Lost Alpha is a new episode of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series made by dezowave group for free!

"the original you always wanted brought to life"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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Lost Alpha
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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 3 2011 says:

still testing r2 mode, for me its too bright, when all is ready, we will rework this r2 weather with help of weather-mages :)

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este Feb 3 2011 says:

The weather itself looks good, the actual lighting itself is a bit bright though, either that or there is too much contrast.

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Vodkin Feb 3 2011 says:

Yep, but anyway, brilliant job, Dez. I think Grass is too bright, but sky is ok=)))

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SlayerX3 Feb 3 2011 says:

Is it me or that STALKER really looks like he has tanned hands ?

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JayJapanB Feb 9 2011 replied:

Well the sun is pretty bright.

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xxx.xxx.xxx Feb 3 2011 says:

if this is FD lighting it is too bright yes, i must say the FDL patch for the vanilla stalker makes it also look unrealistic.
reduce also :) btw the corn in the background looks cool, hopefully no zombies eating corn

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Afason Feb 3 2011 says:

The lighting makes it almost look... tropical.
Which would ruin the atmosphere of Stalker :P

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Vindicar Feb 3 2011 says:

i want it now! "banging my head on table* :D u should get the Nobel Prize for this piece of art ;D

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Cossack-HD Feb 3 2011 buried:


WTF? here is no atmosphere! It's tooooooo(ooo) bright! Like bloom is enabled! Will brightness gamma and contrast sliders help to make r2 (more r1? xD) more realistic? This screen looks like CS. Its sharp and even bolt is shining! I cant look at it!
My father like Stalker... He had played SoC and CS because of "russian" envoriment, but on THIS screenshot is "Far Cry".
P.S.: Even with my nice videocard now i am playing SoC ONLY with r1 lighting - it's not so bad + add atmosphere.
Sorry about my english...

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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 3 2011 replied:

i know its too bright, but thats why i posted it to gain feedback. :) we will need to rework dx9 weather somehow, plus shaders too, because currently they are too bright. we only concentrated on r1 so far, this r2 will be an other huge task... someday before release :)

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Cossack-HD Feb 4 2011 replied:

Hmmm... I know mod for SoC there is working ONLY r1, but that mod is so good and many people playing that. Dont add work to yourself - you can make r2 patch after relase. I think r2 will not be better than current r1, or not?

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Chezzlor Online
Chezzlor Feb 3 2011 says:

I quite like how it looks, but if you say its too bright then its too bright haha.

I just hope you guys perfected the stealth system for this mod because I feel I will have so many more moments of struggling to snipe someone low ground thanks to the intense amount of high grass and bushes.

So what I mean is, I hope the enemy has just as much trouble spotting us as we would them.

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Renegatz Feb 4 2011 replied:

Yes, I second this. The AI can by default see you through walls, through bushes, and in the dark at extremely high ranges. They can also hear silenced gunfire. It would be immensely satisfying to be able to properly sneak into and out of bases properly.

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noob-killer Feb 3 2011 says:

looks like summer day right? But stalker goes on autumn theme?

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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 4 2011 replied:

who said that stalker only needs to have autumn? it all depends on the story... also the zone has 4 seasons too just like any other place on the world, not just winter or autumn :)

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Psythrandir Feb 4 2011 says:

The sky is ok I think.
This kind of strong brightnes got its own atmosphere. I think it will only fit into the dark stalker atmosphere when it comes sometimes. In CS for example you can see such warm brightnes too much often. When this warm sun is to see less times it will fit better to stalker I think. (hard to discribe for me in english)

Anyway... I think this grass on the left side is too green. Too much yellow in the color and to bright I think. It don't really fit into the other vegetation.

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[Partisan] Feb 4 2011 says:


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Cossack-HD Feb 4 2011 says:

Yep, too "acid " colors. will brightess gamma and contrast sliders help to make game more realistic?

+1 vote     reply to comment
LostStalker Feb 4 2011 says:

The sun flare should be dimmed abit to reduce brightness. Otherwise, looks nice.

+2 votes     reply to comment
exxxed Feb 5 2011 says:

It looks good, and like you said r2 looks too bright, and in my opinion too fake, I can't believe I said that, but the dx8 shots look much more atmospheric!

I had a great .cfg for r2 in SoC if you want it, I could try to find it!

Here's a pic


Tweaked HDR and all that...


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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 5 2011 replied:

i think our problem is a bit different.

first we are using old skyboxes with old mini sky files from 2003-4 era, plus we made a weather, which fits only for r1 mode.

If we want to make good r2, we will need to make separate skybox-es, and new weather, with different ambient, hemi colors, to make it look good on r2 mode :) Currently the r1 weather is too bright and overcolored in r2 mode, so no way to use it.

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exxxed Feb 6 2011 replied:

I understand.

Well, no one can really say r1 looks bad, and the old stalker build fans (like me) will just love it!

I really hope people understand that this mod is not about pushing x-ray's capabilities to the max.

Too bad about r2 tho', I really liked the shadows :D.

Cheers dezo and good luck!

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Ghost-3 Feb 5 2011 says:

Yeah, a little to bright. I'm not sure how the whole shader gig works but something that would be cool would be like depth of range! :D

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legionostra Feb 23 2011 says:

nice vegetation weather is also good

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going back to the uni today, so i decided to upload 1-2 screens :)

Feb 3rd, 2011
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