Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

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I like this mod. This is quite ressemblant to what i saw in Half-Life 2 : Raising The Bar.
But there is still some texture errors.

Really awsome.

Except everything rest from the borealis chapter.


Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good. Is good.

Cool mod! Although I have some problems with textures, do I have to install previous patches as well? (I'm running the mod on HL2:Demo, too lazy to buy the full version) But other than that, awesome mod! Just translated it to russian!

nice mod i love it,and i think the beta history is better than the final history im not saying that i hate or don't like the final history im just saying that is better

This mod is incredible and based on the Leak Half-Life 2. Too bad we haven't heard anything related about the mod!Maybe they're working on Episode One?

nice the mod is nice but i expected more
like the original half life 2 beta story? not the e3

Love this mod, hope they are making progress on Episode One :)

Short. Bugs, errors everywhere, too.

I really was expecting something different, but i can't say i'm entirely disappointed.
I had understood this campaign was going to bring HL2 Beta content on it's glory, original HL2 gameplay in actual playable form, but that's not what the mod does.
The mod is divided in 5 parts
Part 1 - Obviously, the highlight of the game, a recreation of what i believe to be, the borealis chapter, really impressive design, custom weapons, excellent voice acting and a fun as hell gameplay. However this part also brings: Small amounts of missing textures, a fire extinguisher that doesn't extinguish fire, loads of dead bodies that have been placed in very weird positions and a confusing story that doesn't tell you "Why we escaped from the ship without doing anything if we were supposed to set it off it's course like the dying guy told us to?" or "If Odell wanted to run away as soon as he saw what was going on, why did we travel across the entire ship instead of just going back to our boat?, we arrived there into a boat, right?"
Part 2 - A sequence of beta content that is in extreme rough form but allows you to have a peek on the original HL2 features (fun to play)
Part 3 - An absolutely obnoxious depot chapter which only use is to show us how the new rifle grenade works (it bounces ^^)
Part 4 - A nice fragment of beta content that besides it's missing textures is by far the most interesting one to play
Part 5 - An unfinished chapter of rooftops gameplay that might actually become something very special if worked on a little bit more

In my opinion there's still much to be added and improved and the only reason i say such thing is because i think this mod HAS POTENTIAL, i say, don't stop there, keep working on it and we'll have very satisfactory results coming from this


P.S: Oh, there's no point in adding custom weapons like the immolator, the molotov and the binoculars if the only way of having access to them is via console.

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