing fast and fluid naval warfare for Zero Hour with least bugs as possible regarding the engine limitations. What makes Tidal Wars different with other naval mods is the newest method of build system for building on water: the new "Shipyard Cores" which are amphibious and carrying construction material for your Shipyards.
  • A new CnC All-Stars mod (scrapped)
    The really all stars. With the most number of factions from original CNC95 to the newest CNC4. So there will be GDI, Nod, Allies, Soviet, USA, China, GLA, Scrin, Yuri, Empire of Rising Sun, and maybe the Forgotten as well. The build systems is Dozers for generals, and MCVs for the other. You can choose the main/sub-factions in the beginning of the game. The units abilities will keep as the original, but changed a bit for balancing, not because of the lack of coding abilities. Like Yuri Grinders is for turn the units into money, not a reskinned internet center. Also including two CNC4 faction which use crawler system.
  • Generals Alpha Redux (scrapped)
    This mod will recreate the Generals Alpha build version like what Westwood/EA Pasific intended as close as possible, with the clues left by them from their early concept arts. There will be American, Khan, European, and African. This mod story will connect the Generals universe with Tiberium universe. Taken place in universe where Red Alert 1 happen, in alternate near future time, before the Tiberian Dawn.

If you interested and want to join us, contact n5p29 via Private Message.

Honorary team members:
- n5p29 (Pretty much doing the whole thing)
- Gen.Kenobi (Tidal Wars founder, come back wen he doctor)
- V.Metalic (The other one who's still around here)
- HeartbreakOne (the now gone concept artist)
- Dawn-Shade (the now gone ZH mapper)
- Red_Hawk (Concept artist, are you still here?)
- Shadow_Micha (Freelancer concept artist/modeler)

We are looking for:
- Modeler
- Skinner
- 2D Artist / Concept Artist
- Wiki Staff / Lore Writer
- Sound Artist
- Beta Testers

Visit our (not so official) website hosted on SWR: Tidal.swr-productions.com
and our semi-defunct wiki: Nmods.wikkii.com

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