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"Unleashing Sajuuk was a mistake, for it released Dark Sajuuk the Great Destroyer."

Story Of The Dark Wars
Fifty years after the Hiigarans united the 3 hyperspace cores, and unleashed the Great Maker Sajuuk, things were going well as they repaired the damage the Vaygr did to Hiigara, or so they thought. In the shadows of the galaxy, there was an ancient Progenitor gate, on the other side there was a darkness, more eviler then anyone could of imagined. Behind this gate was Dark Sajuuk the Great Destroyer, and his Dark Progenitors, the evil cousins of the Progenitors, by unlocking Sajuuk the Hiigarans also unlocked the Gate of Darkness, and so the Darkness was released. Now Dark Sajuuk and his minions are after the 3 hyperspace cores, if he gets them there will be no hope for anyone. Only the Hiigarans and Sajuuk can stop the coming Darkness but will they find out how to?

Meanwhile in the dark corners of the Galaxy a monster that everyone though was dead has been reborn, and it hungers for revenge, and the galaxy. As it turns out the Beast Infection wasn't completely stopped a small pocket of it survived and now it is rampaging through the galaxy feeding on every thing in it's path. The Beast may be using old technology but it has vastly upgraded them.

Even though their leader Makaan is now dead, and their fleet shattered, this didn't mean the end for the Vaygr for a new warlord has come to power Rajas-Veer. Rajas-Veer was Makaan's second in command and one of his closest friends, because of this Rajas-Veer wants revenge on the Hiigarans but can't with the kind of fleet he has now, and because of this he is looking for ways to fix that problem.

Within their shattered empire, the Taiidan are rebuilding for War, a new emperor has risen, and wants revenge on the Hiigarans for everything they have done to the once great Taiidan Empire, and is willing to work with the Vaygr. The Taiidan were the most feared empire, and they shall be again.

In a far away sector there is an icy world where the advanced, and peaceful Kardarans are preparing for war just like they have for many unending years, in their war against the Beast.

Now soon all of these races shall meet and thus the Dark Wars shall begin, there can only be one victor but who shall be that one? You decide.


These are the mods I barrowed stuff from.
PTV: For most of the models I used.
FX: For a few models and the mod I a based Dark Wars on.
Homeworld universe: Only for original Homeworld and Homeworld Cataclysm models.
Complex: for a few things I used for the Hiigarans and Vaygr.
BloodFleet and his mods: For UI changes and models.
The Sands Of Time Mod: For The Beast Homeworld Backgroud and minor UI changes.
Homeworld Remastered: for their Remastered Taiidan Models.
Tactical Fleet Simulator: For the Hiigaran Siege Gunship (CFB-12 Plasma Bomber Corvette)
Ery Setyo From the We want Homeworld 3 group on Facebook: For making me a nice amount of Dark Progenitor badges. As well as giving me a few other ones that I plan to use for the Kardarans.
I believe thats all if I missed any please tell me and I will add them to the list.
I hope all of those mod teams will let me put up this mod for others because now I wanted to share it with other people I hope you all like it.

-4 new races, the Dark Progenitors, the Kardaran Empire, the Beast Infection, and the Taiidan Empire.
-Tons of new and old ships for all of the races.
-Plenty of new maps.
-A new class of ship for every race called the Flagship or a Ultimate ship, that can destroy
anything in it's path but costs alot to build and research it.
-New subsystems and ships for the original races.
-Right now compatible with both V1.0 and V1.1 Homeworld 2 this could very easily change though.

As of now I'm working towards the first release.
The mod right now is at least 70% done.
The Kardarans are about 85% done some more ships are planed
The Dark Progenitors are about 95% done being my most complete race so far they just need to have a few bugs fixed
The Taiidan are about 90% done they just need to balanced, and maybe get a few new ships.
The Beast is about 85% done they need to get their AI fixed and reworked a bit and lots of new things need to be added such as gaining enemy tech by infecting a enemies production ship. New ships and subsytems need to be added in.
New Music 95%
Beast Infected Ship Sounds 100%
I have plans for a single player campaign but don't know if I will make one.

Also feel free to post ideas, and feedback.

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First off I want to say thanks to everyone that ever supported this mod. I very much do welcome the support it. Along with any feedback on the demos.

But now I'm saddened to say Dark Wars is done and gone. Due to several problems that came up... Aka me getting a new computer and my old one crapping out on me which is where my Homeworld 2 install and Dark Wars files were stored. I was able to save the mod... But due to limitations on my new computer I can't play Homeworld 2 properly.

This in itself is a problem for my modding and as such forced me to stop working on Dark Wars entirely, which is why I decided to archive the mod as I've just stopped working on it due to limitations. However as said I do still have the files. And with the release of the Remastered editions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2. I may be able to get back to modding. Once I finally get around to getting them on steam. Until then though Dark Wars is a kill until further notice. I hope I will be able to get back to Homeworld 2 modding soon. But until then. Dark Wars is remaining archived.

Still keep your eyes and ears open. Perhaps one day Darkness will return to the scene of Homeworld 2.

Changes to the Vaygr.

Changes to the Vaygr.

3 years ago News 2 comments

These are the new changes to the Vaygr Faction, these changes to go their more raiding style gameplay. Hope you Vaygr Lovers enjoy them!

The Taiidan are coming to the Dark Wars!

The Taiidan are coming to the Dark Wars!

3 years ago News 7 comments

Yep you heard right I'm adding the Taiidan as a fully playable race, this should be fun. They will play like they did in Homeworld and use research ships...

Balancing the races by unit caps, and the Flagship class.

Balancing the races by unit caps, and the Flagship class.

3 years ago News 0 comments

Seeing as there is many races in Dark Wars but each of them has more powerful ships then the others, how can some balance it, simple unit caps. As well...

I'm back to modding again. Well sort of, and a new ship.

I'm back to modding again. Well sort of, and a new ship.

3 years ago News 0 comments

I'm back to modding Homeworld 2 again but I still don't have very much time but I have managed to start up again. As well as get in a new ship for the...

Beast Ships Pack

Beast Ships Pack

1 year ago Models Pack 4 comments

This is just a small pack of my finished custom Beast Ships.

Dark Progenitor and Kardaran Demo

Dark Progenitor and Kardaran Demo

2 years ago Demo 19 comments

Alright here you go a new demo for Dark Wars this one has both the Kardarans and Dark Progenitors.

Dark Progenitor Demo

Dark Progenitor Demo

3 years ago Demo 18 comments

Thats right this is a Demo Release for the Dark Progenitors, hope you enjoy. Please keep in mind that this is a demo release not a full version.

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Bearer-of-Vegvisir Jun 15 2015 says:

Shame to see that this mod is dead (I presume it is dead anyway) because it showed promise. Perhaps the modder might continue it for Homeworld: Remastered, if they are inclined to do so. In any case, best of luck to DarkSajuuk regardless of whether he/she continues the mod or not.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MethaneDude Jan 5 2015 says:

mod is kill?

+1 vote     reply to comment
ledernierrempart Nov 23 2014 says:

dead mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Shadow85 Oct 11 2014 says:

is this mod back in development?

+1 vote     reply to comment
SagaMaster Aug 15 2014 says:

This mod is looking AWESOME
Hope there is a new release soon
Keep up the good work DarkSajuuk

+1 vote     reply to comment
RiaelEagleEye Jul 19 2014 says:

Wish we'd get more of this

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 22 2014 says:

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Guest Mar 9 2014 says:

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Soldier96 Jan 8 2014 says:

is there a alien race in this mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
linus2002pop Mar 26 2014 replied:

The Beast?

+1 vote     reply to comment
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