Lost Alpha is a new episode of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series made by dezowave group for free!

"the original you always wanted brought to life"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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Lost Alpha OST
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Psythrandir Feb 12 2011, 6:17pm says:

I've just made a little previewmix of my soundtrack for LA. You can listen to it here:


Feedback is allways welcome! ;)

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5thHorseman Feb 13 2011, 1:03am replied:

Indeed quite nice, however,not to say your idea is bad but some tracks from Lustmord can be better yet. Youtube.com Youtube.com

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Shadowracer Feb 13 2011, 3:15am replied:

You didn't get it, right? Dez0wave using GSC's and their OWN material ONLY. So if this isn't GSC work it means that it's Dez0wave (Psythrandir, you are some sort of part of team, or at least you work for them, right?) creation. You want that they throw their own hard work and use someone else tracks just to satisfy you?


I completely fall in love with track right from 0:58. Amazing work, indeed. ;D

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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 13 2011, 7:02am replied:

he is our musician :)

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Shadowracer Feb 13 2011, 7:34am replied:

I wasn't sure if Psythrandir is part of your team since he's not in members list, but i knew that he's working for you so i explained situation for 5thHorseman. ;D Thanks for confirmation. :D

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5thHorseman Feb 13 2011, 12:11pm replied:

Wasn't trying to imply that they use stuff by Lustmord, simply brought up the example, tho yes probably should've been clearer. One apologises, mornings are not the best for one.

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Shadowracer Feb 13 2011, 2:13pm replied:

No problem. Maybe I'm also reacted little too harsh. I was right from the bed to. :D Just wanted to explain so Dez don't have to do this. My apologies... ;)

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jjawinte Feb 13 2011, 8:55am replied:

Wonderfully overall " moody " composition Psythrandir. I especially appreciated becoming completely immersed at 4+ min. in - outstanding !

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logan35 Feb 14 2011, 1:49am replied:

I love the preview of the soundtrack Psythrandir......gives a sense of foreboding and creepyness, and the picture is cool too.

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hardcoregamer24 Feb 14 2011, 4:20am replied:

your awesome man :) bravo

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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 12 2011, 6:21pm says:

scary as it should be :) we like it :)

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Bolognius_Maximus Feb 13 2011, 3:35am replied:

Agreed! This is going to be awesome!

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Dave. Feb 12 2011, 6:26pm says:

Yes Yes Yes ! Like it should be!! :D

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Chezzlor Feb 12 2011, 7:15pm says:

**** yes! Excuse my language.

Look at the end of the corridor. What do you see? Nothing, pitch black. If Dez and team does it right they would have some unique noises to scare the living crap out of us! Perhaps a triggered event or 2 in such a place. The lighting is brilliant, good job guys.

@Psythrandir - I quite like it. I would love to hear this at night. Somewhere quiet, somewhere I have never been before... It would rock. Particular at 3:00 into the track.

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dezodor Author
dezodor Feb 12 2011, 7:51pm replied:

we like to scare others, so no worries, and with psythrandir's tracks, it will be even better :)

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Thesoldierintheswamp Feb 12 2011, 8:05pm says:

that light at the top left is extermely realistic...

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LostStalker Feb 12 2011, 10:22pm says:

It's epic! I love the lighting.

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exxxed Feb 12 2011, 10:23pm says:

Good Lord! I was hypnotized the whole duration of that video.

The atmosphere is so thick I could bite a chunk off it!

I can't even find words to describe how amazing that sample is!


And yeah while watching that screenshoot... chills go down my spine.

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xxx.xxx.xxx Feb 13 2011, 6:02am replied:

'MASTERPIECE' uch naaaa

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drwhoever Feb 12 2011, 10:43pm says:

Nice score. Looking forward to hearing it in-game. Sounds like something I should be hearing while creeping around the Red Forest during the witching hour.

+2 votes     reply to comment
este Feb 13 2011, 12:17am says:

Beautiful! Nailed the lighting I think

+1 vote     reply to comment
shivam121 Feb 13 2011, 12:51am says:

just 1 word.................................

+1 vote     reply to comment
MrDog1930 Feb 13 2011, 3:29am says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
xxx.xxx.xxx Feb 13 2011, 6:01am says:

15 minutes of terror, some pieces fit, some don't at least it is
something new

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Nivo Feb 13 2011, 6:19am says:

OST is complete? I mean, maybe you could use some more sound commissions?

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Psythrandir Feb 13 2011, 9:26am replied:

No, it isnt complete yet. I've made 8 tracks with a total lenght of 59 minutes. I think I'll make one or two tracks more. Trying to make them more scary like the other ones.

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Psythrandir Feb 13 2011, 9:31am says:

THX ² all for Feedback! :)

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CzechDeath Online
CzechDeath Feb 13 2011, 10:44am says:

I love ambient music ... I mean this atmospheric psychadelic ambient... Im listening to DroneZone all the time =D

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MA-Simon Feb 14 2011, 1:10pm says:

(Talking about the Youtube demo)
Some suggestions:
It has some very cool parts! But the first track has to much and to fast "bling-bling" to be of any atmospheric quality.
Slow it dow if you can.
You could also try to add an lowpass filter and modulate the sound a little too.
Look up freesound.org for some decent "free to use"
field recordings.

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Psythrandir Feb 15 2011, 8:46am says:

THX 4 this creative feedback!

These "bling bling" reminds me at those windchimes. Sure normaly these windchimes don't play such melodies, but in my opinion it fits to the wind in the beackground of the track. Maybe I should minimize the volume and try to "difuse" the notes a little bit more. Don't sure at the moment. But I'll work on it.
The tempo variates in the hole track. Its getting slower and faster in between.

Maybe there are any other opinions about that?

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limes89 Feb 15 2011, 11:02am says:

No way, screens of underground levels on static lightning (R1) looks awful.
Look at previous screenshot on dynamic lightning (R2) - lamp in cell throwing beatiful shadows on floor, lights are soft and looks great. After, look on these one static screen - it`s a shame... very ugly *(
I mean, open world locations looks normal on R1, but in buildings, and underground too... awful. Please, Dez, Won`t make any more of underground levels screens on static DX8 render! Beggin` you !!! Show us all the beauty on DX9 render.

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Psythrandir Feb 16 2011, 4:58am says:

I released an other (full) track on youtube. Its called "Pripyat remembrance" and maybe you listened allready to the first minute in the end of the "Lost Alpha - Happy New Year 2011!" video. (The first one with the low resolution).

The Video is a mixture of real vids and pics of Pripyat. Note that the animated ingame scenes are NOT LA! I've used CoP for this video because I needed this "real" Pripyat map from CoP which is very similar to the real one.

Hope you like it. Of course its NO ingame sound but i will add this song to the Soundtrack as a bonus.

Mayby Dez is using it for credits or something but ingame it wouldn't really fit.

This song is dedicated to Pripyat.

Here you can watch it: Youtube.com

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CzechDeath Online
CzechDeath Feb 21 2011, 12:36pm replied:

Amazing my friend ! If i was developing game I would want you to make OST to it =D

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kuadziw Feb 22 2011, 8:21am says:

The work of a genius. Perfect. That's Stalker.

This is going to be played at my place for some time now. Gotta download more of your music.

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{imperialreign} Feb 25 2011, 7:18am says:

Nice work, man! It kinda reminds me of some old-school Delerium or Synaethesia. Really dark and atmospheric tracks, it has that definite STALKER feel to it.

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LostStalker Feb 26 2011, 9:05pm says:

I'm still surprised graphics from 2004 era can still look that awesome for 2011. I love this lighting.

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Swirekster Online
Swirekster Aug 30 2011, 2:43pm says:

Remember those creepy Children ? Swirekster.deviantart.com i want more! :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
TIRONO Nov 25 2011, 4:48am says:

I though if there had a mask overlay will be great !?!

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Here is a preview of Lost Alpha OST album by Klangsegler :)

link: Youtube.com

While im watching this screenshot, and the music is running in the background, its really scary :) Feedbacks welcome!

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Feb 12th, 2011
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