Luftahraan is an extensive quest and city mod that takes place in a large, new area to the northwest of Skyrim. Players are able to explore an extensive exterior region filled with dungeons to find and small details to discover, as well as a large city more than three times as many houses and interiors as Whiterun and about twice the size, all while completing a plethora of new side and miscellaneous quests and a extensive main storyline.

Luftahraan itself is a large city that was once one of the richest trading ports on Tamriel, but those days are long gone - lost in the wake of a series of tyrannical and incompetent rulers. Its current ruler, Sovereign Karsten Otherin - a man who tries to rule fairly, but whom many of his subjects would call a tyrant - is locked in an ongoing struggle on two fronts. He fights publicly with a rebellion known as the Soltinn, or the Hungry, but also in the shadows with the Kaldr, a shadowy organisation that is supposed to be his own secret police.

The Soltinn fight for the rights of the many destitute citizens of Luftahraan - they are trying to overthrow the reign of the Sovereigns and install a democracy. The Kaldr fight for their own, more sinister motives, although what these are is unknown to all, even their own members. All three parties, though, have an interest in Arkngzul, the colossal Dwemer Tower that looms over the city, and what may be contained inside of it.

An entirely new, massive city with more citizens, quests and interiors packed into it then any other city in skyrim.

An extensive and compelling main quest line. Featuring over a dozen eventful quests that will offer you over a dozen hours of gameplay at least

A great many side and miscellaneous quests, with more becoming available as the main quest progresses.

Well over 100 fully voiced NPCs to fully populate the large city and neighbouring farmsteads.

Expanded landscape in the northwest area of Skyrim. New farm areas and a valley that houses multiple new dungeons that play their part in the main and side storylines.

The city of Luftahraan was founded in 1E2165 by a Nordic warrior named Luharaan who, tiring of the political intrigues of Skyrim, forged his own city state to the west of the country. Establishing his rule under the title of Sovereign on 16th Sun’s Dawn 1E2167, Luharaan proved an efficient ruler, quickly establishing trade routes with neighbouring countries and fortifying his newly crafted state.

Luharaan ruled the city as Sovereign for just under 10 years, before disappearing in unknown circumstances. Rule passed to a family of prominent noblemen in the city, and thus began the long, unbroken line of Sovereigns that have ruled Luftahraan to this day. The 54th Sovereign, Karsten Otherin, rules in Luftahraan as the dragons take to the skies across Skyrim, but it is a very different city now. The power of the Sovereign has been squandered by poor decisions in the past and a host of factions vie with each other, each planning to pick clean the carcass of Luftahraan when Karsten’s power fails.

The foremost of these factions is the Kaldr. Created by Sovereigns past as a means to secretly gather information on goings on in the city, the Kaldr were later militarised and used to put down insurrections. Finely crafted into a weapon of espionage and assassination by a series of tyrannical rulers, their power increased until one Sovereign adopted the head of the Kaldr and named him his heir. Despite only ruling for four years before handing power back to the previous Sovereign’s younger brother, from this point onward the power of the Kaldr overshadowed that of the Sovereign. Despite desperate and concerted attempts to tip the balance back in the favour of the ruling family, the Kaldr remain a powerful force in Luftahraan, and not one entirely beholden to their so-called Lords.

Against this backdrop of internal strife, the people of Luftahraan are beginning to raise their voices – crying out in anger over the repression and taxation enforced by Sovereign Karsten in an attempt to secure his rule against the machinations of the Kaldr. This rebellion is small and poorly organised but, with the right allies and the right funding, the voice of the people could indeed overshadow that of their leaders.

And, towering above all of this discord, sits an ancient relic of times past; an edifice of the Dwemer. Superficially, the tower is controlled and guarded by Karsten, but in reality these guards are watching over a door that they themselves cannot open. The tower is locked, but the possibilities of what could remain inside have further fuelled the fires of conflict already sparking across the city. Whatever it may be that the tower contains, surely whoever controls the tower would control the city? Rumours abound, and, as those rumours begin to spread across the border and into Skyrim, yet more eyes turn toward Luftahraan.

The project started February 23rd 2012 on a forum called Facepunch. The early foundations of the city were developed by Oskutin, who took initial charge of the project. All Facepunch users could contribute to the project at will and it became quite fairly popular within the Facepunch community.
Over time, development of the project became more complicated and haphazard as more people contributed.

Oskutin handed over the reins to Wheeze in June 2012 and realising that this chaotic “free contribution” method of development was not going to result in a professional and cohesive product. To this end, he organised and formalised the development process, created a website and created a team that is now known as Archon Entertainment. This team is the team developing the project today.

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I, Örvar “Wheeze” Arnórsson, will be resigning as project lead of Luftahraan. I’ll still be a part of Archon Entertainment and I will still be livestreaming my work on Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods in the future and I will still be involved with Luftahraan, making sure it keeps going smoothly and be a part of it’s development. But I will no longer be actively working on Luftahraan meaning putting in the hours or in-engine work.

The new project lead will be the previous co-project lead, Sam “Arkaash” Cannon, he will be able to lead this project just as well if not better then I have. My work was the most seen by the public eye so it may seem I was doing a huge chunk of the work for Luftahraan but in the grand scheme of it all, I am not going to set back the release date of Luftahraan too much. This team is incredibly talented and productive and with Arkaash as the new project lead I bet the project will get developed smoother then ever before. So what I’m saying is that this is ultimately better for the project, the team and you guys as fans of the project because I won’t be able to do my job as project lead when I no longer have motivation to finish the project.

I have no idea what to expect from you guys from all of this so if there will be any questions through YouTube, ModDB or Twitter I will try and answer them.

You can learn more about this decision and what this means in the video announcement:

Luftahraan September Update Video

Luftahraan September Update Video

2 months ago News 3 comments

Just to remind you guys we aren't dead!

Temple of Kruziik released!

Temple of Kruziik released!

3 months ago News 0 comments

Temple of Kruziik is a medium sized dungeon located between Falkreath and Helgen (picture of location). It was intended for the r/SkyrimMods boss battle...

Luftahraan Modelling #2 - 08/05/2015

Luftahraan Modelling #2 - 08/05/2015

6 months ago News 6 comments

Modelling the Lower City - Redesigning a city block.

The New Lower City of Luftahraan. Courtesy of Double_Felix

The New Lower City of Luftahraan. Courtesy of Double_Felix

6 months ago News 2 comments

Double_Felix, our new modeller who specializes in architectural modelling, has been churning out models left and right and he has been focusing a lot...

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Lucianosrc Sep 8 2015 replied:

You are wrong about skyrim... I've been playing skyrim since it came out for sale, and I will stop playing it only when an Elder Scrolls 6 come out xD, however you're right about the time that passed since this mod was posted! But however again you're forgetting how much hard work it takes to do such a mod... If they release the mod now it will be full of bugs and that crap and none wants that ****, I still waiting like you but remember, the good things they make wait! Peace

Edit: Sorry for my bad english... I'm Argentinian xD

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Fancyskull Jul 21 2015 replied: this is the authors twitch

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Purgex Jul 8 2015 says:

I would be happy to do any voices you might need, just offer me a role and I'll do my best to fill it. The current microphone I am using is the Blue Yeti.

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Guest May 18 2015 says:

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Guest May 15 2015 says:

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Wheeze201 Creator
Wheeze201 May 15 2015 replied:

I can't give you any exact date on when everything will be done, but development is still going strong but we are still many months from completion.

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