Luftahraan is a Skyrim City project that will be located west of Solitude. It will feature a new guild, a compelling main story line, countless sidequests, fully voiced characters, a fully-functional arena and more.

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Anywhere [OLD] Editor(Creation Kit Specialist) at Archon Entertainment

editor(creation kit specialist) archon entertainment anywhere level designers we need editors. an editor is just another name for what you might call a creation kit specialist, world builder, in-game developer etc. we need editors who are experienced and know how the creation kit works. we need people who can do things like quests and/or papyrus scripting. this is for a project called luftahraan. luftahraan is a project that will place a new city in the north-west corner of skyrim. the city will include a large main story line, a new guild, a fully functioning arena, countless fully voiced characters, a lot of miscellaneous quests and more. for more information about luftahraan you can visit our moddb page:

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