World's most famous liner collides with an iceberg.
Thomas Angelo is sent to deliver an expensive vehicle to Mr. Salieri's cousin along with the gang. When rival mafia boss Morello finds out about the deal he makes sure this trip isn't going to be pleasant. He will do everything to get that car.
Experience a whole new Mafia storyline with a new script, environment, soundtrack, voice acting & missions delivering a whole new adventure with both the game's original -as well as- new characters.

What does this mod feature?

This mod includes a fully explorable and highly accurate replica of the RMS Titanic. A freeroam mode will be included for people who simply wish to explore the ship and everything on it. A whole new storyline will be featured as well which includes a number of missions around the ship, fully voice acted with a new soundtrack and cutscenes in between.
The sinking will also be included in this mod and you get to run around the ship as people are panicking and corridors flood. You get to see the ship slowly transforming from a luxury liner into a disaster scene.

When will it be done?

It will be done when it's done.
There were several release dates set in the past, and even a percentage bar was used. However, due to either improvements being constantly made or simply a lack of time because of college or work, these deadlines were never reached.
I cannot set a release date at this point simply because it's hard to determine. It would do more harm than glory to announce a release date and not reaching the deadline. Therefore I will not do that. Remember this though: I FINISH WHAT I START

What hardware do you need?

Can you run the game fine and ain't your computer cream coloured? Then you can run this mod.

What is actualy completed?

The image below shows everything that is done and ready to be placed ingame.
the green color shows the finished part, orange shows what's WIP and red shows what's left to do.

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I would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy 2016! This year turned out completely different than I planned. My 'carefully thought out' schedule got turned upside down due to unforeseen events, but in the end I'm still happy with the progress made dispite any setbacks.
2016 will be a special year, because on the 11th of september, this mod will be precisely 10 years in the making since the day it was announced. So I'm hoping to make some big progress before that date. Also a new video will be made somewhere this year and hopefully there will be two interesting things ready to be shown that haven't been made public yet.
Once again, a big thank you to everyone who has been patiently following this project throughout the years. Your support means a lot to me!


P.S. Christmas trees and boiler rooms don't go well together.

Planned area chart

Planned area chart

News 2 comments

For better planning and giving people a better idea of what's left to be done, the progression chart will show the to-do area's from now on.

Status update

Status update

News 12 comments

It has been a while since the last update and I thought I would give everyone a heads up. Don't worry, no bad news. Perhaps just interesting to know.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!

Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!

News 6 comments

RVR Wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Titanic mod - Accepting donations

Titanic mod - Accepting donations

News 4 comments

This mod has no doubt been in development longer than any other mod, and it's still going full ahead! Production has taken a big part of my life and even...

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Maxim Lightweight Machine Gun

Maxim Lightweight Machine Gun

Weapons Model 1 comment

This addon will replace the Thompson 1928 for the Maxim Lightweight Machine Gun (LMG). The weapon features a new textured model, with custom sounds and...

1912 Renault Towncar

1912 Renault Towncar

Vehicle Model 1 comment

4 versions of the 1912 Renault Towncar, Filesize: 15MB Mafia Version: ~ read the Readme First before installing!

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indiegogo project,Titanic: Honor and Glory - Phase 3.

FREE ROAM MODE, where the player can wander around the ship, the docks, and the city of Southampton with no objectives, minimal crowds, and no time limits.
STORY MODE, where the player must live in the confines of 1912 society and work to clear his name of horrible crimes, for which the police are chasing him. In the end, as the vessel begins to sink in real-time, the player must work to finish his mission before it is too late.
Our goal is to not just complete the Titanic in its entirety, but a large chunk of the City of Southampton, England, as it appeared in 1912.

It has a picture very similar to yours of "work completed"

Are u related to this project ?

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MrRobville Creator

I only know the developers. Kyle used to work on this mod. He made areas like the 1st class dining saloon, smoking room, verandah and palm court, turkish bath and parts of the grand staircase.

Although well intended, it does kind of bothers me being constantly reminded everywhere that other people are doing it better than me. (here, on facebook, forums, Dutch media, among friends, hell, even at work) I cannot escape it.
It's kind of demotivating really. Especially when people advice me to seize this project after pointing towards THaG- which has already happened numerous times.

It's a fantastic job that they are doing, but I hope you understand I rather wish to keep the focus on this mod. The number of people following this mod is already quite slim and decreasing.

Before anyone mentions; Yes, I know the development time of this mod plays a big part in this. Feel free to help out.

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Whoops! sorry :)
I had no idea there's a bit of history going on there.

You have the advantage of the Mafia connection,which brings a whole different reason as to why so many people are looking forward to the day this is ready for release.
The huge Mafia fan base is watching and waiting :)
Plus your endeavors have a home here at Moddb ,where people make mods for the love and fun of it(i presume).
So chin up :) ,you shouldn't have any concerns about other projects.
Your work looks amazing,so you shouldn't be concerned and who knows maybe there's a conspiracy going on to draw people away from this and towards the paid for project.
Maybe i shouldn't have said that ,there's nothing worse than conspiracy theories to drive u insane :)

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I'd like to ask. I've seen several "SCORE" magazines in the "8 years in the making" video. The magazine comes from my country. Does it mean that you cooperate with some Czech people or it's just a coincidence?
PS: Good luck with your mod, I track it for several years. I'm looking forward to walk on Titanic.

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MrRobville Creator

Hi, the footage within the video shows a couple pages of SCORE issue 244. I had done an interview with them regarding this mod's development last year. Coincidentally, I do work with Czech people like Patrik who does 3D modelling and Tomáš who has helped me immensely with techical stuff. I believe one or two voice actors are Czech as well.

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Blimey the longest tracked mod i have on moddb :)

Well, longest tracked 'active' mod.

Cukier from seems to have been a big help in speeding up some processes.
A massive project ,looking forward to a final release.

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where is the download link

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
MrRobville Creator

You might want to re-read this page. ;)

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MrRobville Creator

You might discover some information that may be relevant to your interest.

Hint: A huge image covering almost half the description.
Hint: The second question above that.
Hint: Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll up this page.

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