Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

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This modification not only follows the original valve art style but is also keeping users up-to-date again. With moronic individuals posting 5's out of 10 because of their lack of interest or understanding of a project of this scale, this leaves fans with pretty much all the knowledge of the Half-Life universe to rate a 10/10 and give information to support. Half-Life 2 was to have a 50+ hour campaign and have over 20 weapons. Fun fact: The Borealis in fact was owned by a scientific research team just like the new Borealis. They were called Arbeit Laboratories. "Hmm that sounds like Aperture! Derp." Well they weren't Aperture, but they could have been rivaled with Black Mesa. Although highly unlikely.

This game was extremely good, it has most of the content cut from half-life 2 and has its own map (MI_BUILDINGBLOCKS) were you can test the spawnable entities.I would give it a ten but it lacks some content such as the Combine Guard and Cremator it also lacks the manhack arcade. I recommend this mod for anyone who wants to legally play a beta version of half-life.

god like mod, i see a good future for this mod, it goes where no leak mod has ever been before definitly recommend this to any beta fan or mod lover alike!

This is just an AWESOME Mod! :D
My favourite! ;)

brings the original presentation of HL2 in the E3, and the actual story which is 300% larger than the HL2 final's story.


Bloody cool

hope you make the game soon ^^

Well, Missing Information is a mod with loong story...
And I will try to tell it to you.
So, in the 2008 year i have become interested a HL2 Leak and a Raising The Bar, i go to a "Google" and i found strange project, and a name of that is a Missing Infirmation (ver 1.4), so i looked on some screens and said : "Its cool :D" after that i ve download that mod... and played. after complete a modification i open a official site and read more about project, but some times ago the site is not work and nothing news from a developing, i ve gonna sad.
Later i found a HL2 Leak and test it... but that is other story xD
Has passed 2 years and a MI team gonna back to complete their mod, and that's really awesome as it is a the best released mod at that time on a old story of Half-Life 2.
At the end of a my Rewiew i say 7\10 rating as MI maps need more scripts and detail.

cool mod!

beta was it

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