The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

MesoCosmos is a Total Convertion (TC) which will transform the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg into three new races in an entirely new Universe. This mod will have custom models and skins. Each unit will have a new role and new abilities and style of play is going to change drastically, like harvesting for resources, building your base, and so on. MesoCosmos will also feature a totally new campaign with an original storyline, as well as being multiplayer-compatible.

Development right now is mostly planning. Lots of concept arts have been done, only they are not yet elligible to be viewed by the public because none of them are final.

Please note this mod is NOT an adaptation of a story or game, it has been created from pure imagination. Anything in MesoCosmos which appears similar to outside material is purely coincidental.

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4 years ago News 3 comments

There wasn't much development to begin with, but in terms of planning much was done. The campaign had been cut because the ambition was too much, and I do have a life, believe it or not, and it so turns out it's becoming increasingly hectic the more time goes on. I have lots of things to do, none of which I care to discuss here. But I never gave up hope on the mod. I had every single intention of finishing it... that is until I found out that MPQ editing will get your account banned. This may be old news, but I only found out about this just now. With Sc2 losing LAN and all that been going on about the game (like an incomprehensible editor, the restriction on bnet publising - 10MB limit, etc) and now this MPQ nonesense, I have little interest in doing anything for this game any longer.

This isn't set in stone. Maybe there is a way to get this done, but I'm not going for insane workarounds just to get the mod done at all costs. The story and concept of MesoCosmos is something I hold dear, and if it's not sc2, it'll be some other game that will get this modification. The only difference is, this might take even more time that it has been taking up until now.

I am sincerely sorry for making such promises when I didn't even know half of the story. MesoCosmos is postponed indefinitely.

StarCraft II BETA is Live

StarCraft II BETA is Live

5 years ago News 2 comments

The StarCraft II BETA is now live and I'm downloading it as I type this in. For more information about BETA, head over to and...

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Ubris Mar 21 2011 says:

Can't wait to play it :)

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lol1234 Feb 21 2011 says:

You DO know, the SC2 map editor is really just the WC3 map editor, just spiffied up? if you are unable to reskin using the WC3 editor, you may never finish this... also, in WC3, mods were on a map-by-map basis, usually, making FULL MPQ edits uncommon, try mapping it out, it wouldn't get you banned, at least :P

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Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Feb 25 2011 replied:

Well I'm not interested in making just another map with new units. I want to make a mod, and if StarCraft II won't offer this possibility, I'll just have to go look for another RTS that will allow it.

Also, to say the Sc2 Editor is just Wc3 editor spiffed up is just an ignorant claim. Sorry for being so blunt, but the Galaxy Editor is incomprehensible compared to the World Editor. There's an entirely new learning curve, and with what I know about Sc2 modding now, there really is no point for me to go and learn how to use the editor. Sure, it's a powerful tool, but it's useless to me.

We'll see how the situation evolves. If Blizzard decides to somehow allow MPQ edits or something that would allow similar, the mod could come back to life.

However, the inability to edit MPQs is not the only reason for this - the 10MB limit on maps is also a huge, huge deal-breaker. I was hoping Blizzard would up the cap, but that won't be happening anytime soon, it would seem.

We'll see what happens.

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Archon_of_Darkness Dec 21 2010 says:

Normally, I don't like "reskin" mods, but this looks like it's worth tracking. Probably because, despite only being reskinned in a lot of cases, these units look WAY different, and their design looks really original.

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Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Dec 22 2010 replied:

Thnx. The mod's in a hiatus right now because of unexpected circumstances, but expect an update by end of January next year. :)

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master_oli-p Sep 25 2010 says:

Although you have potential, and some of you models look good, never try to be something your not.

I suggest you either drop the re skins, or accept that you are re skinning

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Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Sep 26 2010 replied:

I never said I wasn't re-skinning...

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Ketsuyoshi Sep 20 2010 says:

this mod is soo dead if they were going to release it they would have by now considering they started working on it even b4 sc2 was out

(ofc i guess they were going to do something when the beta was on the internetz but since there is no activity here id say this mod is a no go)

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Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Sep 21 2010 replied:

You can say what you want but as the Mod leader I can assure yo it's very much alive. I'm just having a very busy year. I'll try and get it done before HoTS (Very likely).

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lol1234 Aug 11 2010 says:

Quote:This mod will have custom models and skins.

NOW you're piquing my interest :D

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Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Aug 11 2010 replied:


Don't get over-excited, it won't be THAT much. The way you judge the quality of a mod depending on the presence of custom models is absolutely overrated. The MesoCosmos team isn't a powerhouse, and most of the ambitious mods never get finished because of the incredible 3D content that suck up ALL their time. Did you take a look at Blizzard's model? They're extraordinarily well animated. I don't know about you, but finding that kind of quality work for a fan-made project is hard enough, not to mention the amount of time needed to make one of these models. No-one is getting paid for this, not because I don't want to but because I have no money to give. I'm trying to make something with what I have, and it'll be a few custom models or none - and ones that are easily animated. Making a mod with half-assed animated custom models is a crime.

The existing models have extraordinary potential to be used in varied fashion. If you cannot perceive this then forgive me for saying you cruelly lack imagination. There will be some models which serve as doodads that will be used as units/buildings etc, adding in some way to the 'novelty' of it all. You cannot tell me a baneling-like creature spitting liquid fire or sending actual fire-flies to kill it's target is a carbon-copy of StarCraft II's baneling. You cannot tell me a siege tank firing ion beams and taking the brunt of an attack as a cannon fodder is a carbon-copy of the SC2 siege tank. They will only possess the same form (some will even be altered), but the visuals will be ultimately different - and the role. That is what skinning is all about - a person with a different face and a different role and skills and personality is different from another person. But the skeleton is the same, the limbs are in the same place. It's the same thing with the models.

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Cybio Aug 17 2010 replied:

@ Spellbound - +1 :)

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Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Aug 11 2010 replied:

Even if I could have new models for everything, it won't mean that the mod would be any good. It will just be some nice sugar-coating. And after all the development time is used up in making those wonderful models, the mod will have no soul.

MesoCosmos is NOT StarCraft II. Even if the forms are familiar, everything else is different.

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