World's most famous liner collides with an iceberg.
Thomas Angelo is sent to deliver an expensive vehicle to Mr. Salieri's cousin along with the gang. When rival mafia boss Morello finds out about the deal he makes sure this trip isn't going to be pleasant. He will do everything to get that car.
Experience a whole new Mafia storyline with a new script, environment, soundtrack, voice acting & missions delivering a whole new adventure with both the game's original -as well as- new characters.

What does this mod feature?

This mod includes a fully explorable and highly accurate replica of the RMS Titanic. A freeroam mode will be included for people who simply wish to explore the ship and everything on it. A whole new storyline will be featured as well which includes a number of missions around the ship, fully voice acted with a new soundtrack and cutscenes in between.
The sinking will also be included in this mod and you get to run around the ship as people are panicking and corridors flood. You get to see the ship slowly transforming from a luxury liner into a disaster scene.

When will it be done?

It will be done when it's done.
There were several release dates set in the past, and even a percentage bar was used. However, due to either improvements being constantly made or simply a lack of time because of college or work, these deadlines were never reached.
I cannot set a release date at this point simply because it's hard to determine. It would do more harm than glory to announce a release date and not reaching the deadline. Therefore I will not do that. Remember this though: I FINISH WHAT I START

What hardware do you need?

Can you run the game fine and ain't your computer cream coloured? Then you can run this mod.

What is actualy completed?

The image below shows everything that is done and ready to be placed ingame.
the green color shows the finished part, orange shows what's WIP and red shows what's left to do.

Currently shown in black are the areas that are scratched from the to-do list to limit production time.

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RSS Articles

Now that the poll has ran a couple days, I have gotten a pretty good view on those who are in favor and who are against the idea of developing a standalone game, and I doubt the percentage is going to change dramatically from as it stands now.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who not only has voted in the poll, but who have also voiced their opinion on the subject!
As it stands now, 82% have voted yes, and 18% have voted no. Bare in mind that this however, is a poll and not an election.

The last few days I've done a lot of research on the subject, reading arguments from both sides carefully and determining how feasible this is.

If I were to make a standalone Titanic game, there's a huge chance that my work would finally get some public recognition outside of this community, and thus direct more publicity to this mod as well, which would be a huge motivator. Also the next generation graphics would do a lot more justice on the 3D models as I can let my full imagination go wild without any technical limits that are bound to a 2002 game engine.
Also, if it turns out favorably, such a game could actually generate an income, allowing me to spend more time on production as this could compensate unpaid leave.

However, there is also a considerable downside to it, I found. The first issue is that this will indeed bring on extra work. A lot of it.
I won't put my name on anything that is halfassed, so if I were to make a polished game, there would be a lot of work to turn just a bunch of shiny 3D models into a... game...
But that's just the tip of the iceberg. (pun intended). Before it even gets to that point, I need to spend time working on a proper concept plan, take care of all legal aspects such as contracts and licenses, and make sure to set up a revenue system to securely and as effectively as possible link income to expenses. Not to mention a new social media outlet would be required and maintained as it is a separate thing from this mod. Also, although the pipeline for say, Unreal Engine, is a lot faster and effective, it's still a different pipeline that has no effect on the progression of the mod, thus possibly lengthening the production in that regard as soon as the 3D models are finished. Raise your hands if you want to wait even longer for this mod to finish. Exactly.

So although I am confident that I could do this, I fear there will be a huge risk doing this while the mod's development is still going on. That risk includes having to cancel the mod, and despite possibly winning a lot of new fans through a standalone game's publicity, I might be losing the very fans that stuck with me through all those years, who I consider invaluable.

Porting the mod entirely as a standalone game is a no-go as it would be a tremendous amount of work to make a replica Mafia spinoff with its corresponding environment, setting, characters, animations, AI and whatnot else. Not only would that not sell as a standalone game concept since I'm appealing to the same limited audience, it is a legal nightmare as I would be expanding on a franchise whose Intellectual Property ain't in my possession. One cannot simply do that.

Lastly, as a mod, despite me wanting to finish it in a couple of years, there is no actual pressure. All that changes however as soon as there is money into play. Because the moment someone has bought a copy of the game, be it through a KickStarter perk or through an early access release, I am obligated to provide new content within a set timeframe. I fear this added pressure could pull me back into the depression I spent so much time on getting out of, and prefer to stay out of as well.

So! What's the plan then?

At this moment in time, after careful consideration, I've decided not to work on a standalone title and to accept the 'underdog' status of this project. Meaning I'll keep my full attention focused on the Mafia mod.

That said though, this has given me a lot of food for thought, and having seen how much people are interested in a standalone game, I am not wiping that idea off the table. I will do some tests in Unreal Engine when I'm not working on the mod. If anything useful comes out of it, I could share it to public.
Alternatively to an actual game, I am open to the idea to release some sort of tiny preview made in Unreal Engine where players can simply walk around a 3D scene, to be either released for free or for donators since it stands free from the mod itself. That shouldn't be too hard to make.

Since a demo of this mod in Mafia is practically impossible due to the complexity of it, I am willing to have a let's play channel have a go at it when the interior is in to give people a preview of what it is like to play it. This channel has made a specialty of Titanic games and he would love to feature this mod. More details about it will be posted when the time comes.

Again, thank you everyone for contributing to the poll! It feels really good to have discussed this subject with you all. I do hope that those who voted yes understand my decision. If I felt comfortable doing it, I would really have, but currently, I think I would be biting off more than I can chew, causing stress for me, and disappointment to a lot of you. And I think none of us want any of that. :)

So, you can expect new updates for the mod soon as usual. For now, I'll try to implement as many areas into the game as possible before going on with modelling, so that for once we all finally get to see the ship in Mafia, instead on just some renders. So that the Mafia Titanic Mod, finally looks like... a MAFIA Titanic Mod. ;)

Poll Request: Standalone Titanic Game?

Poll Request: Standalone Titanic Game?

News 15 comments

After much thought, and a lot of recent requests, I want to know what people think about turning the mod into an independent PC game.

Mafia Titanic Mod - Full time week upcoming

Mafia Titanic Mod - Full time week upcoming

News 9 comments

Alright, now that it's pretty much confirmed I feel save to announce the first full time development week that I promised earlier! On May 1 to 5, I'll...

2017, what's next?

2017, what's next?

News 9 comments

With 2016 flown by, having made very little progress on this mod, what is 2017 going to offer?

Mafia Titanic Mod - 10 Years

Mafia Titanic Mod - 10 Years

News 13 comments

Yesterday Around 4 PM (GMT+1) afternoon it has been precisely 10 years since I've announced the Titanic mod on Mafiascene and started working on it from...

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Maxim Lightweight Machine Gun

Maxim Lightweight Machine Gun

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1912 Renault Towncar

1912 Renault Towncar

Vehicle Model 1 comment

4 versions of the 1912 Renault Towncar, Filesize: 15MB Mafia Version: ~ read the Readme First before installing!

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Voted! Keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

My 5-year old son can't wait to explore this mod. He is fascinated with all "Titanic stuff" right now. I hope that You manage to finish this mod or at least released "freeroam" part of the game even if it's not complete before he grow up ;)

Is there possible for You to relese freeroam of few decks in some "demo" or smth?

Do You ever consider to relese part of mod and adding new things over time?

Anyway it is smth worth waiting for.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I'm actually glad this is staying as a mod

I was afraid when I heard you were considering just making an indie game instead because I predicted it would fade into obscurity like the dozens of games that release on Steam everyday. Rather than being a legendary mod for a game that was a decade in the making.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

So after watching the pool update video I can definitely see where you would benefit from releasing standalone game on a better engine (maybe Unreal?).

While I say that I do admire you for sticking to your word and making this for Mafia 1, in fact I have kept my copy of Mafia 1 for this reason.

I will love playing, and I would play this on Mafia, or in standalone. You are awesome for spending your time to build this for us!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MrRobville Creator

I appreciate it! :) Yeah there are plenty of occasions I wished this was standalone. On the other hand though, it's a good training for creativity to try and make something without the proper means to do so. Where in Unreal Engine something can be achieved by a simple variable, in Mafia it requires a chain of scripts to bend an event into a certain direction.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How to download??

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Under Development

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Greetings Mr. Robville and many kudos from a more fresh fellow Cinema 4D user
You made the smartest choice with it though i assume when you started you had to work with something else , Cinema 4D was not existing back in 2006 if i'm not wrong
I used the R17 myself until the R18 came out and i only reached about 60-70% of Age of Empires 2 buildings level in my works , really far from your skills of course and i bet you mastered it entirely in all this time

Is amazing what you done and is an interesting choice , the Titanic , too bad it took so long but i hope you are content with this time well spent
Is actually a very accurate real life reconstruction of the ship and with this you done a service both to the game and to the historical ship itself , they should definitely hire you in the official team , you deserve it fully

I only played and finished Mafia 1 and 2 but never played a mod for them , if and i would get back in them for nostalgia sake i will definitely play your masterpiece too

Dumb noob questions : Will it sail at sea too or just stand in the harbor ?
Smart question : How was it possible to replicate it so accurately ? It looks like you had the ship blueprint , nobody can do this from eyes alone

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
MrRobville Creator

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot!
Good to see a fellow C4D modeller around. I don't know many people who also use the software. Although it doesn't have as many features as -say- 3DS max, I haven't seen any other tools yet with such a userfriendly design.

C4D has actually been around for quite some time, back when it was even called FastRay in 1991. It's fun to look up how this package has grown out of something so simplistic to something so sophisticated.

The first version I used was R11, which is bare when you compare it to R17 or 18, but it was a massive improvement to the basic Zmodeler 1.7b tool that I used before that. Nowadays I use R17 at home and the latest at the office.

It was only a noob question if you asked for the release date. :P
The ship does set sail actually, though the player cannot control it. (too complicated, and nothing to sail the ship to)
There will be a couple of different scenes; one in the port, sailing at daytime, sailing at dusk, night time and of course the infamous sinking. The story will follow the whole voyage, though in a fictional setting of course.

There's a 2GB folder on my harddrive with thousands of photo's and blueprints. Most of them were kindly provided by people who were a lot further into researching the ship than I was, and they managed to gather rare high-res photographs and even original blueprints that cannot be found on the internet. These are a massive help. Next to that I use two books called "Titanic The Ship Magnificent" which both contain a wealth of technical information without addressing the sinking, the 'drama' or its passengers. The same author(s) also made a CAD general arrangement plan, which is used for the deck layouts.
Areas that aren't documented either on paper or on photographs are modelled according to my own knowledge on maritime engineering as it is my current field of employment. It may not be 100% accurate, but at least it makes sense.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

You are welcome and thanks in return Mr. Rob

Aha i understand . Well , i just started learning modelling since about an year ago from zero experience , started with Sketchup at first then Blender , then 3DS Max 2016 and 2017 and lastly i settled with Cinema 4D . I did tinker a bit with MODO too but it sure is techy and complicated , Cinema much easier to understand and work with

It surprises me that is used little in gaming production , on the other hand Cinema is extensively used in media production , all media companies use it ; it being considered the best animation program there is

They added nice new features in the R18 and i recommend it to you and anyone else interested

Hmm i see , well it shows clearly that all those sources coupled with your profession really made wonders with this project

However , i think there is still an inaccuracy with the date
As some of us know , the RMS Titanic began to be built in 1908 and it got finished in 1912 for a large sum of money for those times ; and i must make a side note that i just cannot believe how 7.5 million dollars in those times were the equivalent of 300 million of our times shocking how money value decreased

This means the dates in Mafia do not correspond with the real life dates when Titanic existed
Does this mean we will replay a ghost story in some sense ?
Apologies if i spoiled something :P
As well the city in Mafia is not Southampton neither New York city

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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