Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

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Absolutely best Mod ever! I love all the cut weapons I'd never gotten the chance to get in HL2! Ak-47, my favorite. The short chapter bit that is concentrated on original story? Awesome, it makes me think of Episode 3.

I'm looking forward to more updates and maybe a new version! It's just amazing what people can pull up from the past! Keep this up you guys!


overwatchprivate says

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This is one of the most polished beta/leak mods I have ever had the pleasure of playing. The Ship level is without any major bugs and the custom npcs such as the Stalkers are well balanced, providing a nice challenge but not making me feel as though its unfair. The addition of the E3 levels even for nothing more then novelty is a nice blast from the past that you get to traverse through yourself and in my opinion it greatly enhances this mod. Having a majority of the beta weapons in complete working order is also a positive mark this mod has. I would suggest though that if time and finding the right team members permits, to replace many of the models commonly used with higher detailed versions. I would also suggest this with textures, once again if the ability to arises. This mods lack of levels is also a negative in my view, seeing as the beta/leak versions of Half Life 2 has massive amounts of content to pull and obtain ideas and concepts from. Those are my major preferences and issues with this mod, and I understand that many of my issues can not be fixed with out a somewhat large mod team but I would still like the inform you of what I would like to expect from future versions of this.

This mod follows the original HL2 story. They have put a lot of work into this and it looks great. I hope they finish it and that it does not die.


greatkingtut says

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good joob :D

it's excellent. This last one I played was 1.6, and it was awesome. It's a very well done tribute to what Half Life 2 could have been, and it even comes with some of the E3 Demos and the completely functional Borealos chapter.

I think that's pretty cool how these people went out to re- create the Hl2 beta and E3 maps, along with the other things such as working beta npc's. My only problem with it is that there are a few bugs, but that isn't much of a problem with me.


It keeeps crashing now! Wont it get threw the first logo screen...Can someone fix it?

I was expecting a bit more story than this. Right now it's just a cluster of random cut content. Was that what it was meant to be? Doesn't make for a very good mod, then. Have some imagination. Do some research on the Half Life lore. Make it worth playing.

seems cool I will download

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