Nox Aeterna is a psychological/survival horror mod with emphasis on sound design, realism, atmosphere and environmental storytelling.

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Reborn:X Nov 2 2012 says:

The name of the town which the mod is taking place sounds more Yugoslavian than Soviet. I thought the "country which name has been long forgotten" was supposed to be the former Yugoslavia.

But still, it's a good choice even for Combine troops.

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haawok Nov 2 2012 says:

No news since motherfricking July! How dare you!

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Nukedrabbit95 Nov 2 2012 replied:

I'll give you a recap of all the highlights!

Zay kept mapping.
I kept programming.

Now you know everything. Not exactly news-worthy.

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Zay333 Author
Zay333 Nov 3 2012 replied:

Plus, we added a new item/prop interaction system like the one in Amnesia, implimented an all new save system that works similarly like Amnesia/Penumbra/Cry Of Fear/etc. recorded some new music and sound effects, written a lot of back stories for different characters and locations that will appear in Nox Aeterna, and of course, a lot of inevitable bug fixing. So don't worry, we'be been both working really hard and expect a real update anytime now.

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OccasionallyZane Nov 2 2012 says:

I remember this from Ivan's Secrets.

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Zay333 Author
Zay333 Nov 3 2012 replied:

You're correct, it was originally meant to be used in Ivan's Secrets, but that mod has now went to the Cryengine and Juniez let us to use it in Nox Aeterna.

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Juniez Nov 15 2012 replied:

you're incorrect

I contributed pretty much nothing (and also didn't know how to model) when i was with the Ivan's Secrets team

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Zay333 Author
Zay333 Nov 19 2012 replied:

Oh my mistake. I remember seeing a Ivan's Secrets video on Youtube that had a very similar model so I figured.

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OccasionallyZane Jan 1 2013 replied:

It does look horribly similar, of course besides the texture.

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MagnumPI Jan 4 2013 replied:

just because it's the same gun... obviously they will look the same

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xalener Jan 1 2013 replied:

You sure as hell know how to model now :3

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Juniez Jan 2 2013 replied:

aw thanks!

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biodude Nov 2 2012 says:

ha nice, I remember this :)

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Phenixtri Nov 4 2012 says:

Um its nice and all but one major problem here ... the KS-23 is NOT a shotgun its more of a 23mm rifle ... its fires slugs not pellets. :/

You would be better off adding this as a custom super weapon of sorts as given its caliber this thing would pose a major threat to combine troops and even to hunter synths as well.

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Zay333 Author
Zay333 Nov 4 2012 replied:

Well to be fair, that's kinda the point of the shotgun in Nox Aeterna. It's pretty much the only powerful weapon in NA and I want the player to feel it.

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Phenixtri Nov 12 2012 replied:

I see so will it fire the default shot pattern or will it fire a single round like the real one does?

I mean I can understand if you guys stick with the default shot pattern as one can the assume its using custom ammunition possibly Jerry rigged by the rebels or produced by the Combine ... a kind of cheap improvised shrapnel or flechette round would make it plausible.

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Juniez Nov 15 2012 replied:

it fires a lot of things, including buckshot:

The KS-23 was created with the capability to fire several different types of ammunition, listed below:
"Shrapnel-10" buckshot round with 10-meter effective range
"Shrapnel-25" buckshot round with 25-meter effective range
"Barricade" cartridge with solid steel projectile able to destroy the engine block of a car at up to 100 meters.
"Wave-R" rubber less-lethal cartridge
"Bird cherry" tear gas grenade with CN agent
"Lilac" tear gas grenade with CS agent
"Star" flash-bang round
Later, two add-on muzzle mortars were produced, the 36 mm Nasadka-6 and 82 mm Nasadka-12, bringing with them several new ammunition types:
Blank grenade launching cartridge to be used with muzzle mortars
36 mm "Cheremukha-6" tear gas grenade
82 mm "Cheremukha-12" "high-efficiency" tear gas grenade for use on open areas

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Juniez was kind enough to let us use his KS-23 model. It will replace the stock HL2 shotgun and since the real weapon was produced in the Soviet Union, it will fit real nice in Nox Aeterna's frozen "post-soviet esque" land.

Nov 19th, 2012
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