Military Forces Quake 3 (MFQ3) is the continuation of the line of AirQuake mods. Many of the team come from working on AirQuake2, and many have made add-ons to the legendary AirQuake. In MFQ3, the player can choose to fly planes of all sizes, drive tanks or even captain boats, fighting in a variety of locations. MFQ3 aims to balance the realism of 'serious' flight sims with arcade fun to mix an infectious gameplay cocktail. MFQ3 currently has a public alpha available for download, and we are nearing the completion of the next public release. A few highlights for the next release: - All new HUD system that looks something like TheRealThing (tm). - Tons of new vehicles: planes, tanks and boats! - Shadows cast by aeroplanes: easier landings at last. - All new Team Arena-based UI system. - Basic features of our IGME working. - Kickass maps. - Sweet guided missles! No more cannon-spamming. - Animated gear dropping/retraction.

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MFQ3 public beta 0.77 released


After a long wait we're finally releasing our second public version of Military Forces Quake3. MFQ3 is the continuation of the AirQuake (1 and 2) series...

More news from Angel


Hi guys, this is a combo-post from Angel's 2 news posts over at our website. Enjoy. When the earlier mentioned pilot and RIO passed into Irani airspace...

An update from ... Angel!


Another re-post of Angel's update. Enjoy. Yesterday an F-14 pilot and his RIO stole an F-14 and flew to Iran. The defectors were sighted by long range...

An update from


I'm just re-posting Angel's post from the MFQ3 site. Hi everyone, who is still reading this... Okay, news are slow, I know. I noticed that most of the...

The other two video links


Hi again, As promised, the other two sizes of the MFQ3 teaser video are available for download. Sorry about the delay. Here they all are: MFQ3 Teaser...

MFQ3 teaser video

News 8 comments

Just a short post to let you all know that we've released an 11-minute teaser video showing you what we've been doing to MFQ3 over this looong period...

Release Candidate


(From Bjoern via the MFQ3 site) Short update again: Yesterday I have uploaded a "release candidate" for the beta-testers, so they can give me feedback...

More on the IGME


Taken outta the profile and placed as news: A little more about the InGame Mission Editor (IGME): This clever feature essentially defines and edits entity...

More on MFQ3


Hi again everyone who's looking @ moddb. Just to let y'all know what's happening. Bjoern is coding away, most of the features we want implemented into...

AirQuake2 is back!


From MFQ3 homepage: Just another quick news update, this time not for MFQ3, but for AirQuake2! I recently got in touch with Eluan, a guy from Brazil...

Keeping in touch


Hi all, just to let ya know what's happening in the world of MFQ3. So here goes: Models are being tweaked or axed-if-untweakable by our modellers. We're...



Hey guys, a re-post of Bjoern's latest post over at the MFQ3 site: Hi everyone! You will most likely have noticed frequent problems with the webpage...

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