An Edain Submod is an addition for Edain Mod which will add more that 20 factions, new maps, new game types and a lot of other things.

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An small article which explain the goal of this submod.

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An Edain SubMod presentation:

Hello everyone! Here I introduce "An Edain SubMod" previously named "Glorfindel23 SubMod".

What is An Edain Submod?

An Edain Submod is an addition which aims to add content to Edain Mod without modify it. The idea is not to change Edain because the current version of Edain is perfect for us. But we want to add some entertainment to this great mod.

What sort of content will be added?

All sort of content will be added. We will work on new factions and that mean that we will add heroes, units, buildings, spells, maps etc...

An Edain Submod will add Factions too small to be interesting for the main Edain Mod. Faction like Dunland or Khand for exemple. The whole Submod will contain more than twenty factions

The goal is also to add maps more close to the movie thanks to new models like Minas Tirith for exemple that you can follow here:
And by the same way we will take the opportunity of this Submod to remove all the bug present in these maps. This is a sort of challenge, make the great fortresses of Middle Earth with a perfect aesthetic but also make them enjoyable to play because the main problems of this type of maps is the game conditions are often catastrophic.

We will also add two campaigns, one based on "The Hobbit", the second based on "The War of the Ring" and another one that we keep secret.

Moreover we will introduce new game mode for the skirmishes. A new game style which will ask us a lot of work to be released, we will so wait to finish that part of work before give explanations.

How will work the Submod?

The submod will work with maps.
We will use the same system that Arnor/Gondor. To give an exemple, when a map will be nammed "Rhun:NameOfTheMap" that mean than the when the player select mordor, he start with Rhûn.
Like I said this exactly like Arnor/Gondor, when the player choose a map nammed "Arnor:NameOfTheMap" and select the Gondor, he start with Arnor.

You can find all others information in the following links.

- The factions planned (they will be added as time goes by):

- The maps planned (they will be added as time goes by):

- My old pack of Maps (the bugged maps will all befixed in the submod):

- The article concerning the team recruitement:

- The Edain Mod:
- The Edain Wiki:


release date?

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Glorfindel23 Author

I've no release date

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bravo continued very good work :)

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Glorfindel23 Author

Thanks! we continue the work.

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release date?

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Glorfindel23 Author


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