Military Forces Quake 3 (MFQ3) is the continuation of the line of AirQuake mods. Many of the team come from working on AirQuake2, and many have made add-ons to the legendary AirQuake. In MFQ3, the player can choose to fly planes of all sizes, drive tanks or even captain boats, fighting in a variety of locations. MFQ3 aims to balance the realism of 'serious' flight sims with arcade fun to mix an infectious gameplay cocktail. MFQ3 currently has a public alpha available for download, and we are nearing the completion of the next public release. A few highlights for the next release: - All new HUD system that looks something like TheRealThing (tm). - Tons of new vehicles: planes, tanks and boats! - Shadows cast by aeroplanes: easier landings at last. - All new Team Arena-based UI system. - Basic features of our IGME working. - Kickass maps. - Sweet guided missles! No more cannon-spamming. - Animated gear dropping/retraction.

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